Dear Darling – Blogathon Post 5

You are gone. And I miss you terribly.  I keep thinking of our times together, the baking, the steaming, the experiments. You and I shared a unique love hate relationship no?

From hating you to loving you took me an year and a half, but you were always positive about our relationship. Never once, did you complain or sulk. All the time smiling and hoping for the best. I fell in love with you over time. Your sleek body, lovely glasses, and best of all, your multi talented personality. Everything about you made me fall in love with you. You never came between RD and me, but RD knew in time that I had feelings for you.

And remember that 5 minute chocolate cake you made for me. It was so yummy no? Wonder why we didnt do it again.

And the time when you gave me glasses and glasses of hot water when I was very sick.

You have been my favorite guinea pig but never once stopped me from experimenting. Always supporting my hair brained ventures but never telling me to shut up. I couldnt have asked for more support.

I am going to miss you like crazy.

Loads of love


PS – Earlier written about here (

PS 1- We  had to let go of our microwave because it was just causing too much trouble 😦 I am missing it


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33 Responses to Dear Darling – Blogathon Post 5

  1. Nice one RM:) And here I am, waiting for my 10 year old cooking range to stop working so that I can buy a new one..:)

  2. Smitha says:

    Lol! You are a funny lady!

  3. Oh no! I wouldn’t be able to survive without my microwave! How are you coping? Hope all is well…

  4. Maya says:

    Get a new one. Like now! 🙂

  5. Bingo says:

    Hope you will get new one soon 🙂

  6. Deeps says:

    LOL! You and only you can come up with a post revolving around a microwave! Trust me you have infused some strong emotions and feeling in my heart for your microwave too! Very sorry for your loss, RM! 😦 😀

  7. Veens says:

    Ummm… we made THAT 5-minute chocolate too 😀

  8. Take heart, RM. Get the new microwave to make that 5 min chocolate cake for you and I am sure you will forget the oldie and love the newie 😀

  9. anisnest says:

    sadd.. hope you will find a better one soon!

  10. Pepper says:

    Lol. Took me a while to understand who your darling was 😀
    Glad you got a new one now.

  11. D's Mom says:

    hahaha… much love for your microwave!!!
    Nice post!

  12. ashreyamom says:

    hmmm.. hope u find a new one..

  13. Wishing you same love affair with this new one as you had with the older one 🙂

  14. techie2mom says:

    Ohhhh…When I let go of my oven, it’s going to be painful for me…Hugs.
    Hope you will find a new one soon.

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