Invictus – Blogathon Post 4

I guess, I must be the last person on earth to watch this movie, but what a movie! Wow! 

My cousin S made us watch this movie when we were at his place on the weekend after the Pune marathon. That was around the time Nelson Mandela had passed away. I was extremely upset with Mandela or Madiba as  he is was lovingly called. And  my cousin asked me to watch this movie.

I must admit I was blown away. The little nuances of Mandela (played by Morgan Freeman) they showed in the movie

  • The way he calls South Africa a rainbow nation
  • The way he asks the whites to stay back with his Government without pleading or ordering but just requesting politely
  • The fact that he makes tea for the Springbok team’s captain
  • The fact that he has a nice word for anyone and everyone, from complimenting his secretary’s dress to asking his bodyguards about their family
  • The way they show the final match of the Rugby world cup in which there is a little African boy who first is scolded by the white cops and then eventually by the end of the match he has a cold drink in his hand and after the Springboks win, he is lifted in the air by the white policemen
  • The way the African bodyguard of Mandela first reacts to the white man who comes in saying ‘Am I under arrest?’ only to realise that the white guy was reporting for the extra men which Mandela had been asked for. And then when he goes to Mandela to complain, Mandela pulls his leg asking ‘What did you do?’ and finally talks about how forgiveness is the biggest weapon. 

Such little nuances which I could go and on about. In short, watch the movie. In fact for older children like class 9 or 10, I would recommend the movie to be showed in the classrooms because children will relate immediately to the freedom struggle and more importantly the struggle every nation undergoes AFTER it attains freedom.

Much recommended.

PS – I think this is the first MOVIE review I have done on my blog! 


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27 Responses to Invictus – Blogathon Post 4

  1. Bingo says:

    Will inform BD about this movie and will watch it if we get a copy. I remember you reviewed English Vinglish!

  2. Tharani says:

    I haven’t seen the movie yet. Your post makes me want to see the movie like now.

  3. techie2mom says:

    No no, you are not last. I am yet to watch this movie!!
    Now I hope to catch it soon.

  4. Chattywren says:

    Adding to my movie list! Love biographical movies.

  5. simplegirl says:

    tempted to watch. adding to my ‘movies to watch’ list.

  6. You’re not the last person to watch the movie — I haven’t watched it yet. *sheepish grin* But totally agree on how great a man Nelson Mandela was.

  7. anisnest says:

    will try to watch this very soon..

  8. telugumom says:

    Sounds like a good movie. I am adding it to my list 🙂

  9. Deeps says:

    You’re not the last one, RM! I havent watched the film yet. Been meaning to. And now after reading your reco, want to watch it even more..

  10. pixie says:

    I’m curious about this movie now!!
    Lemme see where I can find it and watch it as well! 🙂

    Happy 2014 RM! 🙂

  11. Smitha says:

    I think this is a movie I would love to watch. Let me see if I can get hold of it.

  12. You are definitely not the last one to watch the movie… because I haven’t watched it yet! 🙂
    You make it sound so interesting! I want to watch it NOW!! 🙂

  13. ashreyamom says:

    hey you are not the last person re.. I have not watched the movie yet..

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