New Year Guiltaloutions!

So on the January 1st, since it was the new year and all that jazz and since there was money in the account as the company had given the salary earlier (how considerate of them eh?, even if they dont give raises, they give salary on time!) I decided to go shopping. And just to confess, the last time I spent so much money on myself was for my wedding about 7.5 years ago!

Enlightened with the fact that I am NEVER EVER EVER going to fit into a size 32 pant or jeans, and also lamenting on the fact that the darn jeans button keeps going further and further away from its hole as if to mock my ever expanding waist, I decided to go shopping. I told RD I am going to spend a LOT of money on shopping for clothes. RD just looked at me disbelievingly and says…you know what he says, he just says ‘OK’ gah!

Anyways, so we started out fresh and enthused on January 1st. First I went to buy a chaniya choli for myself (and the brat!) but this post is about MY shopping!

Now I havent worn a chaniya choli in years. Ever since I delivered R. Go figure, my roots in Gujarat,and I dont own a chaniya choli. With the friend’s wedding in Gujarat coming end of month (yay!) I decided to get myself a chaniya choli. Till I heard the prices. 2K, 3K, 4K…errr…bhai, aanathi oochu kai nathi? (isnt there something cheaper) I asked him. He stared at me and said 1K nu che, pan simple che. (There is one of 1K but its simple) Chalse chalse (its okay its okay)

and I selected that one. Traditional colours – green, yellow and white. RD seconded it. and so did R, though she liked a magenta one..RD thought this one was better. And honestly between RD and R, I prefer choosing RD’s choice. R does have a very very bright colour theory for her clothes, brighter, jazzier, more dhinkchak, its better – is her idea of a great dress!

Anyways that done, I wanted to get matching bangles for that. RD was a little taken aback by that suggestion. you want to buy bangles? he asked. Yes yes I said enthusiastically. (We got bangles for the brat as well, but thats not the point of the post, its about MY shopping!)

So we bought bangles worth (hold you breath!) Rs. 200 for me. Just to match with that chaniya choli. That guy made a lovely design with some pearl bangles worth Rs. 170 and RD was sold to it. I refused, RD argued, the salesman pitched. End result – we spent Rs.200. And then some bindis and stuff we bought for both R and I. And then R said Amma mereko pink lipstick chaheye. Please Amma, only for K Mamu’s shaadi. I will never wear it anywhere else. The practical mom in me, wanted to say no, but I was like, okay may be just once. I said okay. She selected the BRIGHEST pink of the group. and when the man said Rs. 255 for one lipstick, RD mouth just opened up in shock. Its Lakme RD, I told him. But isnt it too expensive he asks me. Well, its good quality. And lipsticks I think are pretty expensive. He just nodded his head mutely and shelled out the money. I am wondering whether it was worth buying something so expensive, because R is going to use it for one day and it will remain in the drawer for the next dont know how many years 😦 (on second thoughts, good I dont wear make up, its so bloody expensive now a days!)
Then we went to this mall where these shops were having the sales and stuff. I picked up a pant and a couple of bed sheets for the brat. (chota bheem and chutki ones *rolls eyes*)

From there, RD the enthused went to another mall and we bought even more clothes. I refused to put down on the blog how much I got (for the fear that it will make me feel really guilty if I re-read this post in my 60s), but I got quite a lot! Waaaaaaaaayyyyy beyond what I thought I would buy. Trousers, jeans (thats only one they had with fit me well and its not low waist so yay to that!) and shirts and stuff..lets just leave it at that eh?

After we came back home, RD was so tired, but I went out again with R and got myself a pair of decent formal shoes. My earlier ones were torn. RD says they are not formal, but what does he know about fashion eh? 😉

In short, I have started the new year by managing to empty my bank account. I am dreading the days to come if the first day of the year gives an indication of the entire year to come :):)

Now the next thing in line is – Get a new wardrobe to accommodate all the clothes.

PS 1 – The lady who collects garbage from my house is going to very happy over this weekend. I have tons of stuff to give to her 😉

PS 2- The title is influenced by R’s weird language. The term is a combination of guilty + resolutions 🙂


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61 Responses to New Year Guiltaloutions!

  1. Sapna says:

    New wardrobe is nice! Me and my roomie thought of doing the exact same thing on 1st Jan only we never stepped out of the house 😛

    Don’t worry about “first day of the year gives an indication of the entire year to come”. The same is said of Ugadi,Diwali,…. and so many other days. You can always use that loophole to change your course for the next year. Anyway if the day meant having loads of fun. I wouldn’t want to change that and hope to keep doing that for an entire year 😛

    P.S: Pink lipsticks are nice. Although I don’t wear bright colors much, I always have one in my drawer. I am with R on that front 🙂

  2. hitchy says:

    So infectious is your excitement in this post! 😀 😀 😀

    Okay more seriously though… weddign in Gujarat?! Baroda?! when to let me know on mail! we can catch up then! 😀

  3. Happy New year
    Wowo…that is the excitement to shop…..recently..even I am behind bangles and matching sarees!!!!! Aryan-arjun getting bored by it!!

  4. Gayathri says:

    Wow RM! Is there any better way to begin the new year than shopping for SELF? If the first day of the year indeed gives an indication of the entire year to come, then be happy, you get an entire year of shopping for self 😉 Positive thinking, eh?

  5. simple girl says:

    aaha.. shopping shopping.. love the title .. 🙂

  6. Shweta says:

    Happy New Year to You, R and RD.. Hope you have many many many wonderful days to come 😀

    I don’t want to get into the debate of whether make up is good for children of R’s age or not..
    Just a few tips –
    * Rather than buying Lipsticks if she insists.. You can buy Herbal Lip Balms – They have a Vaseline Base and hopefully minimal Lead content and You can Buy as brightest a color as R wants.. because after applying they don’t really look “That” Bright 😉
    * Few of the Herbal Brands that I have tried are – Lotus Herbals and Clinique (its a bit too expensive but I would vouch for it )
    * Also, Buying Lip Gloss is much better than Lip sticks as they don’t stay for long duration (though not worth the price if you think about it) but for a Kid the little time the make stays on the better.. 😀
    * To add to all this.. Lip Balms/ Gloss come in various flavors like strawberry, Orange etc.. and tend to keep lips moisturized.

    • R's Mom says:

      Thank you thank you thank you! I know that make up is horrible for kids of R’s age. No make up till she turns 16. Unfortunately the peer pressure to wear make up at her age is too much. In fact her class teacher asked the kids to wear make up for their Xmas party. I was pretty bugged. But this is just a one off buy. I will pretend to put on some of it for the wedding and lose it in the wedding venue and come back 🙂

      thanks for the tips, I will try and buy those next time…I am really make up challenged 😦

      • Shweta says:

        hehehe.. 🙂 I used to be make up challenged too.. but a li’l experimentation never harms.. 😉

        Where do you get such innovative ideas – “I will pretend to put on some of it for the wedding and lose it in the wedding venue and come back” 😀

        I am not much of shopping lover but there are times (read the starting of Season Sales) when you can get a lot of good stuff and a price which at least seems somewhat worth it.. and its not that crowded too… unlike the time when the sale is 30-50% when the shops are so crowded that one can’t even breath forget looking out for stuff one can buy.. !

        I have also heard that the first day of the year gives an indication of the entire year and to be honest I have had one such experience.. for Year 2011 – I was travelling on vacation on the 1st and that was the year I had been to so many destinations in one single year.. 😀

  7. Archana says:

    Wow! Way to go RM!!!

  8. summerscript says:

    LOL. Awesome! When you said “hold your breath” I thought you bought bangles for 2000 rs. I re-read the line and laughed. You are cute RM.

  9. Bingo says:

    I WANT to see you in chaniya choli and those bangles on. If you don’t have a plan to put photo in blog, tell me where the marriage is, I will come and see you and R 🙂

  10. Wow RM! I need to shop for a wedding in Jan end, have already started some of it with the online sale. 🙂 Pls post pictures of the chaniya choli.

  11. Yay to you and your spirit . Now you are motivating to change my wardrobe. Recently I dressed up when I went on a date with R and OMG I was do much in love with my look. It’s time to feel good RM. Pamper yourself dear, no need to feel guilty ok?

  12. I love the sound of your chaniya choli. Please do put up pics!

    Come on… don’t be so tensed and guilty. You have shopped for the things you needed! Relax and enjoy the things you have got. It’s good to indulge once in a while! 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      I will definitely put up pictures…abhi blogathon ke liye something toh I need na to put up 🙂

      Yaa…I guess I shouldnt but seeing the money spent, I did feel awfully guilty!

  13. Tharani says:

    I went on a shopping spree last december and now all the money went on paying the credit card bill 🙂
    Want to see you in Chaniya choli . Send pictures okay 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      LOL I think RD paid everything by debit card wonly…I dont have a credit card, so no clue how that works!

      Yes yes…Chaniya Choli pics pakka will send

  14. Sreetama says:

    Reading your post made me so happy! I love shopping, even if it is a soap! When you get all decked up, post a pic. Applying lipstick once in a blue moon is fine! 🙂

  15. Megha says:

    Don’t feel guilty for a second. Wear all the things you got, feel good in it and enjoy the fun that comes from wearing new clothes and dolling up. Life is too short. Can’t put a price tag on fun – ever!

  16. techie2mom says:

    Hey I would say no need to feel guilty!! Just make resolution to buy more an more nice stuff for you!!
    Attending a friend’s wedding!! Have fun!!

    • R's Mom says:

      LOL on the resolution..abhi I am done major shopping for the year! I am pretty shocked I managed to spend so much money to be honest with you 🙂

  17. same pinch…I got 3 jeans from levis 🙂
    Chaniya choli ka pic milega kya?

  18. Maddie says:

    Seriously, who wears lipstick anymore? I think I took a couple of them on my trip to Paris but that was seven months ago. Lipstick is old fashioned and over rated, really. If you have a kid, it’s ridiculous to expect the mum to be out of her PJs 🙂

    Congratulations on all that shopping! Perhaps you can do a fashion show photo feast for us? 🙂 🙂

  19. ashreyamom says:

    wow.. so we are waiting for the photos RM.. 🙂 isnt shopping a therapy??? ;P

  20. Ashwathy says:

    For Christ’s sake, CHILL!!! It’s the new year and you are finally going shopping!! Ooof!! This woman I tell you…. kabhi nahi sudharnewali! 😡

    Hahaha you thought that lipstick was expensive? Try bigger brands like Mac or Clinique!! I can assure you will go into a coma standing right at the shop! 😛 😛

  21. D's Mom says:

    No need to feel guilty, think of them as investment pieces 😀
    Can’t wait to see you and R in those chaniya cholis!

  22. Rums says:

    WOW What a way to start thee new year!! happy new year to you!! ( sorry am bit late)
    Now you have inspired me .. am going to buy tons of cloths too 🙂

  23. The tone of this post is not at all guilty. Admit it RM. You love it. You are happy and excited. The most I get here is you doing ‘oops’. Come on, raise your hands and admit it 😀

  24. Veens says:

    Just awesome way to start the New Year. ( I am nt sure if I commented before or not, but I did read the post) – and I hope this New Year you continue do things that make you happy ( please feel no guilt ;)). Just the make up part for the li’l one – I really do not want you to feel bad, and I am sure I will have to give-in too at some point of time (if I have a daughter this time)…but stilll! hmm.

  25. anisnest says:

    guiltaloutions should be added to the dictionary I say!
    Its a great start RM.. wishing you to get more and more new clothes this year..

  26. telugumom says:

    I know that feeling. I love to spend on clothes. But, like you I feel guilty after I come back home with a bag full of clothes. I think it is okay to spend some money on ourselves sometimes. Just be happy that you have nice new clothes that make you happy 🙂

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