Its over.

There is not one single thing thats memorable about this year. The negatives seem to stand out. The aftermath of the miscarriage, the illness, the sad raise, Chitappa’s demise nothing great in the year.

A few days ago, RD and I had this major argument (My parents were around!) in which RD told me that he finds me extremely pessimistic. I dont seem to be positive about anything and thats why may be I feel only negative things happen to me. He is not wrong. I tend to be pessimistc. Which is surprising actually, because both my parents are super optimistic. They are positive about everything in life, including life itself.

Anyways, here is a list of positive stuff I think happened to me over the past one year…and trust me, I had to think a LOT before coming up with this list 😦

1. Overheard my mom tell ‘I am enjoying every moment of my life now. Whether its plucking flowers, watering the garden, cooking for both of us or just drinking filter coffee in the garden, I love every moment of my life’ – How many people do you know who can say this?

2. For the first time in seven years of my marriage, my parents came together to stay with me for a week, Otherwise with Appa’s busy schedule, the two of them coming together has NEVER happened! We had a great time and it was super nice when they were around. Board games, Tambram food, conversations from politics to cities to relatives, it all happened in this one week, which I didnt want to end at all.

3. Got a smartphone for the birthday and opened a twitter account

4. Contributed to IMC in a decent manner

5. Met up with blogger friends, Swaram, Pepper, Ashwathy, Ani, Vidya, Tharani, Sowmya, Smita, Zephyr, Sudhagee, Suranga, MomofRS

6. Did a couple of book reading sessions and also started volunteering for a monthly session of book reading for Project Crayons

7. Survived a trip to Kerala without Temple hopping!

8. Took a road trip with RD without cribbing too much!

9. Did two marathons even if they were only 6KM each

10. Accepted the fact that I am never going to go back to size M and hence started buying XL clothes. I am definitely looking towards a fitter me next year, without worrying about being thinner!

11. Read a decent number of books thanks to great recommendations

12. Managed an fitness campaign in office with moderate success

13. Continued to live with the brat and RD without major fights..

Not bad, could list 13 achievements for 2013. Hope 2014 sees a more positive me!

PS – Check out Dreamy Mommy post on the blogathon. We are so many of us. Yayay! thanks for agreeing to be a part of it πŸ™‚ and oh she also has prompts for us to write. So no excuses eh? Start clicking, writing, thinking, and of course blogging πŸ™‚


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41 Responses to 2013!

  1. Prachi says:

    RM…See you have such a long list of positives…..So be happy.
    I am glad you enjoyed with your parents…:-)
    All the Best to all the bloggers for blogathon….!!

    PS: 2013 was indeed a very bad year for me as well….I just want to somehow erase this from my life and jump directly from 2012 to 2014… 😦

  2. The Bride says:

    Your mum gives me hope. Though I am pretty content myself, except for fighting with the husband. Ahem.

    You’ve got some pretty good stuff listed there. Take comfort that 2013 and 2012 also was blah for most people. Here’s to 2014 being much much better for both of us!

    Funny, I did a similar list and the clicked Dont’ Save in Word. Arrrrgh!

  3. Hi RM, I guess I am late to respond but can I take this January blogathon too?

  4. Maya says:

    Wow.. You met so many blog friends! Your 2013 is made already! πŸ˜€ Happy 2014!

  5. D's Mom says:

    Hehe….going by your blog atleast I never found you pessimistic, but then of course your family knows better πŸ˜€
    I have been silently following your blog since a couple of years now and it is definitely a mood lifter…even through some my lowest phases. Im sure im alone when I say this πŸ™‚

  6. D's Mom says:

    oops I meant I am NOT alone when I say this….hahaha!!!!

  7. Very positive list, RM. πŸ™‚ Good to know you had some positives in the year gone by, in spite of a few hiccups.

  8. Bingo says:

    I love your mom. I can somehow relate you with BD in being pessimistic. Does it happen specially with Baroda people? [no offence :-)]

    Wishing you a very happy and prosperous new year !!

  9. Archana says:

    You are the most positive blogger I know R – you look at the sunny side of any situation – bus rides, R’s school incidents, your trips and so on!
    A very very happy new year to you!

  10. Divya says:

    HUGS RM…
    I started reading only few months ago and In many ways your blog has helped me so much personally.
    2013 has been pretty crappy for me as well. First 3 months was all hospital visits with little one being ill – 4 ear infections in 3 months, conjunctivitis – twice and cold and fever all along. Every weekend was spent in urgent care. Then came my husband’s job loss then mine few months later..still trying to get a foothold and worse of all marital issues…mother of all fights with pain-full & harsh words towards each other than screaming and crying..3 months on we still haven’t made up..I have serious doubts if I even want to stay married, at this time staying only for the child. Phew…2014 better be good. Stay positive and hey you have great parents to look up to, someone who enjoys and appreciate life so much sure will have great impact.
    Cheers, Happy 2014.

    • R's Mom says:

      oh big big big hugs…you are just being kind by saying good words about me…

      I wont comment on the whole marriage bit, but just want to tell you that we all have our fights and stuff..so fights in marriage is very common okay?

      Hope the job stuff gets sorted out

  11. DI says:

    RM!!!!!! Wish you an AWESOME 2014, I can see it is going to be wayyyyy better than 2013!
    Achcha, do one thing no, say I should join the blogathon please. PLEASE. Convince me? 😦 I am so scared of taking it up and not doing it? But I know I should, so please?

  12. Comfy says:

    Hope 2014 is just the opposite of 2013 and the list of all that is good goes on and on. You had to think real hard to write 13 positives so here is hoping that in 2014 there is so much positive to write about that you have to filter out just because the list got too long.
    Happy 2014 RM, RD and my darling R!

  13. Smitha says:

    Your mum is awesome! Do tell her that I would consider myself blessed if I can get half as positive as her! She is amazing!

    And you have come up with quite a few positive points yourself! That’s not bad at all!

    Here’s wishing you a wonderful New Year! May you get loads of positives to talk about πŸ™‚ Hugs to you and R!

  14. You have a nice list there RM…..here’s to a better 2014 for all of us😊

  15. aarya says:

    loved your 13 positive things list, RM. See, it wasn’t all bad. Here’s wishing you a great year ahead…
    Am I late to join in this marathon? I would love to take this challenge.

  16. telugumom says:

    Wishing you a very happy 2014 πŸ™‚ You do see positives in a lot of things πŸ™‚

  17. Pingback: Best of 2013 | for whom the bell tolls

  18. Deepa says:

    I loved how honest you are in this post about not being the most optimistic at all times. I’m like that and the hubs accuses me of the same. Heck, even my mom does it. She’s had a terrible time of things for ages and yet seems to forge on with optimism and hope whereas I wallow in pity and angst and irritation. 2013 was very crappy for me too. Infact it all began in 2012 with the the big ‘C’ diagnosis and the saga of treatment after treatment continues putting me in a crappier and crappier mood and you know what suddenly end of this year I realized that all these years I felt pessimistic without things being really too bad for me and then Bang! they got bad. Real bad as if somehow my pessimism brought up the turn of events. So this year the resolution, if there’s only one let this be it, is to be optimistic all the way. Thru surgeries, thru chemo, thru recovery(I hope…) and all of it.

    Chin up, your 2014 will be fabulous.

    • R's Mom says:

      Aiyo hugs hugs hugs Deepa…you sure are a strong person and definitely its okay to wallow in self pity..so dont take it too badly…you are a rockstar and hope you recover to the soonest..mail me at readingrsmind(at)gmail(dot)com anytime you want to talk okay πŸ™‚

      Big hugs and hope the new year is awesome for you

  19. Ashwathy says:

    There are always good points for every year. It’s whether you choose to list them or not πŸ™‚ That’s what I feel.

  20. anisnest says:

    If you are called such then what would people call me RM? I crib so much yet try my best to move on… Hugs re.. 2014 will treat us good..

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