Yes yes yes yes yes!!!!! I met Swaram, and since it was an R, RM, Swaram meeting, I came up with a cheesy title like that!

So I get a message from an unknown number on Friday afternoon

How far are you from the airport

RM: Who are you

Swaram: Ayyooo Swaram here!

RM: Sorry sorry, I lost all my numbers. Can I call you?

and I get no response for 10 minutes and I am worried that she got bugged so I called her.

She was enroute home from Bhuj and had sometime to spend in Mumbai. She was like, if my tickets get confirmed, I will let you know. I insisted she stay at my place ,and she was just ready to do it. I loved loved loved that thing about her. No natak, no ‘oh you will be troubled’ etc etc..we had to meet and she was okay staying at my place overnight…well not exactly overnight..she left at 2 in the morning 😦

Anyways, so after the Pinkathon on Sunday morning (Will write the experience later!) R and I were all set to pick up Swaram on Monday evening. We reached the airport on time and her flight landed on time as well..but Mumbai being Mumbai her baggage didnt come for almost 45 minutes 😦

R had a cheese tomato sandwich, a water melon juice, even went to potty *rolls eyes* waiting for Swaram to come out!!

She told me she was dressed in red, so R looked at EVERY lady – old or young dressed in red and asked yeh hai Swaram didi, yeh hai Swaram didi?? and I am like arey baba, I havent met her myself!

R: Then how she your friend?

RM: I know her via the net

R: phone wali friend hai?

RM: yaa yaa!

and we waited and waited and waited some more! R asked me to call her three times (I did once!) and she was losing patience, when we saw a lady wave to us in red…Is that Swaram didi? I dont know da..she is waving to us

as soon as she came near, I asked ‘Are you Swaram?’ and Swaram is like ‘of course why would I wave to you otherwise :)’ and I am like okay 🙂 yayayayayayya!

We stood for a ride to get home for almost 20 minutes all the time talking and talking and talking..

I think Swaram is a little subdued on her blog..no seriously..in reality she is this uber warm person, exuding so much of love, and talking non stop, and smiling and laughing…not that she is serious on the blog, but I expected her to be a bit different :):)

We had fun on the way, she even stopped to buy a bag! and then reached home and I made dosas for R and her..R insisted she eat from Swaram’s plate, and Swaram was cool enough to say yes to that 🙂

and then I didnt have any sweets to give her…:( but guess, thats okay 🙂 I am never the perfect host na

and then she gave this wonderful handbag/purse for R which fits her just fine as a shoulder bag..and she gave me this really cute keychain and a lovely lamp cover made by the ladies in Bhuj..ekdum awesome!

We talked non stop for hours, until it was 10.30 and I had to put R to sleep because it a school day for her today. While talking, she was also trying to pack and repack and rere pack and rereererepack her stuff because it was exceeding baggage allowance in the plane..she kept saying’ THIS is why I like travelling by train’ heehehehe 🙂 she offered me Rs.100 change in Re.1 and Rs.2 and I immediately grabbed it (Mumbaikar travelling by BEST bus always needs change!) hehehehe

Swaram left at 2.30 in the morning..and she messaged me that she reached safe..

All in all, a short but sweet meeting..I wish she could have stayed longer, but thats asking for too much :):)

Any other blogger coming via Mumbai???

Thanks Swaram :):) Errr..next time just make it with Su :):)


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39 Responses to SwaRM

  1. Pepper says:

    That’s awesome! 🙂
    I love people who give in to something you offer without doing naatak too.

  2. Maya says:

    ‘yeh hai Swaram didi, yeh hai Swaram didi?? and I am like arey baba, I havent met her myself!’ – RS will recall the same anecdote (replace the auto guy for R). Such a warm post. I recalled the good time we had here with Swaram and RS! Swaram is such an inspiration! 🙂

  3. She sounds so adorable! Glad you could meet her. 🙂

  4. Bingo says:

    The post shows your happiness 🙂 and LOL on any other blogger coming via Mumbai? You are cute..

  5. Veens says:

    Aww… you sound so smitten 🙂 I did not even know who Swaram is, and now you have introduced me to a new blogger… and Like her writing – so ..ummm… fresh! Thank you for that 🙂

  6. ashreyamom says:

    thats was so nice.. arey with this little one and hubby away i hardly travel.. if i make a trip, will surely tell u.. 🙂

  7. Tharani says:

    What fun! Glad you had an awesome time with Swaram 🙂

  8. paatiamma says:

    Sounds simply awesome RM!!! Thumbs up!!

  9. Neeli says:

    wow.. its really a wonderful feeling meeting fellow bloggers RM… these days even i’m enjoying such experiences… 🙂 though not meeting them in person but yes.. via whats app… 🙂 it’s seriously so great to meet someone like this…!!! 🙂

  10. Haha…that’s nice you got to meet her! The next time I’m in Bombay will definitely have to meet you and some other bloggers. Not sure when that will be though!

  11. Swaram says:

    LOL what a title! Luv it 🙂
    And err why didn’t you tell me that I sounded different? Oh ya, we hardly talked about anything but the luggage na hehe 😉

    Was so nice meeting all you guys RM 🙂 And loved how close R got 🙂 Muahs to her … psst, how was the exam?:P And how did the mosquitoes treat you after I left? Got some sleep?

  12. Rekha Baala says:

    That’s really sweet of you. And sweet of her too 🙂

  13. Ashwathy says:

    Damn! Missed meeting her this time…! Looks like a lovely impromptu meet-up! 🙂

  14. techie2mom says:

    Waah so much of fun!! Sandwich, Juice and potty – sounds totally like something Zini would do too 😉

  15. Comfy says:

    I want to come. Please, someone pick me..me..me.
    RM I heart Mumbai but don’t get a chance to go there anymore and I am so sad reading all this. I want to meet R and yes yes you too.

    Swaram is this totally warm, happy, friendly person. And yes all this from her blog. Raise your hand if she is better in person, else don’t break my illusion 😀

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