The Day I Shouted

….At a BEST bus conductor..something I never thought I would do all my life.

I have been scolded by conductors for lack of change, for taking a long time to get off, for giving them torn notes, for getting into a moving bus, for running the wrong direction and stopping the bus, for getting in from the front (no fault of his or mine, I was 3.5 months pregs, he didnt know it since I didnt show) etc etc etc.

But till date, I have NEVER ever lost it on a conductor. Because I know theirs is a tough job. I had written about them earlier here.

But day before yesterday, I picked up R and we went to get her gold earrings changed since she had lost the back of one of them. Having done that, we decided to take a BEST bus since it was cheaper plus we had time in hand.

I made her cross the road. and the bus came. There were about 7 people in front of me who crowded at the entrance. There was absolutely no crowd in the bus. I mean, all the seats were full but NO ONE was standing. We were the last to get in. But as soon as R put her one foot up to climb, the conductor rung the bell and the driver started IMMEDIATELY. I caught hold of R as she started to slip. I shouted ‘Please stop please stop’

But neither the conductor nor the driver paid heed. Now you must know that the driver has a HUGE rear view mirror from which he can see who is getting in and out. And I know of a lot of conductors who dont even ring the bell, but the driver often starts the bus after checking in the rear view mirror if everyone is up.

But these guys didnt stop at all. I shouted again (I hate shouting in public, I feel everyone stares too much, but God knows why I did it!) I shouted again. They didnt stop at all.

And then after going about a 100 metres the bus stopped for signal. I stood there fuming and God knows what overcame me, I dragged R with me (well not dragged, but it sounds good to write it, shows my fury!) and went to the bus and shouted at the conductor while getting into it.

RM: How could you ring the bell when my child was getting in?

Conductor: Where?

RM: What where, in the previous bus stop 100 metres prior

Conductor: I didnt see you

RM: How can you not see someone as fat and huge as me? and shouldnt you be taking extra care while ringing the bell?

Conductor: I didnt see you

RM: ask these people who are sitting if they saw and heard me shouting

Conductor: You could have shouted for me to stop

RM: I was screaming for you to stop, you didnt care

And then a couple of young guys did tell the conductor that I was shouting and they saw R almost slip

RM: In so many years of using the BEST bus, this is the first time its happened to me. I can understand if the bus was crowded or I was not in the stop and was running or if there was no space in teh bus. But this is sheer negligence on your part.

Conductor: Well in my 27 years of service this is the first time someone told me this

RM: I dont care honestly. You made a mistake, I want you conductor number

Conductor: I didnt see you

RM: I dont care sir, I want to complain, give me the number, what if something had happened to my child?

He mumbled something.

R: Amma, leave it, I am not hurt na

RM: thats not the point beta, he should have been more careful

R: Chalega Amma, by mistake kar diya na uncle ne

the conductor didnt give me his license number, I did note down the bus number and the license number of the bus. But somehow I didnt complain.

I have never been so furious in public and I have never shouted at a conductor, but I guess like all creatures when it comes to protecting the flesh and blood, I am so similar to everyone!


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44 Responses to The Day I Shouted

  1. Prachi says:

    RM…you did the right thing…this is a sheer case of negligence…which could be really dangerous.
    Atleast he is aware of his mistake now and hopefully will be more careful henceforth..!!

  2. Sri says:


    Thank God nothing happened..

    Just shows how some conductors can be..don’t feel guilty about shouting in had all the right to do that!

  3. Yup, when it comes to your own family, every woman ultimately becomes a tigress, I guess.
    Good you did what you did.Who knows, your shouting might have changed a conductor’s heart, and he might be more careful in such instances in the future.

  4. Neeli says:

    No RM.. Whatever You did was right..!! I agree with you…

    Here in Chennai, I find all bus drivers, auto drivers driving rashly…!! 😑 A couple of times I had almost escaped coming under one of them!! but one sad day couldn’t save my thousands worth of groceries coming under the wheels of an auto driver… :X my thousand bucks of groceries spilled over road like anything… I there I was left alone with anger n tears on my eyes…!! I would have almost killed him provided I knew the language.. that bloody person.. (pardon my words, but while writing all these I can still see my spilled groceries on road), started shouting on me… I admit it was a lil mistake of mine both hands were packed with those heavy grocery bags, the moment I kept one of them down to get an auto n there it came running, spilling my bags :X

    These people have no concern or care for others….!!! I don’t know when will they learn humanity!!

  5. Nidaa says:

    You did absolutely right! I would have slapped him. R is sooo nice. She has already learned to look at the bigger picture. ‘Shes not hurt and thats what matters’ attitude.

  6. Smita says:

    Your anger was justified!! And I am glad that you didn’t give up just like that. I am glad that you went ahead and confronted them. Half the time we don’t react or we just feel angry and don’t do anything about it. I feel you should lodge a complain against them……YOU SHOULD!

  7. Archana says:

    This is insane!! Am glad you at least shouted and didnt let it go!

  8. ashreyamom says:

    I am just opposite.. I just cant get out of anything without shouting. when ever things dont go in order, i have to shout. i complain to. even if its not my problem, if its others also, i fight for them. but, when things dont go in order at home, i just shut myself. :(..
    and R is such a sweet heart.. hope she is fine..

  9. deepa says:

    Good one ……this usually happens to me with the auto guys…….when i bargain for more money they demad for a short distance , they start insulting us so that we shut our mouths and accept their demand of more money …this is deir trick to escape …..i hate auto guys for the same ….if it s going to be a insult on us , its fine ..But if its on our kid , we get terribly angry………..its good that u fought back …………..

    i am proud of u dear

  10. momofrs says:

    This is terrible!! R could have been seriously hurt!
    Pune buses are worse….the drivers/conductors wouldn’t even apologise, they’ll ask you to be grateful that they even stopped the bus in the first place 😐 . Thats one reason I havent had the guts to take my kids by the public transport yet.
    You were right in shouting at those people. No point in keeping quiet about it. At least next time he’ll be careful while people get in!

  11. Veens says:

    Scary! if it is us we let it go. But when it is the Kids, God save the Guy at the rreceiving end lol!

  12. R’s Mom, next time this happens, bang the body of the bus with great force . The driver is used to this sound, and will stop. When reversing at the depot and stuff, the guy outside guides him, and bangs the side of the bus when the driver has to stop. This happened to me once ijn 2005 on JVLR in Mumbai, and the combination of banging and shouting actually worked.

  13. Oh god! Glad you guys are okay. My friend had slipped from the step of the bus while getting into it. She fell on her back with her head hitting the road, and was taken to the hospital. She couldnt remember anything from the previous one or two days! I was sooooo freaked out!

  14. Ashwathy says:

    Mother’s instinct….. *hugs*! SO glad nothing really happened to either of you.
    Usually I have had only positive experiences with these guys. But I guess your day was to run into one of the bad ones I guess… sigh..

  15. momsince27 says:

    Of course you did a right thing. There is a saying in Tamil which goes like some one has to tie bell on cat. I am sure he will be extra careful from now on. I am surprised at R’s maturity. Hugs to her πŸ™‚

  16. Divya says:

    You did the right thing RM, it showed R that when something is wrong you have to stand up for it

  17. anisnest says:

    hugs dear.. I could imagine the situation.. every mother will be able to.. as you rightly said in the last line “we lose ourselves completely when the offspring is at stake”..
    R is a sweetie pie to calm you in that panic situation.. hugs to the little darling.. take care

  18. I’m surprised you didn’t punch him. Your anger is totally justified RM…that was very negligent on his part. Conductors and drivers sometimes think they own everyone and that it’s their rule or no rules. Reckon you should still make a complaint…

  19. hitchy says:

    Phew…! Nothing happened and that is a blessing!

    Its ok to shout sometimes you know… the message must be shouted at times. Its ok! πŸ™‚

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