Meeting Her

Disclaimer: Star struck post!

Honestly it was a bit unreal.

So I sit next to her during the first session with R listening (and dancing and jumping (God the girl just cant sit at one place:()) to the author and notice her nose ring. Wow, I think, that’s a lovely nose ring..and oh..wait, I ask her ..Are you..errr…are you Sowmya Rajendran?

Yes she smiles and I tell her I am R’s Mom. Oh! Hi, she says again and then I just dont know what to tell her 😦

Honestly, I just fumble the first 10 minutes of talking to her. and she is so friendly! I talk all stupid irrelevant stuff like you know how I came in the train and had to go to Bandra west and come here and…*rolls eyes* She must have thought I am crazy, but didn’t really say that..

and then R comes and sits on my lap. And I tell her ‘This is Sowmya Rajendran’ And she looks up in surprise and then smiles and then looks down shyly. After that, at every 2 minutes interval, she looks at Sowmya, wondering if she is really for real. Honestly, I felt the same way.

When I told RD, he told me I am star struck. Okay, may be I was a bit star struck. Thats why I behaved that way. We spoke for a while. I made her sign all the books which I have of hers. Only Mayil Will not be Quiet got left out 😦

and then I had to take R for another session. And she had her Mayil session with about 100 kids which I really wanted to attend, but couldn’t since I couldn’t leave R alone.

Then we met again and she was sitting talking to someone. I bought Mostly Madly Mayil (what a book boss, what a book, go buy it at once!) and made her sign it. She made the mistake of asking whose name should I write it in it. Me of course, I said. No said R, mine. and we fought about it. She just said she will write both our names 🙂

I was a bit more free with her this time, and we chatted about a lot of things. Then one lady asked us if we were long time friends. Err..she said, we know each other via our blogs. She seemed a bit taken aback at that 🙂

And then R makes friends with two girls and then goes near a big blown up picture of Sowmya and tells them very proudly, This is Sowmya Rajendran. She is a great author. :):) Sowmya was actually laughing when she saw that 🙂

We attended an absolutely FANTASTIC Pleasant Rakshasa session of hers. R is still singing the hahahahahha ohohohoohoho tune of Karimuga’s laugh.

Okay, thats one tick on my notyetmadeonpaperbutinthemind bucket list. Meeting a celebrity 🙂 its done.

I met Sowmya Rajendran :):) yayayayayaya!


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24 Responses to Meeting Her

  1. OMG 😀 RM, about two and a half people would have heard of my name in the whole of India but I totally feel like Rajinikanth now 😛 It was a pleasure meeting you and R!!

  2. The Visitor says:

    @R’s Mom – I gatecrashed at her wedding – so there. 🙂

  3. Wow! I’m sure it must have been a great experience! 🙂
    I love Sowmya’s writing, too. She writes wonderfully well!
    Mayil Part 2 is out?! 😮 I didn’t know! But the book is not yet available online, apparently. 😦

  4. ashreyamom says:

    wow.. thats so nice.. i am also reading mayil part-2.. its even better.. :).. got books from tulika publishers.. the complete set.. nice they gave offer on bulk purchase.. giving bunty one book a week… :)..

  5. Nidaa says:

    Haha Starstruck Duo!!!
    Oh, the excitement of meeting a beloved author for the first time. Same happened when I met Ruskin Bond for one of his book promos. I couldnt stop gaping.

  6. vethal says:

    I am a great tulika fan. I love the rakshsha . I buy a lot of them.

  7. That’s very cool! I don’t know her but it’s always great to meet someone you are in awe of. I remember feeling lost for words when I met Adam Gilchrist. 🙂

  8. Smita says:

    Ur excitement is spilling out 😀

  9. Santulan says:

    and she even got R to quiet down 🙂

  10. Smitha says:

    You lucky, lucky, lucky girl!!!

  11. vethal says:

    hey I want to contribute articles for IMC . how do I do that. I ahve many books for review

  12. Taking kids around over weekends is a tough task but we meet some awesome ppl too. I enjoy as much as you do. We attend most events happening in BLR

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