Super Fast Radish (Mooli) Paratha And Sleep Going Away

In my 7 years in Mumbai, I have never bought radish (mooli), since the spouse claimed never to like them. It took the five year in the house to convince him to buy it, since its ‘good for health’ as her teacher taught her :)

I love mooli parathas, especially the one which Amma makes. Here is a quick mooli paratha recipe which you can make in less than 1/2 hour.


Radish (mooli) – 2-3

Wheat Aata

Water to knead the dough

Oil to cook the parathas

Ajma (1 teaspoon)

Ginger-Green chilly paste (2 teaspoons)

Salt to taste


1. Grate the mooli. I used the hand mixer. DO NOT remove the water of the mooli

2. While Amma, told me to add ginger, ajma, green chilly paste separately, I was too lazy and added it to the hand mixer as well

Photo Credit : R's Mom

3. Take some oil in a kadai. Add the mooli to it (Amma says add the ajma, green chilly, ginger paste to it first and then the mooli) Let it cook for a while, till the water from the mooli evaporates completely. Also add some freshly cut corriander leaves and salt to this.

Photo Credit : R's Mom

4. In the meantime knead the wheat dough.

5. Take some amount of wheat dough. Spread it and then add the cooked mooli mixture to it.

Photo Credit : R's Mom

Photo Credit : R's Mom

6. Spread again to form a paratha

Photo Credit : R's Mom

7. Put on tava and then add oil and cook to form yummy healthy parathas.  Eat with sauce or green chutney.

Photo Credit : R's Mom

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The brat was up at 5 in the morning today. She sat with me in the kitchen while I cooked.

RM: Go to sleep R.

R: No.

RM: Why?

R: Because sleep has left me and gone to another house, I will call her today night again!

RM: !!!!


ETA: Gave a quote in a magazine here

Parents India – December 2013


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24 Responses to Super Fast Radish (Mooli) Paratha And Sleep Going Away

  1. Santulan says:

    Food processors and blenders are such good help.. within seconds, things get done…

    As for the mooli paratha, we have a slight variation.. we remove the water and use this water to knead the dough.. And we don’t heat the stuffing as well..

    umm.. what is ajma?

    • R's Mom says:

      I think Ma heats the stuffing to remove the water that slightly pungent smell of mooli goes away if you heat it up..

      Ajma is ajmo rey…errr..err..ajwain??

  2. summerscript says:

    I am going to try it 🙂
    @R: hehehe

  3. Bingo says:

    I never made stuffed mooli parata. I make dough with atta, grated mooli, Chilly powder, salt, garam masala, little turmeric, ajwain, little curd and lots of chopped coriander. I hope you must be knowing this. Kind of thepla style.

    As I have mooli handy today, let me try this.

    And, wow… usually parents influence kids to have veggies. R is super duper kid 🙂 muah to her 🙂

  4. Prachi says:

    I too love mooli parathas…we at our home didn’t used to cook it, just grate-remove water- mix chilli, salt, coriander and use the mixture.
    Try it with methi as well…the hot mooli methi parathas taste heavenly and are super healthy (MIL’s recipe) *thinking of posting the recipe*

  5. Smita says:

    Kal hi I had brought first mooli of the season and hubby has demanded Mooli Paratha 😀 May be over the weekend I will make…..btw our recipes are very similar!!!!

    lol @ R!!! My sons says potty aayi thi par ab phuss ho gayi and I am to blame for it….he is repeating me!!!! *may be the dharti open up and eat me*

  6. LOL @ the R-ism. 🙂
    I haven’t ever tried mooli parathas.. this recipe sounds super simple and yummylicious. Shall try it out soon.

  7. Rums says:

    yum Mooli parathas!! See she is a goody goody gal . she got up and ur asking her to go back to bed… Not nice I say 🙂 Luv her cute replies!!

  8. freakyveggie says:

    Love the way R answers 🙂

  9. pixie says:

    I grate mooli directly into the Atta!! 😉
    and add chilli powder, coriander powder, salt, ajwain to the atta and mix!
    Its easier thats why!! 😛 😛

  10. Deepa Mouli says:

    Hey RM, this recipe is great……but what is Ajma? Is it saunf or ajwain? I’m not sure what it is….can you tell me please! Thanks!! If you can also tell me what it’s called in Tamil, it would be easier for me to buy 😉


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