The Good Part of the Weekend…

I met up with Shobby and Lui and errr…Noor as well. What a meeting boss!! We have so much fun..we had dinner and food and talked and talked and talked and talked..

First things first, I went to Pune to run the marathon. I must admit, meeting up with blogger friends was the more luring aspect of going to Pune, so much so that I agreed to run 6K with no practice at all 🙂

Anyways, so we met up on Saturday evening. They were a bit late to come since Noor was busy with loads of stuff, but she came, with the two kiddos in tow. She called up saying she was standing in front of a hotel, and then when RD, cousin S (who ran the 10 K!) and R and I went there, RD was calling her and telling me ‘look look that lady is picking up the phone’ and it was some random girl..I thought that cant be Noor and when I turned, there she was walking towards us waving. Honestly, I recognized Lui :):) and then I saw Shobby and then Noor. RD and Cousin S were astonished with the fact that both of us hugged each other like long lost cousins or something..(Cousin S asked me twice if I was really meeting her for the first time 🙂 )

RD told me later that she reminded him of me :):) The smile, the enthu the way we greeted each other..Noor, I dont know if thats a compliment 🙂 but it made very happy eheheheheh 🙂

Anyways, so the two of us and kids went to eat. Got a nice place to sit and we went jabber jabber jabber..Lui and R got together like a house on fire, while Shobby was still wondering if he really liked sharing his sis with this crazy girl from Bombay 🙂

We ate a lot and then since Lui made puppy eyes and asked Noor if she could spend some more time with R, I suggested going to our hotel room and we went there…We again went jabber jabber jabber while the three kids played hide and seek in the hotel room *rolls eyes*

Lui just didnt want to go and R asked me if she could just take Lui home with her for two days …but unfortunately it was getting really late and they had to leave…When I decided to go down to drop them, I lost the room keys..we searched and all that, but finally had to say bye to them from the room itself (got the keys just 2 minutes after that, gah!)

But we had SO MUCH FUN!! some people you connect to instantly, and Noor is one of them..bindaas, super nice, really practical, ekdum awesome..thats her 🙂

Thanks Noor, it was a really memorable meeting 🙂


When you go to Pune, stay at Hotel Ketan on FC road..its awesome..clean rooms, clean bathrooms, super nice chai and great food


Shopped for Rs. 1000 in Pune (within budget!) Got chappals for me, a skirt for R, chappals for R, hairbands for R, sweets for RD and chivada for office 🙂


Pune reminded me of Baroda big time. The amount of two wheelers, the traffic, the roads, and stuff


Had a stuff called Mastani for the first time…its awesome..and learnt that black currant is actually kala draksh (go laugh at me!)

R: Amma, I like Pune

RM: Great. Why?

R: Because here they give food in 2 minutes, in Bombay they take char ghanta to give food

RM: !!! (the girl sure knows her priorities in life eh?)

The hotel service in Pune is really good, they give food really super fast 🙂


On the Marathon, well, its a post for tomorrow 🙂


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18 Responses to The Good Part of the Weekend…

  1. Santulan says:

    Mastani kya hai?

    Was that the Osho waala chappal, which you bought?

  2. Sounds like a fun meet-up!
    I loved the food in Pune too. 🙂
    R sure knows her priorities. LOL!

  3. DI says:

    Jealous. My fault, but still, jealous 😦
    Good you had fun! You shopped here? Bombay walas shop here? Really? I need to step out of the malls in Pune 🙂

  4. Wow another blog meet..sounds so much fun..
    Abhi mere ko bhi blog meet attend karne ka hai..aap jaldi se fir se bangalore aao…plzzzz.
    Bangalore and blogger girls here waiting for you..wat say RS,Seems,SS,Greenboochi,nithvin,Uma (sorry if i missed anyone)

  5. Smita says:

    wah!!! wah!!!!

    I wanna know more about the Marathon!

  6. Bingo says:

    No Photos??
    I am on R’s side. I too don’t like to wait for the food in restaurant 🙂

  7. Yaar tell me something sach each…how many bloggers do you know with twins? I got to know Seema and SNS from your blog and now Noor too has twins? I think wise hi I was blaming the husband for giving me twins but looks like your sangath is the real culprit. 😉 😆

    • R's Mom says:

      I know MomofRS, SnS, Seema, you..thats all I think 🙂 hey I wish I could have twins 🙂 yahan pe toh ek bhi ho nahi raha hehehehehe 🙂 and oh, I also know a couple of people personally who have twins…yaya! I am the twin factor eh?

  8. momofrs says:

    Hey RM,
    It was wonderful to spend time with you and Little R (She’s so sprightly 🙂 )…a pity I couldn’t turn up earlier 😦
    Lui and Shobby are after me to make a trip to Mumbai now 😀 Lui already misses Little R by the buckets!
    I’ve been caught up lately, so couldn’t read this post earlier…haven’t been able to put up a post on my blog too 😦 …hopefully, will try and get something in place tonight.
    Just wanted to ask, may I post the pics on my blog (with faces blurred if you like) ?!
    Its okay if you aren’t comfortable about it 🙂


    • R's Mom says:

      Fun fun fun I told you, R is asking me that if she calls up and says ‘PLEASE’ will you come and stay with us over one weekend :):)

      Add the pics no issues 🙂

  9. Sampark says:

    Firstly, please don’t say that I needn’t put in this comment over here. I didn’t find any ‘contact me’ section at your blog so I am forced to write here
    You say that everyone has a different way of expressing grief and yet you call the open & loud display of emotions in such a situation as shameless.
    Contemporary societies might have demanded its members not to indulge to bottle up their feelings of grief but that doesn’t make it inappropriate who go ‘astray’.
    I didn’t like your comment and so, did some of my friends..

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