The Short Friday Post!

1. The IMC Magazine is out..Sweat and blood of Aarti and Preethi (I just pretended to be around 😉 ), its an awesome issue. Got loads of great stuff, interview with Indu Sundaresan (Thank you SnS!),book reviews (Thanks Smitha!) go and check it out :):)

2. R and I are continuing our fight of waking up in the morning

RM: Wake up, or you will be late to school
No Reply
RM: Wake up, R , its 6.15
No Reply
R:But amma
RM: What but Amma, wake up
R: Amma, the sun is also not wake up, you ask sun to wake up, then I will wake up

Darn, this girl!

3. Yesterday

R: Whats in my tiffin
RM: Roti n Bhindi
R: Oh! you are a good tiffin Amma today
RM: !!!!

4. On Tuesday

R: You are always scolding me
RM: Thats because you are always troubling me
R: Then if I dont trouble you, you will be bored na, because scolding me is fun activity no?
RM: !!!!!

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30 Responses to The Short Friday Post!

  1. Maya says:

    Of course, scolding is our pastime, no, RM?! **goes over to scold even if the kids are at school**

  2. LOL @ R’s antics. Have I told you that is one super-cute brat? 😀
    Hopping over to check out the IMC magazine. Sounds like fun!

  3. Smita says:

    lol!!! Your short posts inspire me to post…now onto opening the dashboard….

    And ya pass on a biiiiiiiig hug to R and pinch her cheeks blue for me 😀

    And ya opened the anniversary issue…:) congrats!

  4. ashreyamom says:

    So good tiffin amma, go and ask sun to wake up early.. ok.. hope Saturday is a holiday for her.. let her enjoy her morning sleep.. So many days i feel bad for waking up the kids early.. we dont enjoy that little sleep in the morning and dont let the kids also na.. :(..

  5. Ramya says:

    Though short I love it coz of the Risms. U wake up R at 6.15? Gosh!!! For me waking Thej at 7 itself is a biiiig task. Paavam R kutty. Have a great weekend 🙂

  6. Sumana says:

    She is one aweety cutie kiddo.. Hugs and kisses to the little smartie

  7. Bingo says:

    lol on Rism. Will check out the magazine

  8. Santulan says:

    Smart cookie she is, she knows her amma so well 😀

  9. deepM says:

    One of the reason that i like your blog is because of Rism!!

    I just loved her. she is cute and adorable

  10. Swaram says:

    Fun activity? Why do you do this to her RM?:P

    Congrats on the magazine 🙂

  11. Ashwathy says:

    LOL!! What a considerate daughter…. she keeps you from being bored!! :mrgreen:

  12. Hi R’s mom..loved the copy of IMC.. Are you planning for a monthly or quarterly magazine… Loved the book reviews and so many anecdotes and tips. Good job 3 of you. Would like to participate in your venture through contributions.
    Only one suggestion that there are not much written about coexistence of parenting and full time career. Most of us choose to take it easy after child birth and then need to struggle a lot to re-enter the job market, compromise with our credentials and then loose lot many years to reach the potential we have if we want to. Having done exactly the same, now 9 years after being a parent I feel I might have been more instrumental in my career if someone would have nudged me little harder when I was completely into a new parent mode…
    It will good to see that IMC voice that out too along with keeping the options of freelancing and work from home open for new mothers…
    We need to have more women in the conventional full time careers and in higher positions to bring more fruitful changes in policies ( like affordable day cares with all institutes and office campuses) so that our daughters could find balancing the 2 tad bit easier.
    Would like to see IMC bringing that in too..

    Also please include some women related news around the world in current affairs note so we learn from other women out there and make informed choices…

    • R's Mom says:

      Thank you thank you thank you..for the wonderful feedback..will pass it on to the ladies :):) and yes will try and implement it as well..

      you just need to register on the website to contribute, I hope you do,love your writing 🙂

      Errr..and no this is mostly an annual thing takes too much time..we all want a break after this one heheheehe 🙂 may be if its popular Preethi may want to make it bi-annual..lets see how it goes 🙂

  13. Rums says:

    luv luv R’s Mast attitude!! u will get bored if she is not naughty!! hugs and kisses to R!!

  14. Deeps says:

    LOL! Like Ash said, R is such a considerate daughter 😀

    Congratulations on coming out with IMC magazine RM! Kudos to you and all those involved in it! Let me go and download it now..

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