A Mother Wonders

I am not really following the Aarushi Murder case. I just know that her parents have been accused of murdering her and their house help Hemraj and yesterday the verdict found them guilty. I was much younger when the case actually came to light. Just like Aarushi. AndThe case happened around the time R was born, so I wasnt following the news either. 

Aarushi was 14 – Thats an age when you are a teen. A rebel. A not-so-young-but-yet-to-be-mature person. An age when you think the world is yours to conquer. An age when you feel whatever you do, is always right. When friends become more important than parents. When peer pressure really starts squeezing you. An age when your thoughts are so free, you feel you can change the world. That’s the age when Aarushi was murdered.

And now, she would have been 19. Five years later.

I dont know if her parents were involved in her murder in anyway, but as a parent, I wonder, it would take SO MUCH effort to kill your own child. Especially a child whom you have nurtured for 14 years.

Yesterday, the brat, RD and I were at home in the night, after dinner lying on bed, and playing with each other (RD and R, I was just cribbing about the kicking) and I wondered, if Aarushi’s parents also enjoyed this phase of her life. I am sure they would have.

The act of getting a child into this world (willingly) and then see the child grow into a teenager definitely involves many moments of joy, of memories which are amazing, of literally giving your blood and sweat in bringing up your child. Little memories which add up to the absolutely amazing experience of having a being so dependent on you, made from your flesh and blood. It would take loads and loads and loads of effort to actually murder such a child of yours, no?

I wonder if the parents wont be tormented by the memories of the funny smiles, the cute one liners, the first step the kid took, the hugs, the kisses, the interactions?

Whatever is the end, but the case sure made me a sadder person. Of course, I read news about the honour killings and about female infanticide, but somehow, may be due to the over exposure in media, this case makes me feel really really sad…

PS – This week has started really bad for me. Please pray it doesnt get worse 😦


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32 Responses to A Mother Wonders

  1. Ramya says:

    Somehow this has been the topic thats running in my mind since yesterday. What would happen if somebody suddenly gets out with the full truth? If the parents arent guilty, how would that small girl feel? If they arent guilty but still blamed by others, how they’ll be feeling bad 😦 It doesnt let you rest. Atleast lets pray her soul rests peacefully.

  2. Sumana says:

    The whole thing is so confusing, reading about it makes it even more a maze. Like many said the real truth will never come to light. I just hope that at the end our judiciary does not end up punishing the innocent.

  3. Santulan says:

    Hugs RM. You’re a better parent than most ‘honor waalas’

  4. I am actually watching an old interview of the mother; read a very contradictive view point as against the verdict in the morning; saw a home video clipping which only portrays happy memories and a lovely childhood. Not sure, it is such a dubious case. But everything about this case is so gross. The double murders. The development. The verdict. Shakes the faith in humanity.

  5. hitchy says:

    Somehow you just can’t escape the bad news eh… its kinda pouring all over…

  6. Megha says:

    I had a similar perspective when I read the news this morning – parents. middle-class. had kid after IVF. decided it’s OK to have one single girl child so presumably liberal on those lines. not a shred of evidence that she was abused or parents were abusive. To kill your daughter heartlessly? It doesn’t add up.

  7. Smita says:

    It won’t go worse!!! *hugs*

    I do not know what to believe in this case.
    – Circumstantial evidence points fingers at parents
    – But police has botched up the case real badly
    – Whats the motive for parents to kill?
    – I do not want to think about the honor killing angle as that would amount to questioning a 13 yr olds charc…NO!

    There are so many loopholes here that I dunno what to believe…and it is 50-50…but think if they are innocent what they must be going thru…pehle beti gayi and ab khud ki life…..

  8. I somehow can’t believe that the parents did it…not because I think no parents are capable of killing their child..its because of what I read about the case…..I hope they would continue to fight for justice!

  9. True…today morning upon reading the news paper I also felt a strange sadness…

  10. Even I am shattered R’s Mom.. How can a parent , espcly a mom strangle her own child.. Shocked and disturbed ..

  11. Ashwathy says:

    It is such a muddled case…with so much of the evidence destroyed and so much of it botched up in the beginning itself. 😦 So sad…that such a young life was extinguished before it even began. And sadly we will never know why…

  12. Rums says:

    this is sad.. I have no idea about Aarushi Murder ..No parent can kill their baby no matter what .Your week will definitely better ! hugs! this week we have to work only till wed.. than its chutti !!!

  13. Shweta says:

    I don’t know how can a parent kill their child how much ever in a fit of rage they are! One moment they gift her a camera as a pre-bday gift and they kill her on the same night!!! Not digestible.
    If they really are the murderers; don’t know how worst will human race will be! 😦
    Not generalizing, Just!

  14. There are so many complications in this case, it is like a maze. Everything I read or see on TV about this case has just been making me sadder and sadder, too. 😦
    Hugs, RM!

  15. Neeli says:

    Dont worry RM, i know how the way you have explained those lil moments spent with R and the process of the way you bring in the child, help them grow… I know for sure.. that you are a gr8 mother…

    I can not comment on Aarushi’s case, coz.. anger can let you do anything… may be her parents are innocent but you never know if they are guilty…

  16. ashreyamom says:

    Yes its all the media.. have read lot about Honour killing, and other crime.. but this news made impact as they were again again showing her photos, some many versions of detectives, police and CBI.. finally its a depressing thing.

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