This Monday Morning

1. I am searching for a report on a neighbouring country, and just not getting it anywhere. Its like that one piece of link to finish my analysis is missing 😦

2. Almost finishing ‘Life of Pi’. What a book boss, what a book! (I havent watched the movie yet!)

3. Can smell oranges on my desk. Someone is eating it nearby…without offering me 😦

4. I want tea. Hot, masala, Gujju chai, ekdum kadak. Gah! need to go home

5. I liked my breakfast. Semiya upma. Well done RM

6. Waiting for lunch. Got yesterday night’s pav bhaji ka bhaji with rotis..yummmmmm

7. Darn! forgot to get the amla achar and the gajar halwa made on Saturday to work 😦

8. I am glad I cleaned my shelf finally yesterday. I can buy so many more new clothes. I am not going to wait for me to lose weight..thats never happening

9. The brat really needs to go to sleep early. She was awake till 11 yesterday and today morning was a struggle to get her out of bed

10. Oh the girls I did book reading for on Saturday, want a princess book to be read next month..Which one to read..?? *Ponders*

Darn! I better get back to searching that report now!


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18 Responses to This Monday Morning

  1. ashreyamom says:

    hey.. u made the monday morning interesting yar.. now I too want halwa.. :)..

  2. Deeps says:

    LOL!! What a run of thoughts!

    Seems like the season for gajar halwa! My sis-in-law, sitting in sydney, sends me and my mom a pic of a super-yum-looking halwa that she made and gorged on with my bro, inspired by which my mom goes ahead and makes some halwa and shares a pic which I am still drooling at! And now you mention it too! I’m so so tempted to go and make some myself! Maybe I should.. 😀

  3. Smita says:

    U just had breakfast and u are dreaming of lunch…right…the weight loss will never happen 😛

    I so badly want to write apost….but…

  4. You made paav bhaji, amla achar and gajar ka halwa over the weekend? Wow! Where are your feet?

    Somehow, I was never able to get into Life of Pi beyond a few pages. Maybe I should try again!

    I am craving for Gujju chai too. I should probably plan a trip to A’bad soon. But then… no parents there, no house there makes me want to not go. 😦

  5. The Bride says:

    The Life of Pi movie is very well done as well…

  6. paatiamma says:

    I loved the movie “Life of Pi”..Now hunting the book in flea market!

  7. Tharani says:

    Hope you got what ever you were searching for. This morning morning, I am just waiting for Wednesday to come so that I can enjoy my long weekend 🙂 (I have Thursday and Friday off for thanks giving day 🙂 )

  8. Ashwathy says:

    2. I haven’t read the book, but I have seen the movie. Totally worth it!

    4. Every evening in my office I wish I reached home in time to make tea. I love home made chai!

    9. Yea story of our (hubby’s and my) life!! Sleep late, struggle to wake up! 🙄

    Amazing that you actually made a post out of this! I really need to restart blogging 😦 Sigh!

  9. summerscript says:

    I liked Life of Pi , have to watch the movie yet!
    Gajar Halwaaaaaaaaaaaa 😀

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