What Do I Want To Be, When I Grow Up

This was the theme to R’s fancy dress which happened today.

Tuesday night at 9 in the night

RM checking R’s dairy. OMG R, you have a fancy dress competition on Friday.

R: Haan, pata hai, teacher ne bola tha?

RM: Why didnt you tell me earlier, where is the time now?

R: But teacher told only today morning na


Anyways, so I ask R what she wants to be when she grows up.

Barbie Girl came the prompt reply

RM: *smacks head* You cant be barbie girl when you grow up, you have to do something to earn money right

R: Toh I want to become whatever which lets me wear that pink frock..and I thought Barbie girl banungi toh pink frock wear karne ko milega na

RM: By now really really bugged: R, seriously bol yaar

R: Acha toh teacher ban jati hoon

RM: Dinosaur teacher?

R: Koi bhi teacher

RM : But what will you wear?

R: Pink Frock, aur kya

RM: Gosh, teachers dont wear frocks

R: Aisa kuch nahi, aap bolte ho anyone can wear anything they want..

RM: !!!

Anyways, suddenly I got reminded of the enthu with with R and I watch the program on cakes (Fabulous cakes on TLC) and she had told me that she wanted to become a caker!

So I was like

R, why dont you become a chef?

You got that wonderfully cute apron from Shuchi Aunty thanks to Shruti Aunty’s blog. You could wear that and I could make you a chef hat..

R: I dont want to be chef..

RM: okay be a baker then..

R: okay..but everyone will laugh at me

RM: Why

R: Because I want to be baker

RM: Whats there to laugh..I know so many wonderful people who quit their boring office jobs to become bakers and are doing so well in life..its a profession after all

RD: yaa, and its more interesting than sitting in a office

R: getting all enthused : Yes then I can make skyscraper cake, and dinosaur cake and I can make pies and breads and eat the bread all day right..

Okay, I am going to baker when I grow up

RD and I do a little jig.

RM: RD, I have a full day conference on Thursday so we have time only tomorrow, can you google for how to make a chef’s hat?

RD does the needful while I clean up the kitchen. We find a couple of useful videos and decide that butter paper is the best thing to use to make the chef’s hat.

I remind RD to get some paper on Wednesday when he comes from office.

Wednesday Evening

RD being the enthu father, calls me from Hobby Ideas and asks me what paper?

I tell him butter paper and when I reach home after a hectic day, I find that he has got parchment paper!!!

I tried to fold it, but its as stiff as a cardboard (okay not cardboard but its pretty stiff and you cant fold it!)

I am alone at home as RD has gone to pick up R. I search the kitchen for all the big white plastic bags I have, come up with only three, use one of them to make the hat.

It turns out pretty decent.

RD and R are back.

RD: Hey cap ban gaya great!

RM: tu kya paper laya tha?

RD: The paper that guy in the shop told me to get for making chef hat

RM: RDDDDDD, its parchment paper and you paid RS.160 for it!!!!

RD: Well, errr..well, that guy told me….

RM: Whatever *rolls eyes*

Anyways so R is happy, and RD is happy and RM is happy.

Thursday Morning

In the bus going to drop R to the bus stop

R: Amma, yeh baker ban ke baad cakes toh dena padega na

RM: WHAT? of course not, you cant carry cakes for the whole class.

R: downcast Arey saachi ka nahi, thoda toy wala cakes hota toh kitna acha hota na?

RM: Arey yaar R, you should have told me yesterday na, today I will come back really late in the night from conference, how will I do it?

R: Chalega Amma, main toh aise hi bol rahi thi

Thursday night 7.30 PM

I leave from conference early after tell the manager about the fancy dress. Basically I attend the conference but dont stay back for dinner.

Rush to pick up R. reach home by 7.45.

Quick get some atta and make this!!!!

Atta to shapes

Atta to shapes

RD comes back at 8.30 and is super astonished that I got this brainwave.

Finally we finish up at about 10.30 in the night! (Dinner is ordered and shoved into the mouth when the atta cakes cool down from the baking expedition!)

Check out the cup cakes, the choco balls (made by R), the cookies, the pizzas and the bread (RD half cut the bread with knife to give realistic picture)

blog 1 blog 3 blog 2

And then R looks like this in the morning.

20131122_070236 blog

Her cap says BEST BAKER (Cant see the baker, took pic in hurry)

Not bad eh? I score 2 points in mommyhood eh?

Best part

1. Painting the stuff with R
2. Pesengifying the atta with R’s help
3. Making the moulds with R’s help
4. Look on R’s face when she saw the final products and the hat
5. We enjoyed..competition or not, I am sure I can do stuff when I really want to 🙂

6. The fact that the brat wants to be something exciting like a baker when she grows older..at least as of now 🙂


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58 Responses to What Do I Want To Be, When I Grow Up

  1. techie2mom says:

    Wow!! I am totally impressed!! Those cupcakes look pretty!!
    R and I share the same dream (of being Chef not Barbie girl)…Lots and lots of love and best wishes to the little girl 🙂

  2. rainmusings says:

    yummy baker and her baked goods 🙂

  3. hats off to you RM.. You are a very good parent, in fact you both are very good parents.. and if you really want to score yourself 2 points are very less.. 🙂
    I loved the pink plate & goodies on it.. R looks cutie chota baker..awesome 🙂

  4. garima says:

    Wow cutest baker…and the baked goodies are awesome :-)Good job to all three of you .

  5. Maya says:

    As soon as I saw your tweet in the morning, I was hoping you put up the pic! 🙂 Such a wonderful way for doing up for the fancy dress. Love R and love the cupcakes. Awesome! 🙂

  6. Smita says:

    Awww!!! She looks super cute!! Ur demo cakes are fantastic!!!

    BUT! BUT! BUT! Where is the pink frock?

    • R's Mom says:

      Pink frock forgotten because bakers dont wear frocks right..they will come in the way while bending down to pick up the cake from the oven..they wear only pant shirt, because its more comfy 🙂

  7. Wow! The baker costume and those cakes and bread – everything looks fantastic! I can’t believe you made that hat out of a plastic bag!!! :O

  8. momofrs says:

    A hundred points on Mommyhood!!
    Great job Rm….am actually feeling so proud of you 😀
    What a wonderful idea and how beautifully executed in such a short time!
    Am noting it down for when the kids have their fancy dress competition 🙂

    Hugs to R for looking like a true-blue chef 🙂

  9. ashreyamom says:

    super idea re.. let me take copyright from u now only.. i borrowed readymade saree from my neighbor, asked her to dress up bunty for fancy dress as i had exam that day.. :).. see i have nice neighbors na.. but this chief idea of urs is too good..

  10. Ramya says:

    Wow.. Super duper RM… All those preps are wonderful. Why just 2 points? You get the maximum points. Guess what? This post of yours comes exactly when there is a fancy dress in thej school next week and the theme is cartoon character. Now I need to start googling 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      Thanks thanks thanks Ramya..

      You could make him Bob the builder if he is okay with it…get dunagrees, checked shirt, some tools, yellow cap and its done 🙂 I used the same thing for R about 2 times 😉

  11. deepa kris says:

    luv d blog….time spending wit our lil ones amidst bussyyyyyyyy office work……is most wonderful times…ever cherished………..keep njoiinggggggggggggg

  12. Sri says:

    Wow so nice!! 🙂

    Reminds me of my daughter’s fancy dress last year when we made her sing “Hot Cross Buns!”

    We made the apron, hat and buns with paper…

  13. Smitha says:

    Wow!!! You are so creative! I’m so very impressed! R must be the most creatively dressed girl in class today!

    • R's Mom says:

      Well, I wish I could say yes to that, but honestly Smitha, folks in her class are EXTREMELY INNOVATIVE! I am really nothing..no comparison but the kind of ideas parents come up with is mind boggling!

  14. The Bride says:

    100 points to you and JK Tyres! Those cupcakes were awe-inspiring.

    Also, was just thinking yesterday how I grumble about all this craft and dress-up, but in the end it’s fun.

  15. chaitalichari says:

    its wonderful RM those cakes looks fab.

  16. deepM says:

    Super cool!! Demo cakes are super nice!!

  17. paatiamma says:

    Pink apron and pink plate for the best baker!! What a brain wave 🙂

  18. Santulan says:

    Pesengifying.. now I know where she learns to make her own words 😛

    Nice hat 🙂 She seems very proud while wearing it.

  19. Swaram says:

    Super-awesome RM 🙂

  20. Pepper says:

    Wow. I am blown over. Especially by your brainwave. Brilliant stuff!

  21. Ashwathy says:

    Take a bow, mommy!! 🙂 That was well deserved. She looks really sweet in that dress… suits her!

    He he he… RD bought back PARCHMENT PAPER!!! Omg!

  22. Vinitha says:

    Aww super cute! I empathize with you on the Barbie doll and pink frock. Gosh where do girls get such ideas? I loved your “cake” idea. Another thing I have done in the past is stack cleaning sponges (The ones that come in different colors), cut to triangles and decorate with glitter. I should have a picture somewhere and I have been trying to find it but no luck. Sorry
    Glad the little baker had fun

  23. Sreetama says:

    Awesome post RM! Just loved it & the pics! It is so encouraging to see R & you opt for something so creative rather than the stereotypes!

  24. summerscript says:

    Wow…It looks awesome! Love the hat and cakes 😀 Cool you are RM! 🙂

  25. Prachi says:

    Well done R, RM & RD…Hats off to you guys….Awesome Hat and more awesome baked goodies..
    Now I know one expert, to whom I can refer for ideas in case of an upcoming fancy dress competition at Lil champ’s school… 😉

  26. Rums says:

    omg RM.. what a creativity !!! Luv the Hat and also baked stuff!!

  27. I am impressed beyond words, you call yourself not crafty and did all these. You are super creative girlie 🙂

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