And We Are Back….

with a bang…errr..actually not, with tons of unwashed clothes, things to unpack and more importantly, a bit upset with the fact we wont meet the cousins again soon 🙂

First, thanks everyone who asked me where I was. The brat’s daycare was closed for a week for Diwali, and I had no option but to be on leave. I grudgingly agreed, to take days off (I wonder why I fuss so much about taking leaves and then crib about going to work *rolls eyes*) and so we decided to make a quick trip to Chennai for Diwali and be back on the 5th (RD doesnt have leaves at all!!) and so R and I decided on a quick trip to Ahmedabad to bro and mama’s house. And the best of all, I managed a day at Baroda as well on Saturday.

Now back to the usual routine.


1. Chennai and I share a love-hate relationship. I dont like the place too much due to some very personal reasons, but after I started blogging, I have started to like the place. Go on laugh about it! anyways, so this time, I managed to snatch an hour away from a very very busy social schedule to meet up with the awesome Vyas (and of course his mother!) and the amazing Adi (with her mother) and the absolutely lovely Tharani. I will NEVER get her name right 🙂

RD was kind enough to tag along…the McDs we decided to meet, closed down (Gah!) and so we went to the food court of the mall nearby. RD did the honours of getting food for all of us (yay! his marriage vows include serving the wife’s friends with yum food in sickness and in health!) and then Vyas and I were busy betting with each other about stuff. We had fun talking to each other. Ani went in search for chai for the second round of food, and then disappeared, so Adi and I spent some time talking to each other. Tharani must think I am completely mad and refused to tell me what she thought about me..she says she will write a post..R was at her worst behaviour but thats okay, she was the youngest eh?

Midst, steamed corn, small samosas, deep fried finger chips, yummy burger, awesome sandwiches, sad chai and great smelling coffee, we were late for our next meeting.  :):)

But it was the highlight of my Chennai trip seriously 🙂

2. The SIL’s daughter is 1.5 and adorable. She didnt come to me initally (no kid ever comes to me anyways) but after some cajoling and twisting my monkey face into donkey one, she agreed to take a chance. We had fun together. R had pesengified her (non Tamilians, I dont have a translation for that, may be squeeze is the nearest word!) and then hugged her, and kissed her and I had to keep reminding the brat, that the girl is a human child and not a doll *rolls eyes again*

And met RD’s chitappa’s daughter’s kiddo as well. She is really like a doll. Nine months old and came to me in a second (my monkey face has a good effect on children eh?)

3. The SIL took me to Pondy bazaar and hold your breath, I spent Rs.1500 there *faints* Got 5 kurtas and one legging for self. RD was like ‘Chalo chalo chalo’ the brat was brought some loose shorts (Daycare insists on shorts under frocks and skirts) and then RD is still wondering how I agreed to get so many clothes at one go 🙂 I am changing my wardrobe folks. In the next few weeks, I am going to throw away all the old faded stuff and get new ones which includes buying formal pants and skirts. Oh wait!I need money for that gah!

4. Went to the zoo in Madras and liked the battery operated vehicles they have there. Took the safari as well. But honestly, I am wondering, is there a better way for public to learn about animals instead of seeing them in captivity. Even the lions in the safari seem to survive on meat which is served to them instead of hunting (I asked the driver!) its sad to see animals in captivity, but RD tells me whats the better way then to learn about animals. Not everyone can afford to go on expensive safari trips to the jungles eh?

5. The train journey to Ahm was nice but I didnt sleep because the brat sleeps in a separate berth from now on (Eeps, she has grown eh?) I was super worried about her :)Got greeted by the kiddos N&N at the station.

6. Rahul (my bro’s son) is a riot. He is sweet, cute, naughty, crazy, loud (like me!), funny and a total doll. He understands EVERY word you speak to him and kept calling me Paati. I am not Paati, I am Athai, I kept telling him and he kept calling me ‘Paaattiiiiii, Paaattiiiiiiiiiiiiiii’ whatever *rolls eyes*

7. R as usual, showered her love so much on the guy, that I was scared she is going to choke him or something. Pesengifying him and cuddling him and hugging him and what not!

8. The trip to Baroda was totally nostalgic. I shed a few tears. like I wrote on twitter, they changed my beautiful, quaint town into a bustling city with ugly buildings 😦 and my house…its broken down completely and they built another one on it. I almost cried when I saw the house!!

9. R had fun with my childhood friend’s daughter. I met my friend and his wife and kids after years 🙂 But we maintained the tradition of fighting as much as possible 🙂 Met up with the neighbour baa, and then aunties and uncles as well as went to our househelp C ben’s village to meet her. She sent me back a huge plastic filled with awesomely yummy Diwali sweets and savories. Funnily, I didnt do any shopping in Ahm and Baroda, just didnt get any time eh?

10. Finally glad to be back home. Routine starts, but I have a lot to look forward to in the coming weekends..

Hope you guys all had a wonderful time. If you have reached till here, then I salute you for your patience in reading this post of mine 🙂


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38 Responses to And We Are Back….

  1. Sumana says:

    Good you got a break from the routine. Nice to read you back….

  2. Sweet post, RM. Good to see you back and good to know you guys had a fun time over Diwali! 🙂
    LOL @ pesenjufying the kids! 😀 Only you can come up with a description like that!
    Kudos to you for the decision to change your wardrobe. I am also trying to revamp mine. Tough job!

    • R's Mom says:

      But you understood what I said na..she really does that to other children!

      Errr…decision liya hai boss, abhi I havent started work on it 🙂 Over the weekend, plan to throw away unwanted stuff 🙂

  3. Ohh thank you for salute RM cos I read your full post 🙂
    WE missed you here, so happy to see you back with lots of updates 🙂 Belated happy new year & happy Diwali 🙂

  4. Welcome Back! 🙂

    ‘twisting my monkey face into donkey one’ – LoL. Typical RM humour, eh?! 🙂 🙂

    You spent ‘only’ 1500 bucks at Pondy Bazaar?! I want to go to Pondy Bazaar now! But, guess they’ve shut shop completely! 😦 You visited that place in its last few days, I guess. How lucky!

  5. Smita says:

    lol!!! My dear patience is not needed for reading your posts specially when you have such delightful updates! You surely had a gala time and I am like you I crib a lot when I take leaves….as if office will come to a stop if I take a break and when I get back I crib about working!!! I guess it comes from out conditioining…I am sure u didn’t bunk classes as a kid!!!

    And I have to meet R let us plan something soon. The only issue is I have exhausted most of my leaves and with the impending shift to our house next month SUndays are gonna be jam packed… for me. But let us plan something……

    • R's Mom says:

      hahahaahha! thanks Smita…I read your post about the rangoli competition…you ladies really really rock! And yes you got me right, I didnt bunk classes AT ALL!

      yes yes..may be next month then…I hope the shifting happens smoothly..message me if you need any help..the man I married and his car will be ready to help any time 🙂

  6. Tharani says:

    What an awesome vacation. You are a darling RM. That said, I will write more about you in th post as well okay.

  7. Sri says:

    Good to hear about your Chennai trip…i stay at T Nagar so next time let’s meet up…

    Belated Diwali wishes!:)

    • R's Mom says:

      oh I thought you stayed at Hyd :):) same to you 🙂

      next trip will ping you..this one was just tooooooooo hectic

      • Sri says:

        I was at Hyd until 5 years ago….my parents are there…studied completely at Hyd..moved to Chennai for a job, ended up getting married and settled down here itself!!

        FYI: About 5 days back, all the roadside shops on Pondy Bazar have been shifted to a building opposite Naidu Hall..the place looks so different from daughter actually exclaimed that her “bubbles shop” outside Naidu Hall is gone!

  8. Santulan says:

    You came to Barodaaaa ! 😦 😦 😦

    • R's Mom says:

      yes, and I even thought of contacting you to be honest, but it was horribly hectic…too many neighbours to meet up and they all wanted me to eat Diwali stuff *Rolls eyes* I am planning a trip soon, will keep you posted!

  9. Vidya says:

    Oye, what is that about R’s behaviour?! She was a doll, and was being so nice! Not a single tantrum! How dare you?! But for that note, a super awesome post as ever.

  10. Yay good to have you back . You had an awesome fun break time 🙂

  11. Ashwathy says:

    Ah! What a post! Welcome back madam! 🙂
    Haha R is definitely intent on choking all the kids out of love… quite takes after you doesn’t she? I mean her enthusiasm to life! 😛
    So how was first day at work after such a long break? Painful?

  12. VJ says:

    not fair RM !
    I was in chennai for diwali last year and u dint come !
    and u make that trip exactly a year later !
    not fair at all !

  13. K says:

    Next time inform in advance if you plan to visit either Chennai or Hyderabad, so that I can pass some gifts to R.

  14. Comfy says:

    You did so much and had so much fun in just 10 days? :O

    I need to learn to plan a trip from you, seriously! I want a trip like that too and soon. D where are thou!

  15. Swaram says:

    You met them bloggers and then that nostalgic trip too! Awww what fun 🙂
    Welcome back 😀

  16. Amit says:

    That seems like a super Diwali. 🙂
    I too have a love hate relationship with Chennai. Lived there for 2 years.

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