Crocus 2013 is Here! Rejoice Rejoice!

And Saffron Tree is back with the lovely annual feature of Crocus 2013. The theme this year is migration and exploration.

First their awesome poster.


Then this superb introduction post by Sandhya. (I am a huge fan of Sandhya’s writing and whatever books she recommends :):))

and then there is this lovely post on the earlier books reviewed on migration and exploration in the past by Sathish.

There are the dates and the theme for each day.

Oct 23rd, Day 1: Animal Migration
Oct 24th, Day 2: Nomadic/Tribal expressions
Oct 25th, Day 3: Forced/Voluntary migration
Oct 26th, Day 4: Exploration/Making it home

Let’s travel together this CROCUS!

Do drop in there to learn about some wonderful books on migration and exploration 🙂

PS – I think the only children’s book I read and reviewed on exploration is Excuse Me, Is This India? by Tara Books . So I am pretty excited to get a new set of books to read eh?


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2 Responses to Crocus 2013 is Here! Rejoice Rejoice!

  1. Nidaa says:

    Hey this is awesome… I always think migrants have the most fascinating stories. Surprising perspectives too. How come you get to know of such interesting events?

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