Randomness Returns on Mahalaya

1. RD has registered my cousin and me for the Pune 5 K Charity run. It was a choice between him running and me running. We decided that I will run while he babysits R…waiting to go to Pune now 🙂

2. I wrote an article on IMC and mycity4kids on being polite. Let me know your thoughts..didnt have the time to paste it on my blog

3. Twitter seems crazy to me at times..so many contests, so many opinions and so much information..thoda over dose lagta hai..waise no one asked me to be on it..just saying 🙂

4. Its Navratri from tomorrow. I plan to make one sundal everyday. Will click pics if I can 🙂 also planning for the first time to ‘dress up’ as per the Navratri colours as observed in Maharashtra. But, I dont have those colours and I doubt whether I will have time in the mornings..but going to make an effort. Am I getting older, or what?

5. I want to start learning Carnatic music. Shankar Mahadevan has a large role to play in it. But time ka issue hai 😦

6. I am seriously looking to start a book reading club in the Western suburbs of Mumbai. Most of the awesome activities happen in South Mumbai and we suburbs guys keep getting left out. and honestly going to South Mumbai everytime is not easy. its a full day trip. Is anyone else from North Mumbai interested in setting up a book club or a story telling session or something?

7. I am missing Baroda so so much today. I have no clue whether I will have a chance to go back there, but I am missing the Garba like crazy. At the risk of sounding like a total snob, I am not very comfortable with the garbas done in Bombay. They are very nontraditional and people dont do one step for more than 2 minutes + you have to pay to dance 😦 I am not ready for that yet!

8. Why are all events being reported only on Facebook. Being out of FB means that I am missing out on learning about a lot of events happening round the world and in Mumbai. Which makes me think, should I get back to FB. but I realise, it doesnt matter. The better way is the ask the husband to follow stuff which I want to keep track of. Rule #12053284 of getting married – Follow stuff for your wife on social media

9. I have taken up to reading Malory Towers by Enid Blyton and hope to read St. Clare soon. I think she is very sexist in some of her views, but on second thoughts she belonged to a different era eh? I really really really missed my chance of staying in a hostel. I so wish I had taken up some different course and moved away from parents. RD says it was the best time of his life. AFter reading about the girls in Malory Towers, I know why. Sigh! Life in hindsight eh?

10. Will end with an Rism.

Wednesday, I had to have a bath and told her that a friend of mine had asked her to colour a few sheets nad she would send her a surprise. This is because she never allows me to have a bath otherwise. She agreed to colour while I was having a bath. The brat remembered to keep the paper inside my office bag and tell me about it.

What friend? I said, what surprise, what are you talking about?

Amma, she said in a stern voice, no liesing, if you liesing, God will punishing okay?

Ah well, I agreed to her and then my friend did send across a five star for her.

Hope you have a non liesing weekend 🙂


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16 Responses to Randomness Returns on Mahalaya

  1. Sapna says:

    Hey I am going to be there for the Pune Marathon too 🙂

  2. Pepper says:

    -So interested in the book club RM!
    – Regarding the garba, this year we plan to dress up and go play. It will be after years that I will be doing this. I am sure, the fervor cannot be compared to Baroda, but why do you have to pay? Most building complexes organise one. That’s what we’ll be doing. Get friends, get pretty coloured ghagras and go downstairs at night. Works pretty well.
    – Lastly, Enid Blyton is my favouritest author. She made me fall in love with reading, but cannot deny the fact that she is awfully sexist. Noticed it even during my childhood when I was reading Famous Five. It was evident by the way she spoke about George. Wikipedia also talks about her sexist attitude.

  3. Ashwathy says:

    1. You and running? Er… don’t you need to practice for that? Or did I miss that and you already mentioned that on your blog?
    4. Not really started to observe navratri at all. I need to. What’s the fun of staying here and not absorbing the customs here.
    5. So do I. We are in the same boat.
    7. I want to attend a garba in Gujarat. Been planning for ages, but not happening. Sigh 😦
    9. She is turning into your mother now 🙂

  4. seema3 says:

    no liesing—ahhhhhhhhh, how cute.
    Coming to Pune –u shd totally come to my place to stay..do let me know.
    I remember ur post on how u asked anyone running the marathon to stay at your place 🙂

  5. LOL @ non-liesing. Good you did not liese, and kept up your promise. 😀

    I am missing Ahmedabad like crazy, too, this Navratri. I do so every Navratri. 😦

    Wow! You are setting up a book club? I would love to be part of one. I have never been! No such luck in Bangalore, too. 😦 All the very best… it is a great idea!

    Good luck for the run, too!

  6. Smita says:

    There is so much in this post!!!

    So u r following the color code? White today!!! Red 2moro!!!

    Music? wow!! I am also a Shankar Mahadevan fan but err classical music not my cuppa tea!! DO take out time for it 🙂

    You will be running 5K??? Wanna touch ur feeet!!!!!

    It is navratri!! Yay!! I love this festival and though have neve really played Garba I agree with what u r saying!!! Out here they have made it a business!!! Idiots!!!

    Book Club!!! wow!!! Wud love to be a part of it but…distance!!!

    ANd a hug to R please 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      Wore a white kurta, black salwar and have even a junk jewelery necklace on..my office guys asked me if its my birthday or something gah! but I plan to deck up for the week..even borrowed a saree from my aunt to wear on Friday…ahem ahem 🙂

  7. Deeps says:

    LOL at ‘liesing’! I have to share this with Namnam! She will love R’s coinage 🙂

    You’re finding Enid Blyton sexist :shock:! I used to devour Malory Towers. One of my favourite growing-up reads! Now I need to read it again, maybe I’ll have a different perspective..

    You want to learn carnatic music..go for it, RM! It’s never too late 🙂

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