And the Mythological Quest

…for R continues

So I tell her the stories as told to me in the earlier post’s comments, as we went to see some Ganpatis for viserjan.

Okay, she says, so Ganesh comes for Ganga

Then, Ganesh has two mothers?

RM: Errr..yes?

R: But only one father, Shiv?

RM: errr..yes (wondering where this is going?)

R: Woh kaise, two two wives hai Shiv ko?

RM: Errr…errr…Ask Appa

R is silent for two seconds

R: Amma, I have a question for you?

RM: yaa tell me

R: Then why I have only one mother, why cant I have two mothers like Ganesh..

RM: !!!!!!!!


Then we walk some more…

R: Amma, toh Parvati umachi ka birthday when hai?

RM: Well, its in Navratri I guess

R: hmmmm

After two seconds

R: Then Amma, why Parvati has only 9 days birthday and Ganesh has 10 days, isnt the mother supposed to have more birthdays than the child?

RM: !!!!!!!!


and we walk some more…I am starting to dread these questions honestly…

R: Amma, I have a question for you (Its hilarious when she says it..!)

RM: tell me

R: Then, why Krishna ka that doesnt come for Jamasthami and only matki comes, but Ganesh ka that comes

RM: that??/

R: Arey woh na..face and legs and his body..

RM: you mean statue?

R: yes yes..why that comes and why not for Krishna

RM: Well, Krishna also comes but he was born in mid night na…so thats why

R: Then why not baby Ganesh, why only baby Krishna

RM: Ask Appa

R: hmmmm

again after 2 seconds

R: Then Amma, I have a question

RM: yes

R: Then what time Ganesh was born that he is big and Krishna is baby?



And then there is some more walking going on…I tell her how Ganesh is sent to the sea to go to Mount Kailash to his parents..

R: but Amma, how can he go from sea to Mountain

RM: Because there is a secret passage to do that…

R: okay…

and then, after two seconds *smacks head on wall*

R: but Amma, then how he goes from lake to sea to mountain..(There is a lake near our place where they have viserjan as well!)

RM: !!!


and then…she has one final question…Amma, do you think Ganesh bhagwan is like me?

RM: Why da? why you asking?

R: Because he also likes lungi dance, and balam pichikari and yenda enga porai, like I like..he and me same same liking no?

This is after hearing the procession putting up such songs during procession..


After all these questions, I am honestly exhausted…R needs a more mythologically knowledgeable mother than me 😦


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26 Responses to And the Mythological Quest

  1. Oh at least you know more than me. I love how your defer questions to RD! 😛

    My grandfather was the guru of mythology. If he was still alive would have certainly recommended you dropping in with R to see him. He would have loved it especially as I lost interest once I was able to think critically.

  2. chaitali says:

    Its too hilarious.. All the best RM :-p

  3. Smita says:

    The last one had me in splits!!!! Seriously!!! Tell her lets leave lungi dance and concentrate on Balam Pickhari 😀

    Humare yahan to Chikni Chameli & Mangta hai to aja was being played 😀

    BTW Parvati & Navratri?? errr what connection? Just asking!!! Now don’t say Appa se poochna!! OK?

    And these days my brat is also onto questioning about Krishna & Ganesha!! Though he is yet to reach RM’s level 😀 In fact that day he saw krishnas iamge somewhere while we were driving and he shouted “ayyye woh dekho makhan chor!!” I was like errr ok!!!

  4. I love this girl. Such logical reasoning! 🙂 Give her a big hug from SnS chithi, okay! 😀

  5. OH MY GOD!!!
    Even though these are the funniest Risms ever, she has all the valid questions RM. And to be able to answer her questions you really need Albert Einsteins brain.. sachi..
    You made my day RM 🙂

  6. Nidaa says:

    Exhausting they might be… but makes absolute sense 😀
    You will be glad when shes old enough to read Amar chitra katha

  7. DI says:

    She is hilarious RM! Oh God, she will love you for making note of all this 🙂 I hope you blog about a teenaged R reading this and her reactions!
    Blogs are a big boon. Lovely, lovely post. I like the ‘that’ comes bit! 😀 Your posts make me want Zo to grow up, while otherwise I want to slow time down!

    • R's Mom says:

      yes, blogs are a big boon and I hope to continue writing about the brat’s questions as much as I can..but teenage mein she will spank me rey :):)

      Awww..hugs on the last line

  8. woohoo! Lungi dance and balam pichkari..that’s kids for you with their questions so cute. What were u thinking? lolz

  9. Ashwathy says:

    LOL!! If R ever asks you for two mothers, tell her to speak to Ashwathy aunty who has two mommies herself, and tell her to be happy that thank goodness she has only one!! Managing two makes you go nuts!!

    Hahah! You know, she has a point. Parvati has lesser birthdays than Ganesha eh? Wow, I didn’t know her bday falls during Navratri.

    She is so adorable! Tell her she is exactly like little Ganesha in the sense that she is just as loveable, and brings sunshine and luck to whomsoever’s day she brightens up 🙂 Maybe eventually she will pick up the love for food also! 😀

  10. God this girl is hilarious and I love her more…muahh

    Jeez and to think she has a nut for a mom 😛

  11. Awwww, she is a doll! 🙂

  12. Amit says:

    But you cook such nice stories! What happened to you? Cook one for her with Ganesha doing the lungi dance. 🙂

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