Phew! I am Tired!

Over the weekend, I did so much that I need another weekend now!


  • In the morning, cleaned the kitchen, changing the papers in the shelves and rubbing the dirt with collins!
  • Made dosas for breakfast
  • Went out with RD to do the usual saturday chores of banks and taxes and stuff
  • Dropped the brat to the daycare
  • Came back to grind the soaked moong dal for moong Chilla
  • Made moong Chilla for RD and self
  • Worked on book reviews and stuff for IMC (Check out the next few days, have reviewed children’s books)
  • Again made Adai in the night which meant grinding the maav for that!
  • Watched a bit of TV and went to sleep


  • RD came back with a friend he is training with, so made adais by the millions for everyone and packed for his house as well. Then even made molagapodi for him to carry back home (next time anyone visits me, please tell me you want molagapodi, I have realised that it takes only 15 minutes to make it!!!)
  • Cleaned the house
  • Made dal, rice, beans curry for lunch
  • Cleaned the bathroom
  • Washed R’s hair and my hair (phew!)
  • Pretended to sleep for a while, but the brat just wont let me, so entertained her
  • Made idli maav
  • Decorated R’s activity book, along with R for Janmasthami!
  • Went out in search for peacock feather
  • Got back peacock feather and stuck that + few loose pages which R had torn from her book back to her book
  • Made mamara for the week
  • Kept the veggies/ groceries at their places..
  • And then watched a bit of TV before going to sleep

Darn! called me conceited, but now I am really tired!


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30 Responses to Phew! I am Tired!

  1. Pepper says:

    I ask you once again, how do you have the enthu to do so much?

  2. I so know this feeling. It is always like this for working couples – you have to get your house and yourself in order for the entire week, on weekends. It tires you out so much, and you hardly find time to do anything relaxing or fun over the weekends!

  3. vethal says:

    and I checked facebook and more FB and even more fb .

  4. R family loves moong dal chilla.. hai na ?? 🙂

  5. Take a day off, I say! 😀 😀 And, can you send some podi here for the podi-fellow?! **sheepish grin** Ha ha.. Just kidding! 🙂

    All I can think of doing over the weekend was the mass-cooking for 10 adults and 5 kids (GUESTS!). Thankful that the weekend is over! 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      hehehe Nah! I actually did get bugged..but this guy is actually a didnt mind doing it in the mornings 🙂

      Jeez! 15 people *faints*

  6. dipali says:

    I got tired reading all that!!!!!! Office must seem positively relaxing after that busy weekend!

  7. Richa says:

    after a very long time you have written a weekend chores post…I enjoy reading what you cooked on a Sunday morning, 🙂

  8. Wow…full on weekend! 🙂 Mine was working Sat and bushwalking Sunday followed by a friend’s birthday dinner. And like you, cooking (on Sat night for the week ahead!)

  9. Smita T says:

    Hey what is adai? And as for the podi I want I want

  10. R’s Mom …molaga podi and adai … makes me drool 😦 you being a gujju knows to make everything southie eh ?

  11. Ashwathy says:

    For a change, I enjoyed a quiet weekend 🙂 Hehe

  12. Now reading that make me tired ..mine was super hectic with house getting ready and I have to start packing again..

  13. Sreetama says:

    After a good productive weekend, you are bound to get tired! This Saturday we went to Election Office to know the status of my EPIC (Electors Photo Identity Card – suitable abbreviation ;)) after that we did a bit of shopping & it was so hot & sunny that we went to chill in McDonalds. From there hubby said let’s go to Pizza Hut & have lunch. I refused saying I’m already tired & lunch is cooked at home. He gave me a stern look & said, “Baadme mat bolna main tumko ghumane nahi le jata hu ya bahar nahi khilata hu!” Duh!

  14. Nidaa says:

    Whoa! You are as energetic as a hyperactive 3-year old (This is a compliment :D)
    Happy holiday today!

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