How Daliya (Lapsi, Broken Wheat) Came Into Existence? – Story

Many years ago, the wheat plant was standing in a field, looking all sad with her head down murmuring something to herself.

The farmer, who usually saw the plant always smiling came and asked the plant ‘What happened, wheatie, why do you look so beat?’

Nah! nothing said the wheat plant.

Well, something is wrong, I know that, whats the matter, the farmer insisted on knowing.

Well, you know that these guys are all talking about me?

The farmer asked ‘which guys?’

The wheat plant said ‘you know those guys, the rice plant and those legumes (the toor dal, and the urad dal and all those guys) they are talking behind my back’ Having said this, the wheat plant broke into sobs…boohooohooo

The farmer was taken aback and said ‘Now, now, dont cry, my wheat harvest will get spoilt, tell me whats the problem?’

The wheat plant said ‘you are only worried about the harvest, what about my feelings?’

The farmer replied ‘yes yes, your feelings too dear Wheatie, tell me whats the problem?’

Sniffing away, the wheat plant replied ‘you know all these other stuff…’

What stuff?

Oh the rice and dals, they say that they can be made directly in the pressure cooker and quickly cooked, but look at me, I need to be ground into flour and can be used only in powder form, it takes ages to make a roti in comparison to making rice or dal, booohooohoo..they say that eventually people will stop liking me…sniff, sniff..nobody loves me anymore’

The farmer replied ‘what nonsense, you are favorite among us, you have so much fibre and so good for health and you even can be used to make so many 100s of types of parathas and rotis..why should you feel so bad..and hey, some people have started refining you now and making cakes and breads and what not….why would you worry so much..’

But, but said the wheat plant, no one can pressure cook and make me fast fast…you see the other plants were mentioning how people in the big cities seem to have no time to grind me and then sit and roll out rotis, so they quickly make only rice in the pressure cooker, nobody loves me anymore…

Oh, said the farmer and thought for a while.

Wait, I have an idea…

What idea said the wheat very sadly.

May be, just may be, I can find out a way to pressure cook you as well…

Gah! said the wheat plant, how is that possible?

Well, I can just clean you up, break you into smaller bits, and that’s it. Then you can bepressure cooked without being slimy and sticky. And you can retain all your fibres as well, which are otherwise lost while processing..which means you will be healthier as well…what say? said the farmer excitedly.

Err…you think that’s possible? asked the wheat plant standing up straighter.

Of course, said the farmer, and went about taking the grains and doing exactly that. Then he went home, cooked the broken wheat and tada! it turned out to be perfect.

He came back excitedly and told the wheat plant ‘hey wheatie wheatie, we succeed, you are just perfect..infact you can replace rice any time’

Oh awesome, so what are you calling me broken child, asked the wheat plant..

Ah well, I can call it Daliya, in like with Dal Jaise Liya aur Banaya (Took it like Dal and made it) or I can call it Lapsi (Leke thoda pisa aur banaya – Grind a bit and use it) which one do you like?

Both both, said the wheat plant happily.

And thats how Daliya/Lapsi came into existence.


Told to the 5 year old brat who refused to eat Daliya Khicidi but managed to finish a bowlful while listening to this story!

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30 Responses to How Daliya (Lapsi, Broken Wheat) Came Into Existence? – Story

  1. Santulan says:

    Good good, now if and when I come to your place, I will ask for a story as well. 😛

  2. Tharani says:

    How cute is it to listen to the wheat plant saying gah 🙂 such a sweet story .

  3. vethal says:

    I told you earlier too. Go contact Pratham and tulika . You could be the next author .. awesome man. kitna creative

  4. Can I please come and stay with you for a few days? I love such stories!

  5. Ashwathy says:

    The wheat plant said “gah!” eh? 😛 One of your descendants? :mrgreen:

    Nice bit of inventive story there, BTW!

  6. “GAH! said the wheat plant”….. masterpiece RM!! Woman quit that back breaking job and start writing for kids. You can vacation at my home in CA just like all those hot shot writers 😉

    Ps: you will have to make Bhindi fry for me though.

    • R's Mom says:

      arey long time..where have you disappeared…

      Of course, bhindi fry will always be made..thanks for inviting over yaar..if I ever come to the US (Iss janam mein toh doesnt seem possible!) I will definitely stay at your place

  7. Tanishka says:

    Gosh RM… You really come up with amazing stories to make R eat n get ready 😀

  8. You are a rockstar at story telling 🙂

  9. Loved the story, RM. You are so creative! 🙂

  10. You are too awesome RM I loved that story , I am going to tell this to Chucky ..

  11. Sreetama says:

    Hehehe! Such a nice story! I thoroughly enjoyed it! Wheatie! 😀 Sweety ki behen wheaty! 😉

  12. Amit says:

    Wah! You should compile all your stories in a book. It will help a lot of parents. We don’t have so much brains. 😛

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