The Boy Who Lived’s Birthday Post

I am late, the birthday was yesterday 🙂

For the BEEEG Harry Potter fan that I claim to be, its weird that I have not done a single post on the boy who lived exclusively! Though I changed my header to show my love for him 🙂

I started reading Harry Potter several years ago when the book 1 was released. One of Amma’s friend’s came to know of my love for books and gave me HP 1. I must admit, when I started reading it, the first 10 pages made me feel it would be a boring book,and I read the book just to let Aunty know that I had read it (What if she questioned me on the story, dont laugh okay?) anyways, by the middle of the book, I was hooked. Hooked big time, so much that I finished the rest of the book in one sitting. Lets not talk about how that got on to Amma’s nerves, because I would never answer her questions.

Book 2 I read briefly when I got it from our local library in Baroda. And book 3 was also read just because I wanted to read it.

It was book 4 (Goblet of Fire) which actually made me a Potter fan. Discussing it in the dance class with a girl younger to me, she, telling me titbits about it, about the Quidditch world cup and Triwizard tournament, and then I was hooked. I desperately tried to get the book. I begged, borrowed and finally got it right under the nose of another lady trying to get the book in the library. I was delighted when I read it.

Same with book 5 (Order of the Phoenix). and of course then RD happened and he gave me book 6 and I decided to marry him. Book 7 got realised after I was married, and RD arranged to get it for me the first day it was released (I dont know how much he paid for it, I never asked him eh?) and I started the book at 8 in the night and read through the night to finish it at 5 in the one sitting..RD thought I was mad. I cried, laughed and was delighted to finish the story.

And then I wanted the entire series to read again. So RD got me the books which I didnt have (book 2, 3, 4, 5) for my birthday. And I swore to stay with him in happiness, sickness, health yaada yaada.

Then I discovered Sandhya’s blog. She wrote about each of the book as a part of the HP celebrations last year, and thanks to her, I understood each book better. I re-read the entire collection again for the 6th time and I must admit, every time I read the books, I learn something new. I connect the dots better and I understand the importance of love so much more. I believe in love being the most supreme magic and I learn that its absolutely okay to be ordinary.

So Thank you Sandhya. You have made me re-love a series, which is a part of history for sure.

And my favorite characters.

1 Hermione Granger – She is everything I want to be. She may be known as a know-it-all, but I loved loved the way she has been potrayed. Fiercely loyal to her friends, believing in herself, looking at books for solutions, helping out everyone..she is amazing

2. Luna Lovegood – Sometimes, I feel I am like Luna. A little cut off from the world and having the strangest of dress sense! I loved the fact that she would say the truth not worried about what people would think or believe, she dressed up in sunflower colours and radish ear rings, and most importantly is a loyal friend and amazing person.

3. Neville Longbottom Under estimated, just missed being Harry Potter, I have a bit of Neville in me. The clumsiness, the forgetfulness, I am all that. And yet, as a character he grew so much from book 1 as a bumbling boy to book 7 as the guy who killed Nagini. What a guy! what a guy! (I love the part when Dumbledore tells about him in book 1, that it takes great courage to stand against your enemies, but even greater courage to stand against your friends, those lines give me goosebumps every time I read it!)

4. Ginny Weasley – She is smart, practical, brave, no clingy and of course, Harry’s girlfriend 🙂 I admire her for her courage, her ability to fight against odds, her perservence to practice flying when her brothers werent around, and the fact that she is ready to realise that she needs to let Harry go for his mission. Awesome!

I do like Ron and Harry, as well, but thats after these four.

I cant tell how much I am at awe with JKR. She has created an entire parallel universe. Every question about her creations has an answer, all loose ends are tied, and its its..well…I have no words for my admiration for her. Her imagination is like so so so rich. W.O.W! 

JK Rowling gave me a story, I can re-read 100 times and am really lucky to belong to an era where the books were released 🙂 When and if I become a grandparent, I would love to read out these stories to my grandchildren. But before that, I am waiting for R to be a bit older to introduce her to the world of Harry Potter.


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26 Responses to The Boy Who Lived’s Birthday Post

  1. Wow, you sure do love the HP books a lot! Your love for them comes through so clearly in this post. 🙂

    I have read only the first book out of the series. Couldn’t go further, somehow. Maybe it is time to pick up the series again and give it another shot.

    I love the way the imagination of fantasy authors works, too. To write stories based in the real world is something, but to build an entirely different UNIVERSE with entirely different creatures inhabiting it is something else altogether! Hats off to that ability!

    I wish I could have a similar favourite book or series that I can read and re-read and re-read, time and again, but I don’t. Not that I didn’t love any book enough. It’s just that there is SO MUCH in the world to read and SO LITTLE time to read all of that, that I decide not to re-read a book I have read. There, get me started about books and I cannot shut up! 🙂

    Woah – you have read the entire series 6 times?!!! That is something!

    • R's Mom says:

      oh go and read TGND, you will love it..pakka!

      Seriously, her imagination is awesome!

      I agree on so much in the world to read, and so little time, but but…HP, I can read anytime..again and again

  2. The Bride says:

    My first two character picks are the same as yours in that order, my third would be Ron. I can’t wait for my kids to be old enough to read them too, I think the kids that grew up with them are the luckiest, but we were lucky to be part of it too.

    • R's Mom says:

      Yes, we are definitely lucky 🙂 I though Ron would have been depicted with a little more self confidence…I loved the change in his character in book 7 when he starts to take lead 🙂

  3. Filter Kaapi says:

    Same pinch on Neville Longbottom and that line! Few lines just get etched in your memory, rite?
    Ginny Weasley – Hmmm not that fond of her… okay, she is… Call it jealousy on my part, okie ;)?
    Characterization of Ron was good, was the most humane of all, his jealousy and insecurities, depicted so well!

  4. pixie says:

    Beautiful Tribute!
    I love love all 7 books and think that life’s lessons can be learnt from HP!! 😀
    And I love all the characters you have mentioned too! Luna holds a special place because of the wrackspurts!! 😛

  5. Ashwathy says:

    What a coincidence to read your post on the very day I came across this post. You will love it.


  6. Smita says:

    Eh?? Have read only one book of the series and never understood the madness behind HP!!

  7. Nidaa says:

    Ah the joy of discussing HP with a fellow fan!!!!
    HP is my solace when I am down and it has never failed to motivate!
    “it takes great courage to stand against your enemies, but even greater courage to stand against your friends”- inspiring & one of my fav line… We have no prob in lashing out or saying what we think to our enemies (or not-so-dear ones) but how often we all keep mum for fear of offending/losing friends… Have you noticed the contrast btw prof. lupin & neville here?

    My fav: Ron (I can relate to the insecurities- my friends being more talented & popular), Hermione: (Shes everything I ever wanted to be- her fierce loyalty, thirst for knowledge, photographic memory, logic, reasoning…), Tonks (shes super chilled out love her pink/purple hair), Sirius (I know he has many faults- lov the rebel, rashness, immaturity, mischief).

    Thanks to HP & JKR to show that being ordinary is not just OK, but super-cool!

  8. sandhya says:

    Oh, WOW! I’m feeling honoured, and a wee bit embarrassed, with all the nice things you’ve said about me, RM. Thanks! 🙂

  9. Amit says:

    Loved this post! And thank you again for that Dark Lord tshirt. I wear that regularly. 🙂
    I have never read the books but I love the movies.

  10. Wow, you really do love HP! Okay confession time– I’ve never read a single HP book. I had just turned twenty the year it first came out, used to walk with my nose high up in the air and considered myself too high and mighty to even try reading a ‘children’s book’. The hysteria it generated even amongst grown-ups totally mystified me . But then I happened to watch the first Potter movie when it came out, liked it and wanted to read the books–just that I never got around to reading one. I wish someone would gift me one too, hehehe!!!

    • R's Mom says:

      WHAT!! are you should should should read! I wish I stayed near you, I would have lent you for sure! Ask hubby to give the set of 7 as agreeing to get transferred from Chandigarh to Mumbai gift..what say?

  11. I am a big HP fan (of the books) too! I have literally grown up reading those books! I think I did a post when I watched the last movie:

    For me, Snape is my number 1 favorite character! He has such dark undertones, but yet he is just so very loyal and brave. You wont believe how much I cried when he died in the series. 😀
    Somehow this series makes me believe in goodness and friendship much more than anything else.

  12. telugumom says:

    I have seen the first movie but not any others. I finally made some time to read Harry Potter series and I am loving them. I finished book 1 and currently reading book 2. I should go and read Sandhya’s blog too! Love your header 🙂

  13. aspenlinmer says:

    I totally agree! They are really amazing books and have influenced so many of us in such a positive way. 🙂


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