Around The Work Place

I enter the washroom. There are 12 other ladies there in the morning. I usually avoid going there in the mornings, because most ladies come in straight and start their wash face, make up yaada yaada routine. But I had to pee so went in there. Combed hair and thought will go to the loo, when one mother of 2 year old, sexy figure lady looks at me and say

RM, tu kitni moti ho gayi hai? Ekdum moti, kya kar rahi hai tu.

There is this silence.

I look at her wondering what to say.

She turns to another lady and says ‘Hai na? RM moti ho gayi hai na..uska pet dekh,..kya kuch good news hai kya?’

I look at her, and tell her ‘well, I am happy now a days so its showing?’

She doesnt understand what I say. I dont bother explaining, just enter the loo and pee in peace!

She may have as well an email marked to ALL at work and put up my weight status on the notice board gah!


I have come to the firm conclusion that the chai guy in the office more responsible for the smooth functioning and increased productivity of the workplace than all the management guys put together. We all wait for him with bated breath and as soon as he comes with his cups, he brings more smiles than the smiles in any toothpaste advertisement!


Most people in this firm have been around for years and sometimes the way they behave just irks me so much! I wish I could just write about them, but unfortunately, I dont think I am very anonymous in the blog world, so I will just grin and bear!!


I have totally stagnated work wise. Nothing, I repeat, nothing I am doing is new, challenging or interesting. its the same old story, and its the same old story. God! I need a new job!


People find it really amusing that I have an online library account (Librarywala, incase you are interested!) Tu books kya read karti raheti hai?

Ah well, at least something I have to do na?

There is this guy who sits a little away from me and after breakfast and lunch keeps burping loudly. So loudly that I can hear him most times and honestly it feels pretty gross. I mean, I know burping is a very natural reaction, we all burp, but doing it so loudly in office, somehow makes me go yuck! Well, I shouldnt really complain, who knows 20 years down the line, I will be the loudburpy one eh?


Why do people keep their horrid horrid mobile ringtones at such high volumes at work? Its so bugging. From munni badnam to that really irritating whistle of samsung..ugh! you are silently working and suddenly you hear that irritating whistle or some loud bhakti geet…I mean boss, I know you are dharmic, but dont announce like this!


RD completed 10 years in his firm last week. Personally I think he is now a part of the furniture there. I wont be surprised to see him come home with cowebs all around him *rolls eyes*


I wish I worked for RD’s company. They are one of the most employee friendly firms I know. And his boss! Sigh! He is the best-est..




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38 Responses to Around The Work Place

  1. The Bride says:

    The woman in your first anecdote deserves one tight slap. I liked your response. I don’t know why we feel embarrassed when it is these people who should be embarrassed by their rudeness and shallow thoughts.

    I wish we had a chaiwalla.

  2. Santulan says:

    I am fat. And I have this pet peeve about people discussing my weight. Not that I have an issue with being called fat, it’s just that I KNOW when MY weight increases or decreases. I can feel the clothes become loose or tight. Why don’t you just mind your own weight. I will mind my weight. hmpf.

    Did they give RD some award kya or special token kya? some companies give company watches or vacation trip to celebrate such a long association with the company.

  3. chaitali says:

    Good read..
    I liked the note on RD’s completion of 10 yrs..

  4. Sreetama says:

    Oh RM it feels you have written this post on behalf of me! I can identify with all of them, well most of them.

    1. I have gained weight post marriage & though my frame is the same but my tummy has definitely increased in size. So girls, 2-3 of them keep commenting on it, one of them even said, good news so soon?! 😮 I wished the earth gobbles up! 😦

    2. We are the happiest when our office boy serves tea, period! 😀

    3. People here are mostly new & more or less good apart from some whom I can keep on writing about! 😐

    4. This is my new job so I think it’ll take some more time to feel stagnated but before that I have to start the struggle called job search…

    5. I find it very annoying when people who don’t like to read comment on the habit of reading books. It makes me totally pissed off! Librarywala! Nice, will check out!

    6 & 7. There are similar samples in my office too! Both the previous & the current one.

    9 & 10. 10 years!!! That’s awesome! Best wishes to RD! 😀 How we all wish to work in such a company, especially with such a friendly boss! 🙂 Amen!

    • R's Mom says:

      1. Hugs hugs
      2. Chaiwals rock eh?
      3. lucky you!
      4. Lucky you again 🙂
      5. Librarywala is only in bombay, pune, bangalore!
      10. The guy sure is lucky 🙂

  5. Such amusing snippets, RM! Had fun reading them!

    Gosh, that lady in the washroom – so nosy! You gave her a fitting reply! 🙂

    I wish I could share such snippets from my work life, but since I work from home, I don’t have much to say about office. Also, my work life is practically non-existent these days. 😦

    • R's Mom says:

      I would prefer working from home than getting stuck for 3 hours in the horrid Mumbai traffic 😦

      • @R’s Mom

        It is the same situation here, with the traffic and potholes and the rains. Takes me almost 4 hours to commute to and from office, whenever I go. I prefer working from home to all this, too, but in the comment, I was referring to the loneliness that this sometimes gives rise to. Not to mention a total lack of dressing up, having coffee served to you on a tray, and visitors bugging you one after the other, thinking you are only ‘at home’. 😦

  6. Sumana says:

    RM, really can you change certain people at all??? I have the same loo situation sometimes. I enter the loo, there comes across Madam A, hey are you not hitting the gym these days? No yoga as well??? I feel i need more commitment to these ones then to my own health… Indirect ways of saying you have put on weight…Congrats to RD on completing 10 years.

    Your blog is so informative.. Thanks for the librarywala link.

  7. Jay says:

    Some people are very insensitive.

  8. Smitha says:

    The cheek of that woman! Seriously, she must be so jobless!

    Your chaiwala reminded me of my Ahd office days. We had a pantry and the office boys would bring a steady supply of tea, coffee, bata vada, pav Bhanu, noodles, dhoklas, etc, etc as snacks the whole day! This is apart from lunch, that is. And in those days, I could eat the whole day and yet not put on weight:)

  9. Richa says:

    Hey dear. Do something about it na? Take it in a positive way. Go on regular 20-30 min walks or join a gym. You’ll feel the difference in you and it’ll make you feel happy about yourself. I too try to be regular with my walks but fail mostly. 😦

  10. Swaram says:

    So with u on the ringtone, the burp and those nosy people too 😛
    Congrats to RD 🙂

  11. I don’t understand why people mind thier on business and not give crazy comments like this.

    RD completed 10 years wow that’s an achievement 🙂

  12. telugumom says:

    Some people never change and they never think before they talk. Sigh! That was so insensitive of her.

    Congratulations on RD completing 10 years.

  13. Pepper says:

    That first woman sounds so nasty. Such people get on my nerves. I face enough of this stuff too. Most women flock around me and talk about how thin I am.. and then they say things like how I have not put on weight in so many years, am I sure I am happy? I feel like slapping them..

  14. Ashwathy says:

    I am truly shocked at the rude women’s behaviour. They deserve a good shaking till their teeth rattle. The dumbasses! Hmph! How dare they mess around with my sis?! 😡 Nobody calls my sis moti in public except me :mrgreen: *ducks chappsl thrown by RM*
    Come to think of it, I don’t think I have ever said that to you, have I? It’s not a joke, it’s plain rude. Height of insensitivity! And that too its not even like your close friends or something!

    I am still laughing at the image of RD walking in with cobwebs all around him! 😆 That would be a sight alright!
    Yep, RD’s company is awesome. I agree 🙂

  15. Nidaa says:

    Weight Comment was soooo duhuh- Now I too drag unwilling friends for jogging & exercise. But since they come (albeit grudgingly) i hope that they’re pretending to be annoyed :D.

    I have a reason to await our shy-smiley office boy- its not tea/coffee since i dnt like them. he writes beautiful love poems and recite them when we beg.

    And dont even get me started on burp walas and fart walas. Used to giggle at them in the beginning. But we are mature now.

    Congrats to RD – some stability and commitment!

  16. pixie says:

    omg! How insensitive of her!! You should have told her to mind her own business!! Gah!
    why is this weight thing so important?!! People constantly judge based on weight! No wonder our little girls have body, image and self-esteem issues from a very young age and to no fault of the parents!!

    yuck at the burping! Its disgusting! and the mobile ringtones! And talking loudly! Sigh! People are so self-involved, I guess

    Hugs about the job RM! I hope things get better or you find a better job!

  17. Smita says:

    lol!!! and more!!! I laughed out real lous at RD & Cobwebs 😀 By your definition even I am a furniture 😀

    Moti? hmmmm one ear in other out!!! simble!!!!

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