Of Clothes and Sizes and Stuff

Disclaimer : This is a stupid-just-because-I-am-bored-kind of post..go ahead and read at your own risk.

A Quirky Dresser (I know such a word is not used to describe one self, but hey..thats fine!) Thats me! You can find me wearing the most absurd of clothes, totally not in fashion.

I have only two completely set of salwar-kameez-dupatta in my wardrobe, which I rarely wear. Rest everything is mix and match.

I have 6 salwars (black,white, blue, red, green, brown) colour and I just pick up anything and put on it. I wear formal pant/skirt nad shirts, but thats for meetings or the days I am feeling kind of going to work types. On Fridays, its usually skirts and t shirts, or jeans and t shirts.

Most ladies in my office feel I have a weird sense of dressing. I am so lazy that sometimes I even wear faded clothes to work. And then I get completely different reactions each day I dress. Oh you are looking thin and oh you look fat today. I wear sizes from M to XXL..yes, thats true..the M makes it difficult for me to even breathe, while the XXL is like a tent on me. Sometimes I feel I am a Metamorphmagus. 

Well my hair colour doesnt change, nor does my nose colour (oh actually it does change from black, to red to cream, depending on whether I have a cold or not), but my size seems to wax and vane like the moon!

Anyways, RD on the contrary, is a perfectionist in dressing. You know matching pant and shirt, and yaada yaada…from the top of his head to his shoes its all matching and neat and ironed and stuff.

ME? I wouldnt even iron my clothes if it was not for RD giving them to the ironman.

Its a genetic thing you know. My Appa is known to have gone out to meet people with hawai chappals 🙂 Appa is now a professor and often goes out in t shirts and jeans to take classes..he is pretty cool about his dressing sense and doesnt bother much.

At home, you can find me wearing tattered t shirts and torn pyjamas..RD has to go out and buy stuff for me, and replace them, and then threaten me to change..for me comfort is the most important thing..even more than looking fashionable. I pair up the cottonest of kurtas and the baggiest of salwars and then feel comfortable in them.

I decided one day to deck up to work. So I wore a brown salwar, white kurta and one oxidize neckpiece. I dont own any make up so that was out of question, but I wore kajal. RD wasnt around to see me so there was no critical acclamation! and then

At work, no one noticed. I swear, not one person bothered to tell me I look different. I realised the whole decking up to work is a total waste of time, so I just lost interest the next day 😉

Today, I am wearing a pink T shirt and blue jeans to work. RD left late with R and me today. I change my clothes in a hurry and come out….

RD looks at me, and says hey you look like a college student today.

I look at him skeptically and ask ‘Is the t shirt very light?’

No, rey saachimein you are looking nice

I nod my head.

Waise RM, you have gained some weight havent you, says the man married to me for 7.5 years.

Gah! remind me again, why I cant run behind him with a belan???



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39 Responses to Of Clothes and Sizes and Stuff

  1. Santulan says:

    There is just something absolutely comfortable about old and worn clothes.. they make you feel safe and comfy when you wear them.. Sometimes I ask mom to wash the lungi or PJs 10-12 times so that they don’t feel new, and she just throws them at my face 😦

  2. Lol…I used to be like that…never cared about what I wore and would have to occasionally ask my sister if things matched. I would wear the baggiest of T-shirts growing up and then in college got some friends who were fashion conscious and who recommended wearing shorter tops and the like. And once I lost weight, well my whole style changed and again after having lost weight, it’s changed even more. Having said that, I do like to be in my trackies and a jumper when at home… 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      WHAT? seriously..but I think you are one of the better dressed people I know (from what I see in the pics on the blog 🙂 ) Guess may be it also has got to do with the weight loss thingie 🙂

  3. Wait till R grows up. You will simply drown in all kinds of advice and comments from her. Some of your interesting clothes might even be swiped by her . Enjoy the peace while you can. And trust me, the belan does not help. It’s better to use it to navigate while flying on the broom.

  4. Smitha says:

    Same pinch same pnch:) I’m just like you, I have two complete Salwar suits, a few years old, and I rarely wear them. Most of my things are mix and match and some so faded that even I get embarrassed, sometimes. But they are so so comfortable! I have a pair of jeans that actually tore when I was wearing them. They were just too comfortable to be thrown away.
    But I iron, I love ironing! Atleast RD is conscious between the two of you. Here, husband is worse than me. Which is prob why daughter is not too interested in what she is wearing either:)

  5. RM,
    I can find you tday given the identity , pink tshirt and jeans , a college student getting down at Borivli 🙂

    You can count me in , i got to office almost everyday in unironed clothes , a soo faded tights , as you said comfort is comfort ..nothing else matters

  6. chaitali says:

    Hey i loved this post..

  7. You know what?? I loved the post ‘cos it was like I was writing it! Almost everything you wrote applies to me too – no make-up, M to XXL sizes, limited clothes – everything! High-five, RM! 🙂

  8. LOL @ the last sentence

    In my case, how I dress up depends entirely on my mood. If I am in the mood, I will wear the most faded of clothes and go out or to office. If I am in the mood, I will deck up in all my finery.

    I am not overly conscious of what I wear, but I just prefer looking neat and clean.

  9. Smita says:

    Arrey why run behind him with a belan? Just aim & throw 😀

    I firmly believe in wear what you like!!!
    Deck up for yourself not for others!! Kisi ne dekha to uska bhala nahin dekha to uska nuksaan!
    Be comofrtable & chill!!
    I am very inconsistent in how I dress up. There was a phase when I wud match all my accessories but now I manage to weat something and come out that itself is enough 😉

  10. Swarna says:

    🙂 I enjoyed this post. Even I am not bothered about the attire much as long as it’s comfortable. You seem to be the voice of whole lot of ladies R’s mom…Nice to read you. Have a nice week end.

  11. Sreetama says:

    I love to dress up but in the morning I am hardly enthusiastic to get decked up. Just wear the dress at sigh, wear minimal make up & leave. I don’t even take the pains of ironing clothes unless it is absolutely necessary. In the Delhi metro, the ironed clothes get crumpled & crumpled clothes get fixed! 😀 I generally opt for kurta churidar/kurti or t shirt or shirt with jeans in office. For sari, suits and nice dressy tops I wait for a good occasion.

  12. You are a sweetheart , I don’t care how people dress up but I do notice when some one is kind and good at heart. Reading your blog I know what a sweet person you are, I don’t think rest anything really matters. RD and R sound like soul brothers and I and you are like soul sisters when it comes to dressing ..

  13. My Era says:

    Your post made me feel soooo good RM for I am so very much like you.
    Though my size range isn’t as flexible as yours but still till a few shops are still selling (tents) of my size, I am happy staying comfy, without worrying of fashion 😀

  14. Swaram says:

    for me comfort is the most important thing..even more than looking fashionable. I pair up the cottonest of kurtas and the baggiest of salwars and then feel comfortable in them. – That sounds so much like me RM 😛

    I do wear clean, ironed clothes while heading out but that’s about it 🙂 I take 2 min to get ready 😛 Really 😉 And not owning any make up is so the same here too 😀 Comfort comes first to me too, esp. when am at home 🙂

  15. Ashwathy says:

    I do think it is important to strike a balance between aesthetics and comfort regarding clothes. 🙂 However finding that balance can take some effort. Such effort is usually wasted on ppl like you I m sure! 😛

    P.S.: Not sure why you were disappointed when noone commented you looked dressed up. In my case I dress up because I want to, because it makes me feel good. So its a different kind of a motivation.

  16. Comfy says:

    I live in Jeans and T-shirt. It is like a dress code. No thought required. Pull out a jeans, any t-shirt will do, wear and go. But then again I have been so down in the dumps recently that I have started to care about what I wear. Just the fact that I spend 5 mins thinking about what to wear somehow makes me feel better. Plus, I feel I look good and the thought cheers me up. Also might be the summer factor, once winter comes which is around the corner here, I bet I will be back to my Jeans and T-shirts and life will be back to normal.
    PS: I don’t remember the last time my clothes say an iron. I love Jeans and T-shirts for a reason after all :mrgreen:

  17. Richa says:

    I too hate ironing clothes…M’s office wear go to the ironman (very nice phrase !!)
    I iron only some suits rest I just fold my tees nicely to avoid ironing. My mom has such an obsession with ironing that she even irons pillow cases, cushion covers and last year when I was at her place, she’d even iron my li’l son’s pyjamas.

    I think that it takes a lot of patience to get that crease and fold the clothes in a proper manner… so I never do it.

    But I love dressing up. I like to wear kurtis, leggings, jeans n tees, skirts, and what not. I guess it lifts my mood to wear beauttiful clothes. you can try again.

  18. telugumom says:

    I like wearing the old worn out pajamas, t-shirts and selwars at home. They are just very comfortable. But, when I go out either to work or just an outing, I love to dress up and wear the prettiest of clothes. Although I should say that I am more concerned about my hair looking perfect (which it never is 😦 ) than my dress.

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