Of BowlHoles and Such

I have tons to say but nothing to write about 😦

On that note, let me start composing a post 🙂

1. The potholes in Mumbai now can be extremely proud that they are as large as the holes on RM’s cheeks. Few more days of rains, and they will surpass the size of the cheek holes.

Amma, asked the brat as RD is trying hard to avoid the potholes on our road.

Why they call potholes? usmein kya pots fill karte hain

I crack up, and then very seriously answer, no rey, its just the size of pots no?

Okay, she says.

After a few seconds she says ‘toh amma, woh chote wale kya bowl holes hai’

RD and I are still clucking about it 🙂

For more on potholes, read Smita’s anguished post and Suranga-ji interesting one!


You know the spouse is the laziest guy around!

Here is the background

RD has a lot of office work on Sunday. So he is on his office laptop. I am on the house laptop doing something for IMC. We both are sitting on the dinning table which is a small square thing with four chairs and if we both extend our legs, we can fight for space and if we extend our hands can slap each other, and if we extend our heads can even kiss. The point being, we both are on the computer. I see an email I want him to check.

RM: RD can you just come and check this email

RD: Come, now?

RM: yes now

RD :ARey mere gmail mein forward karna, main check karta hoon


Seriously man, where are we going!


That day, we went to drop the inlaws to VT station. On the way back, we decided to take the only VT Bvr train at 8.45 PM (Its a secret eh?) anyways, as we stood there, dog tired, with R even more tired after walking for what seemed like miles on the VT platform, they announce at 8.42, that the 8.45 train has been cancelled.

Darn! I have never felt so bugged in my life about the trains honestly. We had to catch a train to Bandra, change over and come up. R was exhausted yet the kid trooped most of the way! I had to carry her after a while. Trust me, its no joke carrying a 5 year old up and down the slippery stairs of Mumbai 😦 RD was really sick or he would have done the deed!

I am getting disillusioned with Mumbai 😦


Did the Telegram’s silent demise hurt anyone? Honestly, I havent recieved a SINGLE TELEGRAM (Boohooohooo!) all my life. I have sent two.

1. A congrats message to a cousin who was getting married and Amma Appa asked me to send it across

2. Another congrats message to a cousin who was having his poonal.

But, its weird na how technology as evolved so much! I wonder if someday will come in the future when emails will be a thing of the past!

I read about the Mumbai’ telegraph office etc on Mumbai Mirror on Sunday and felt a sense of nostalgia!

In support of all things old, I wrote two postcards and sent it to the contest I had written about earlier 🙂

What? dont laugh, I do believe to another era eh?



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26 Responses to Of BowlHoles and Such

  1. LoL at bowlholes! 🙂

    Even though I haven’t sent a single telegram, it did make me sad. How technology changes every nano second! Sigh.

  2. LOL @ bowlholes

    Same story with the OH and me. I send e-mails to his Gmail, and he checks them on his laptop when he is sitting 10 steps away from me. 😛

    I did feel a sense of nostalgia too at the demise of the telegram, but then realised that I never really used the service. I haven’t received a single telegram in my life, nor have I ever sent one. The service was long since dead, while we were busy sending e-mails and faxes. That said, the official closing down of the service did make me sad. 😦 Will inland letters and postcards be next, I wonder? 😦 Kudos to you for writing those two postcards!!

    The stress of commuting in a large city does get to you after a while, and you do start getting disillusioned after a while. Speaking from experience. Sometimes, I long for the good ol’ days when I used to stay in Ahmedabad and my office was a 10-minute walk from my house. 😦 In Bangalore, my office takes 1-1/2 hours to reach on the days with minimal traffic. 😦 If I get stuck in traffic or rain, I need to add 45 more minutes – for a one-way commute. 😦

    • R's Mom says:

      Jeez! I though RD was the only one *rolls eyes*

      I hope postcards and inlands dont disappear…guess it will be still a few years before that happens eh?

      I am really getting more and more disillusioned by Bombay 😦 its not just the traffic..or the trains..its everything..darn!

  3. You have a curious kid and intelligent one at that 🙂 Btw what is poonal?

  4. Lol at bowl holes! 😆

    RD’s laziness is probably something most people do now…you know how some people will text members of their own family to let them know to come to the dinner table and stuff. Kinda like that!

    Disillusioned by Bombay? Come to Sydney. {Yes, I know…I won’t quit pestering you about it till you actually come!}

    I don’t think I’ve ever sent or received a telegram. Postcards though I send and receive and continue to do so…love them!

    • R's Mom says:

      hai ma! seriously!

      LOL on Sydney..its a distant dream 🙂

      Postcards are nice na..though I sometimes worry about the privacy in those..what if someone else reads them? I prefer inland letters 🙂

  5. Smita says:

    ha ha ha ha!!! You should have offered to kiss him all the laziness would have vanished in thin air 😀

    Potholes & Mumbai locals!! The less said the better!!! Though latter is not that bad but to get it then to get in & then to get out…welll less said the better!!!

    Telegram?? Huh! Only memory I have is how we were asked to frame them in English classes :-\

  6. Swaram says:

    I love belonging to another era too that way?:P Some of my friends write to me on postcards even now, but same here about telegrams – not sent or received 🙄

    LOL @ bowlholes. Love how creative she is 🙂

  7. Ashwathy says:

    LOL @ bowlholes! 😀 The kid’s got a point, I must say! 😉

    Wow I didn’t know there is a direct train to Bvr from VT?!! Isn’t that like a different line altogether?

    Yeah I know… I felt ancient after knowing that telegram is being shut down. My kids will be knowing telegram as a thing of the past! They are born in the age of laptops and smart phones and internet. It’s a different era. Sigh!

  8. I an laughing loud for bowl hole 🙂

    RD sounds exactly like R interns of sending mail etc.. Is it a guy thing ?

    I never used it but hearing about it makes me sad too, at least we can see we lived in those era 🙂

  9. Sumana says:

    LOL funny bowl holes cannot stop laughing over that. R is really creative. Slowly Post office will become a thing of the past. I was just counting about how much we use it right now and how many times have i been there. Yes, the hubby is lazy as well. Instead of taking a quick look at what i want to show to him at home, i send him an email and he sees it at his convenience and randomly comments on it, by then i have forgotten the topic as well.

  10. Nidaa says:

    Bowl Holes… Gotta love R!
    I was watching a doc on telegram history. Rem in old movies- Postman: “You have a telegram”. Person: “AYYOOOOO”

  11. Tharani says:

    The last telegram we got read, “Mother serious, start immediately” sent by a cousin. Everyone is my family was really really scared and confused not knowing whose mother.. We started immediately and what followed was some tragic incidents 😦
    Lol at bowl holes!

  12. Amit says:

    Haha! Bowlholes! 🙂
    About commuting – I am sitting in a bus for 4 hours everyday. It is a very messy situation for me. All we can do is to move our houses near our offices but that too isn’t always practical. 😦

  13. telugumom says:

    LOL on bowlholes 🙂 How these kids can come up with funny names right?

    Demise of the Telegram was a little disappointing but, I guess it was time to replace the old with the new??

    Sending emails to spouse sitting across from you – don’t worry you are not alone!

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