Dear Mug

You come in all shapes and sizes now a days dont you? From the sleek thin versions to the fat pothai round versions. You can be shaped like a heart or like a bird, or an animal and like anything we wish. You can be so colourful that you can dazzle anyone, and you can have such interesting stuff written on you, that you can be a daily gyan giver. You sometimes have handles while at times you need to be held with both hands cupped together.

In all forms and shapes, you sure are many a people’s most looked-forward-to thing in the morning arent you? You must be so so proud of yourself. Fill in a mugful of coffee, tea or milk and most people will bless you through the day!

Most people have one of you as favorites, but sometimes you are okay with getting shared as well. You create a hole within yourself just to fill in the favorite drink of a person, and you get so blessed.

Whether you are made of ceramic, or glass or even steel, you have a large enough heart to give away every drop of liquid filled in you. You are a perfect example of sharing arent you? And then someone discovered that you are great to make cakes as well.
Arent you the sweetest?

You are ready to hold hot fluids, get spun in the microwave to heat the coffee and milke and even be in there for mover 5 minutes to give people that yummy cake πŸ™‚

You are one of the favorite things which people give as gifts, and often you have such profound stuff written on you, that it makes you sound like a philosopher.

You can be a curio in the showcase, or you can be manhandled by a group of children. You can be someone’s favorite gift, and you can be the elite part of the set taken out only for guests.

You are often mistaken with the mug which is used in the bathroom for having a bath and cleaning the bum. But you are nice. You dont hold any prejudice. You like to be called a mug. and oh you shouldnt be confused with a cup. Because afterall, a cup cant hold as much as a mug eh?

You are a nice thing, dear mug, just teach the brat not to keep breaking you and your friends will ya?

loads of love and mug lover


Read here (Β what I wrote on IMC about how to avoid falling sick in Mumbai Rains πŸ™‚


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20 Responses to Dear Mug

  1. Smita says:

    Errrr My Dear Pencil ki comment copy paste???

    But seriously where do u get such lovely ideas to thank the most mundane but most valuable items from our daily lives???? Very Well written!!!

  2. Vidya says:

    What an ode to the most cherished Mug!

  3. Sweet post once again, RM. πŸ™‚ I am a mug lover, too, though I don’t use one regularly. I rather prefer my tea in a steel davara-tumbler. πŸ˜€

  4. You are the sweetest person, I think I told several times this, it’s so kind of you to thank people are objects which we often ignore thier importance in our life.

  5. vinuswati says:

    Nice one…!!! I had loved your post on pencil and now this is a good one too. What next, the Knife ???

    Meanwhile I am the ghosthunter for your blog πŸ˜‰ I mean those silent readers who don’t comment.

  6. Richa says:

    Dear Pencil & now Dear Mug both have really made me smile. Very very well written. Very nice thought.

  7. Ashwathy says:

    Just yesterday I was watching poor traffic policemen (and women, for that matter) get drenched in the rain and yet perform their duty wearing raincoats. I was just remembering your post on the traffic police. Underestimated!
    Point I was making is that, I end up remembering even such posts of yours! πŸ™‚

  8. Zephyr says:

    WP is not allowing me to comment 😦 Trying one last time.
    Only you could have come up with an ode to the humble mug! Loved it. Hugs, RM πŸ™‚

  9. Sreetama says:

    This is one of the sweetest posts RM! I have so many memories associated with mugs! I just love them! My first mug was a big blue one gifted to me by parents on birthday with the warmest message written on it and started with Dear Daughter. That is still kept, yes, as a curio in the showcase at my home! πŸ™‚ When I visited Delhi the first time, again my parents gifted me a mug for my daily dose of tea/milk/coffee at hostel with the pictures of Disney princesses on it. I consider it as my parents’ blessings to survive in a new city. I still have it! Looks like my in-laws have a special place in their hearts for mugs too. They have created a varied collection of mugs. On my MILs b’day, I gifted her a nicely painted mug which had a beautiful scenery painted on it. My FIL gifted my hubby a Happy Birthday Son mug on his birthday and a beautiful mug for me too for my upcoming birthday! πŸ˜€

    My father has a huge appetite for tea. Though he doesn’t drink multiple cups but the two times intake of tea has to be served in huge mugs! We hardly have any cup at our place now! πŸ˜›

    About the common mistake which u stated here, I have that experience too! Once in college we were discussing what to gift a friend on her birthday, I said what about a mug? Another friend said in surprise? “What? For bathing? The plastic ones?” I still remember and laugh at that!

    P.S: Sorry for the long comment! πŸ˜›

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