Dear Pencil

You are awesome you know. I mean, seriously awesome. The lovely graphite core in a wooden encasing and covered by a myriad of colours. I think you are a very very underestimated tool in today’s world. People talk about thousands of new gadgets which improve human life, yaada yaada, but here you are small, thin, unassuming and yet playing an important role in every child’s life.

I am not sure why children are initially made to write with you and only then with a pen, but as a teacher’s daughter, I can tell you, most teachers believe that writing with a pencil improves a child’s hand writing to a great extent. And of course, you are so so sweet, that you allow your writing to be erased by the eraser and take no offence at all, and just re-write the whole thing eh?

I guess, every child who has held a pencil in hand, knows the joy of a sharpened lead, leading to crisp nice writing on a blank sheet of paper. There are few pleasures in life as great as writing with a sharp pencil on a blank piece of paper. I guess, smelling the mud after first rains is like that eh?

and then you allow yourself to be sharpened again and again and again, losing your height, and yet never ever give up being useful. Thats a great quality. Honestly, if I were in your place, I would have given up, ensured the child holding me had the most horrendous handwriting and just slept in my corner of the compass box. But no, you are the ever enduring one. (sometimes I wonder if the patriarchal society treat women as pencils?)

And ah! the stories you have around you. Gandhiji’s famous story in which he uses you even when you were two inches tall (that small and yet you allowed him to write with you!) and then the lovely scene in 3 Idiots in which Aamir Khan asks the principal why the astronauts didnt take pencils in space. Hilarious no?

And I love the fact that mostly you give out black writing. I love the both black (R cant understand how anyone can like the colour black 🙂 ) and white and you often give that lovely contrast dont you?

You can be used to draw, colour, shade, write, count, chew on and what not.

I think, dear pencil, you are grossly under rated. If I had the finance, I would build a monument in your name.

Always a fan

R’s Mom


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47 Responses to Dear Pencil

  1. Santulan says:

    And poking your friends with a pencil from behind them while you sit in the class, an watch them jump up.

  2. You are absolutely right and you are so sweet to make monument for pencil 🙂

  3. RM.. lovely post 🙂
    I am still a pencil fan.. still use pencil in my office to take notes.. although I use lead pencil and not the “Nataraj” ones (red & black stripes) that we used to buy in school times.. ahh memories 🙂

  4. Such a cute post 🙂 I am a big fan of pencils too,and yes,the joy of writing with a freshly sharpened pencil on a blank sheet,wonderful no!

  5. greenboochi says:

    Lovely post RM 🙂 I so love pencils even now. They are an amicable part of my life.

  6. R how do you even think all this? Its amazing – your thoughts around so many regular stuff in the world which we tend to overlook or just take for granted.

    And thank you for reminding me the beautiful tool pencil and all the memories associated with it. I for one is in love with the crisp – edgy sound it makes on paper.

  7. nurali says:

    Very well said ! I have discovered the most important use of pencil in my professional life – Use pencil to question and comment on reports given to you for checking when you yourself are not sure about what is written is correct or not – It has saved my life by avoiding rubbing off people on wrong side at the same time not making fool of myself !

  8. Smita says:

    Only you can write a love letter to a pencil!!! Honestly, so creative & so apt!

    *pats RM’s back*

  9. summerscript says:

    Have you seen the video of how they make pencils? It is awesome. I love to write with pencils . Nice post 😀

  10. Richa says: nicely written!

  11. Deeps says:

    Amazing, RM, it’s just amazing how you bring even the smallest,the most unassuming of things like a pencil alive so beautifully with your words. You give the concept of imagination a whole new meaning with such posts. Beautiful! You and only you can come up with a post like this 🙂

  12. You are too cute! 😛

  13. Pepper says:

    I love pencils too, RM. I have a whole collection, including colour pencils which I safely keep in a pouch that nobody is allowed to touch.. Although as crazy I am about them, I am also extremely annoyed when I want to write with a pencil and find it blunt – with no sharpener in sight.

  14. Santulan says:

    There is actually a reason why use of pencils is discouraged in space. The pencil shavings, and crumbs from the lead can float in zero gravity, and cling on to expensive/important circuits or machines and cause them to malfunction. It can lead to equipment loss which can lead to damages to the ship and crew with the highest extent being the loss of life.

  15. DI says:

    If you have funds, pass them on to me. I will thank you, the pencil might not. Pah. What priorities people have. 😐

  16. What a sweet post, RM! 🙂 Loved it!

    I agree with what most commentors have said here – you bring to light so many little things, with your letters, that we take for granted. This letter, for instance, is so sweet and so creative!

    As a child, I used to love writing with a pencil, but have never done that after I started using a pen. Now, I hardly use a pen. 😦 I should buy a pencil, I think, just for the simple pleasure of writing with one. Your post inspires me to do so!

  17. pixie says:

    yea.. you are too cute for words!!
    such a sweet lovely post!! I am a huge pencil fan too and make all my lists using one!! 😀

  18. rohini26 says:

    I still love writing with pencils. 🙂

  19. aarya says:

    such a cute homage to a pencil…I remember sharpening the pencils each night while packing my bag and setting them in compass box height-wise and collecting that zig-zag and round left over of pencil sharpening to decorate cards and gift wraps.
    Also when it was too short to use, we would attach a pen cap or old sketch-pen’s body to increase its length…
    ohhh…now I am thinking about sketch-pens 🙂
    and that pencil sharpener that had cute pictures with an eraser on one side and bristles on the other side. Boy, that was luxury 🙂

  20. Nostalgic post RM , took me baack when everyday morning we get ready to school with our mighty weapons sharpened 🙂 😛

    Pencils are too good , but remember the eagerness and curiosity to use pens that we had .. Pencils were considered juniors loking upto pens the seniors 🙂

  21. I still use pencils and it does bring out my best handwriting 😛

    😆 at losing your height 😆 How come you can think so wonderfully eh? any tips?? 🙄

  22. Amit says:

    Very very creative R’s mom. I am proud of you and will gladly make donations for the monument.

  23. anisnest says:

    loved this RM.. how we take advantage of so many simple yet valuable things around us!! I would always prefer a neatly sharpened pencil over a pen.. the sharp tip always gives me that extra happiness 🙂

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