The Thursday Thoughts

1. And I jinxed it again!

Yesterday I wrote about how it doesnt rain the mornings when we set off for school/office ( ..and boy did it rain or what today…I came to work completely drenched..and I was wearing a full sleeve shirt and trouser..
Darn! Darn! Darn! I am a total I have learnt (again!) that I am not going to announce anything to anyone at least not on the blog!

2. I am yet to go to R’s school to meet up with R’s teachers about her syllabus ( have been busy last weekend, and this weekend we may be going out..but I am going to go next weekend for sure! I spoke to Amma in detail about it and she mentioned that when she was the editor for Gujarat board books, the entire group of editors removed such statements from the English books! She told me to click a picture and send it to her..she is going to write to ‘letters to editors’ about it 🙂 Next time her teacher sends that book home I will do that!

3. I always used to wonder if there is something like too much love…I have recently realised there is, and its not too good!

4. Yesterday MIL was telling R a very abridged version of the Ramayana..and then I realised I dont think Rama falls in my category of the ideal man..I mean, seriously man, here is a guy who didnt stand up for his wife, he suspected his wife despite her claiming her innocence..he didnt ask his father why he was being sent for vanvas, he could have talked to Kaikeyi about it no?, he was okay killing Valli on the sly, etc etc…funny, we make Gods comparable to mere mortals..but hey may be thats why they are make us realise that no one is perfect eh?

5. In story, MIL called Sita’s father as Janak Maharaj..and the brat asks her ‘Jana Gana Mana ke wife ka name kya tha’ for a second MIL was flummoxed, only to realise that brat has mis understood Janak Maharaj as Jana Gana Mana!

6. I tried growing my nails some time was a total flop..they used to hurt me, hurt R when I used to help her bath, or sit with her and pat her or whatever!, all the atta used to get stuck, it used to get dirty when I came back home, the subji ka masala would get stuck, yuck! in short, I am not a long nails person!

7. The swimming classes have come to a stand still..its raining too much for us to go to the classes!

8. I am still struggling to find that passion in my life..totally clueless as of now..but guess its fine

9. and to wrap up, came across this really interesting contest via the Pratham blog website (

Who writes in post cards now a days..but I do plan to write for this one..I will never win (not in my wildest dreams) but just for the pleasure of writing on a post card, I am entering it 🙂 Any of you interested?


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22 Responses to The Thursday Thoughts

  1. Santulan says:

    There there, hota hai RM.. HUGS

    If you have changing facilities in office, then keep a set of dry clothes in your office.

    LOL at Jana Gana Mana

  2. Some comments:

    ~ Your mother edited the textbooks for the Gujarat board? Wow! Super impressed!
    ~ Do take those pics and send them to your Amma. Writing letters to the editor can bring such issues before the common public, I have realised through experience.
    ~ LOL @ panvati. Been such a long time since I heard that word.
    ~ Relax. You’re not jinxing yourself or anything. Things happen as they are meant to. We just feel something happened because of us. 🙂
    ~Rama honestly doesn’t fit into my category of an ideal man, too. Talk about that, and my family calls me a revolutionary mind. 😦
    ~ High-five on the short-nails person. I can’t handle long nails too. Everything gets stuck in them, and I can’t type!! 😦
    ~ The contest sounds super interesting. Like you, I would like to take it up just for the simple pleasure of writing on a postcard. But then, there are two things – I have lost my creativity, and I don’t think you can write an entire story on a postcard!!
    ~ ROFL @ Jana gana mana
    ~Oh, yes, there is indeed such a thing as too much love. Too much of anything is bad, and the same goes for love!

    • R's Mom says:

      oh yes she did :):)

      I thought of you when I read the contest..I thought you do these really nice 55-ers dont could send that no?

  3. Sreetama says:

    I so agree with u on Rama not being the ideal man! I am so with u on this! Jana Gana Mana part was too funny! Hugs to cute little R! 😀 Sorry to hear u getting all drenched. 😦 Hope ur cold is cured soon. I had been growing my nails before wedding and as soon as the functions got over I cut them completely. They have grown again and time for a manicure! I have shared the contest link with a friend of mine who is very enthusiastic about writing and loves postcards! She thanks you! 🙂

  4. LoL on Jana Gana Mana! 🙂

    I am a no-long nails person too. I hate to grow it to even a quarter-a-millimeter. When I see the nails a little longer than usual, I don’t care what time of the day it is or what work I am up to; but cut them off completely. I think I got this habit out of the convent-grooming!

    Glad that you are taking up the syllabus issue with the school. You know what? K&K’s school have no books for this year and the next! **Sticks tongue out** They have their assessments next year though. They are assessed for jumping, crawling,creeping, balancing, cycling without side wheels etc! He he! 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      LOL on convent grooming 🙂 you are too cute

      Gah! I am just so actually SnS I am glad they are in such a will make a LOT of difference when they grow older I am sure

  5. Smita says:

    Yay!!! U were drenched!!!! Errrr you can resume swimming lessons in Mumbai ke so many puddles!!! *runs away before RM throws something on me*

    Errr let me finish my comment first!

    Long nails are more of a tension, to maintain them, to keep them clean, nail polish lagao etc short ones are better any day!

    You don’t like lord Ram?? Hmmm I don’t think in finer details like you but I am a Raam Bhakt!!! Simble!!!! Vaise bhi all these lords Ram, Krishna etc led double lifes. They took avataars for a purpose, finished their job and went back to being their original forms so don’t dwell too much on their actions. As was said to Draupadi (she was feeling guilty that she had caused the great war), “don’t repent too much about ur actions, you were sent to these things, you are just an instrument” 😀

    And yes do take out time to take up the book issue!!! Good Luck!

    Too much love ??? How!!! Details please!!!

    Passion??? hmmmmmmm…….Social crusader?

  6. Come on RM.. don’t call yourself pabvati and all..
    LOL on jana gana mana hehehe..
    See if you like to keep long nails, I can give you a very helpful tip. Ask RD to knead the dough & fill the masala in bhindis.. hai na good idea?? I ask my hubby to do this for me.. lol

  7. chattywren says:

    Same pinch on the short nails bit, RM! I just have to cut them short. Schools and teachers inculcate a lot of stereotypes in children – my daughters tell me they play with dolls and the boys with the autos (cars/etc) in school because teacher says so. Great if you can take up the issue, for that matter, even the history we learn is incorrect. Wish you good luck on the contest!

  8. Swaram says:

    Hi5 from another short nails person 😀

    Love the postcard contest idea 🙂

  9. summerscript says:

    I see someone already suggested the idea of changing clothes in office. 🙂 It is so uncomfortable sitting with wet clothes in AC room ! I once got drenched and my body started aching, I went to the washroom and did all kinda gymnastics/asanas to dry out my jeans using that small hand dryer machine.
    Rama asking Sita to leave – never understood , no mater how many reasons you give.
    I cannot grow nails, I will be restless until I cut it.

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