Wednesday Words or Something Like That :)

Smita ( called me yesterday and threatened me with all sorts of stuff if I didnt update the blog..

and since I love her a lot, this absolutely random update is for you 🙂

1. Its raining in Bombay. Whats new eh? But thankfully God has been hearing me and now it doesnt rain heavily in the mornings..only in the evenings! But hey, lets hope I dont jinx it!

2. I have a cold. Horrid cold, and cough and head ache. I went to the parlour on Sunday to apply mehendi (RD was travelling!) and then I got a really really bad cold! Moral of the story – RD is a better bet for mehendi application + I save 150 rs eh?

3. The brat had a major scolding from me day before yesterday for being rude to her grandparents..if there is one thing that irritates the hell out of me is rudeness to elders..She did apologise after I got really bugged at her and yelled at her. I do feel horrid about it, but I think now she understands the difference

4. RD had gone to Chennai and he came back with so much luggage that he had to check in his baggage heheeh 🙂 He got like 100s of stuff for R 😉 and three pjyamas to wear at home for me 🙂

5. I am re-reading Harry Potter again..this time finished book 7 and now going back to book 6..Folks in office feel I need to get my head examined! but I think Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!

6. I did a google hangout session on Sunday and google seems to want to dominate how I want to name from R’s Mom on google, I am RM Mater…(read PG Wodehouse for Mater reference!)

7. I suddenly am missing Baroda like crazy..I want to go back and settle down there…except that both RD and I will be out of jobs!

8. I have discovered twitter via IMC and though I am not super impressed, I like the idea of following people and learning other people’s opinion..but all in all, I think I am more of a blog person than twitter..How can I blabber on with only 160 characters? And honestly, why 160 characters..why not 150 or 170..just curious!

9. R’s daycare teacher has asked us to make her wear shorts under frock and skirts..saying that she doesnt know how to sit properly otherwise. and this is for all girls of her age group in the thoughts about that are a bit her age, does it make a difference? I dont know..any opinions?

10. We got Sandeepa’s (BongMom – interview on IMC yesterday..and we loved her…go check it here (…and check out Trish’s simple but yummy Gajar Halwa here (


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19 Responses to Wednesday Words or Something Like That :)

  1. deepM says:

    I really want to say thanks to smita for threatening you as we all know that we love to read your blogs RM !!

  2. Interesting post! 🙂

    Mehendi is quite cooling. No wonder you caught a cold, what with the rains and all! 🙂 Get well soon!

  3. Smita says:

    yay!!! Thank you !!!!

    1st thing 1st, as far as the day care thing is concerned stop questioning everything. Aaj ke din main age is immaterial so I feel there is no harm in playing safe. And by saying this I don’t mean that clothes make bad things happen but then what is the harm in making her wear shorts?

    I have only read one book from the HP series I dunno what is so good about it! Come on shoot me 😛

    I just now made a call to monsoon God and he has promised that he will make you happy and it will rain 2moro morning as soon as you get out of your home!!! Gaah!!! 😀

    Rudeness is something that is really unacceptable!

    And mehndi in monsoon is like asking for it!! And u not blew 150 bucks but also ended up spending on medicines!!! Shee!!! One installment for that Smart phone is gone!!! 😀

    • R's Mom says:

      I agree..hence gave the shorts today

      And madam, it rained so so badly today, that I was drenched! darn darn darn! I am such a panvati!

      Yes, one installation gone but you have promised to loan me Re.1 per month na?

  4. Sreetama says:

    Hope you get well soon RM! About Harry Potter… I haven’t read the series yet. Can you believe it? I read the first book & asked my father to get the next part. He got me the Goblet of Fire. The reason, it was the fattest so I thought it is the compilation of all the books! Gah! o I read the first book & the 7th book! Due to lack of Flipkart & enough pocket money, I couldn’t read the series ever and none of my friends had them too! 😦 Now am planning to buy a box set! 😀

    Pajamas from Chennai??? 😮

    Get a job in Baroda both of you! Simple! 😀

    About R’s day care suggestion.. errr,,, don’t have much idea what to say but I think it’s a good suggestion. Like in school we were supposed to wear tight shorts for PT days.

    Read Sandeepa’s interview & am planning to buy the book! 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      You SHOULD read HP…Flipkart has some 10% off on Children’s books..go get the set :):)

      R’s school does have tights as a part of the uniform and its compulsory as well!

      well, these are not like salwars, they are PJs you can wear at home 🙂
      if you click through the affiliate link which IMC provided, that would be great 🙂

  5. Ah, it sure is wonderful to see a post from you sitting in my reader. Thanx Smita for giving RM the much needed push!

    I once had a tiff with my younger daughter’s pre-school teacher about this ‘sitting properly’ business. I had blogged about it too. And now here in Mumbai the school my daughters go to prescribes black cycling shorts to be worn under the school-dress. Grrrr. Why not simply make them wear shorts then?

    You know RM, Sandeepa happens to be my bestest friend’s cousin! I saw her interview on Women’s web and thought she looked familiar(I had last seen her twenty years back). Contacted her and found I was right!

    • R's Mom says:

      Yes, I remember reading that post…Even R’s school has black shorts under her dress..sometimes I do wish they have the PT uniform (track pants and T shirts) all 5 would be easier for moms like me 🙂

      AWesome! Thats amazing how the dots connect na..she is a wonderful person..I loved interacting with her when I was contacting her for the interview

  6. Swarna says:

    Moms’ problem…feeling horrid after yelling at the child :)… nice updates.

  7. Swaram says:

    Get well soon RM! Hugs!

  8. anisnest says:

    I make Adi wear shorts under her skirts/jumper so that she will not feel odd while sitting down crossing legs..its better na..
    what you discovered Twitter? which era you are living lady? I know people who live on twitter though I am not much addicted to it.. yeah those 140 or 150 chars are not for us who wants to pour their heart out 🙂

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  10. Sangitha says:

    Ditto on twitter. As for shorts under skirt, I don’t really like it – had never heard of it when I was in school or even after. Apparently, that was gross – was told by one older woman that it was shameless to not wear it under skirts! Yeah, still talking about young kids.

    In our climate, thought hygiene is more important. And if sitting cross legged is such a big thing, why not wear shorts?!

    • R's Mom says:

      Well honestly when I was a kid and wore skirts I dont remember wearing shorts. My only issue is that R is a sweaty child and often wearing shorts just irritates her!

      In her daycare, there is no dress code,but now a days she loves wearing skirts and frocks *rolls eyes* so I guess I do have to give shorts for her to wear underneath them!

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