This Monday Morning….

I am really really upset.

R cried for the FIRST TIME while getting into the school bus saying amma please mereko school nahi jana…I must admit, I was so shocked..because she was nicely talking to till the bus came, and then as soon as it came, she said, I dont want to go and as it came nearer, it became a scream, she shouted, cried, caught my kurta (tore a bit of it as well) crying Amma please amma. I felt horrible..I kept asking her kyun kya hua, but she kept screaming, nahi jana, nahi jana..the aunty in the bus, had to practically pull her up. I kept telling her baby dont cry, she was red, tears pouring down her eyes, and gave me such a pitiful look, I thought my heart would break into a million pieces. Darn! this parenting bit is just not easy.

If she was someone who cried about going to school or daycare, I wouldnt have felt bad. Even on the first day in nursery, she said bye to me pretty nonchalantly and went up the bus without a backward glance. So this was pretty heart breaking.

Sigh! I am not able to concentrate on anything and just keep seeing her face in front of me. and trust me, this is from someone who is not even the maternal types 😦


The rains are pouring and pouring and pouring in Bombay. Saturday and Sunday was completely wet. Monday morning it continued. I keep telling myself to be positive and saying ‘we need the rains, we need the rains, we need the rains’ Its like a continuous chant to myself….


MIL is out of station and today morning I ended up cooking for such a long time that I got into the kitchen at 4.30 and came out only at 6!! not that I cooked a lot..FIL is going to make his own bhaji and rice, and yet, I was cooking and cooking *rolls eyes* Some days can be crazy eh?


RD went for R’s open house at school on Saturday and came back pretty impressed with her teacher! I hope R enjoys her Sr.Kg as much as she enjoyed her Jr. Kg!


They started Hindi alphabets for R (In Sr. KG!! Gasp) she did the first two…

Today in the potty

R: Amma, amrut matlab what?

RM: Guava

R: Aur, aanar matlab

RM: Pomegranate


Aur Amma, aam matlab kya

RM: Mango da

R: Oh toh Aam ko Hindi mein kya bolte hain?

RM: !!!

This, exactly THIS is why I was worried about her language. She gets confused on what is called what in what language!


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43 Responses to This Monday Morning….

  1. Tharani says:

    Ah hugs. May be something happened in school that she doesn’t want to go?? I think chennai is the right place for you. No rains, even if does rain, it is not that much..
    LOL at the language confusion. I am sure she is going to master all the languages pretty soon. Just hang in there πŸ™‚

    • R's Mom says:

      Nah things are absolutely fine now..when I asked, she said ‘aise hi, mujhe cry karne ka tha’ :):)

      I hope she masters it Tharani πŸ™‚

      Nah! I will never settle in Chennai..its too hot πŸ™‚

  2. summerscript says:

    Hope everything is OK at school. May be it was just the weekend+ continuous rain effect .
    She is still very young. So don’t worry about her language. It will be fine. She will do awesome.

  3. Hugs, RM. This too shall pass. I am having a pretty rough day today, too, and keep telling myself the same thing. 😦

    LOL @ the last incident.

  4. I hope everything is ok with R…it is surprising that she cried. Hopefully she’ll be able to tell you the reason. In the mean time, hugs!!!

    Had to laugh at the final bit about language, She’ll probably be all right in a year or so…

  5. Ramya says:

    C’mon RM… You were the one who gave e strength on theju’s first day care day. The same words are still helping me though its been more than a year he is crying… get all your strength… Maybe just the weather is getting her to be cozy with u… Hugs to you… This too shall pass…

    • R's Mom says:

      Thanks for saying that are the second person who has told me that they have got the courage to leave the kiddo at daycare after reading me πŸ™‚ makes me happy πŸ™‚

  6. Swaram says:

    She is the language queen okay? πŸ˜‰
    And hugs, I hope the school thing is sorted out and that it was just a one-off thing.

  7. Smita says:

    Amrut is Nectar or rather immortality. Guava is Amrood!!! πŸ™‚

    I hope she does tell you that suddenly why was she so wary of going to school. And u shud ask me about going to school and crying and all. Today Arnav was saying things which literally meant we are abandoning him by sending him to school!!! SO I can understand where u r coming from!!! *Hugs from one mother to another*

    Cooking from 4:30 to 6? Did u doze off in between? No seriously!

  8. Ashwathy says:

    I repeat, I am NOT going to lecture you about the language confusion R is having πŸ˜› It will take all my determination not to shout at you for this one 😐

    Hmm wonder she all of a sudden got upset. Did you get a chance to ask her once she returned home? Hope she calmed down by then.

    Yea it’s raining like crazy. I am planning to buy a speed boat to save time in reaching office πŸ˜›
    Actually today was not that bad compared to the weekend na….

    • R's Mom says:

      hehheh :):)

      I asked her, she is fine, aise hi ro rahi thi she got up without any probs as usual πŸ™‚

      ITs still raining 😦

  9. Ohmygod RM! This is weird…there was a little boy crying his heart out on my train today, apparently because he didn’t want to go to school (or so his father said). He kept yelling, “NO! NO!” and he was crying so hard, all I wanted to do was pick him up and hug him until he stopped. And then I come home and find your post about R crying. Coincidence, or what?

  10. hitchy says:

    wonder why did the brave girl cry… I m worried till I get to know it was just a silly pang…

  11. The Bride says:

    So happy to hear that it wasn’t anything serious. So hard to know with kids, when to take their drama seriously and when to brush it off.

  12. Filter Kaapi says:

    Aaah good to know that it just a “aise hi” incident…. LOL at the last one… πŸ˜€

  13. Smitha says:

    Hugs! I read this yesterday morning, wanted to call you up, but the day just whizzed past:(

    Anyway, glad to see that she is back to normal. That must have scared you! I know I would be really worried if Daughter did it. So so glad that she is fine!

    Rains, I am with you on that. Its been raining here non stop as well. I yearn for some nice sunny days!

  14. Smitha says:

    Don’t worry about her language, she will be totally fine! She is a superstar!!

  15. Deeps says:

    Hugs RM! Don’t be so hard on yourself! Must have been just one of those days for R when she didnt feel too upbeat about going to school. I am sure she must hv been fine right after seeing her friends and teacher. Wasn’t she?

    Hahaha her language confusion is so funny! She will be fine RM, as she grows, don’t worry πŸ™‚

    • Deeps says:

      In fact I have a feeling she will be a very good linguist, with amazing grasping of different languages

    • R's Mom says:

      She was pretty much fine after the bus went forward..thats what the lady in the bus told me πŸ™‚

      I hope she becomes a linguist, I will give you a big party then okay..its a deal πŸ˜‰

  16. Hugs dear, some days are like that. Just hang in there , if it happens everyday speak to her about it to see if something is bothering her at school. It could be even minor stuff.

    R is learning Hindi already wow it’s awesome. She will learn it , after all she is only 5.

  17. Amit says:

    Oh poor girl. You should have taken one day chutti for her. πŸ˜›

  18. Scribby says:

    why was she crying then? All well ?

  19. Vidya says:

    Hugs! R will manage fine! So tell me, what do you call Aam in Hindi?

  20. anisnest says:

    lol on the Aam.. this girl is chwweettt… give her a big bear hug from me okie?

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