A Quick One I HAD To Write Before I Forgot

R and I are sitting in the BEST bus going to her school bus stop. She is looking around and sees a guy get in. His left hand is in a plaster and he has tied it against his chest.

She smiles at him, he smiles at her.

Amma, she whispers


Mereko ek doubt che


In a very very serious tone she asks me ‘Jin people ka hand aisa tied raheta hai, woh apna bum kaise clean karte hai potty karne ke baad?’ (People whose hands are tied like that, how do they clean their bum after potty)
Jeez! The kind of tensions this girl has!!!


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34 Responses to A Quick One I HAD To Write Before I Forgot

  1. hitchy says:

    ROFL!!!!! a very very logical question…. lol ha ha ha ha… I cant stop laughing

  2. LOL. How very very cute is that!!

    But then, that is a very valid question! 😀

  3. Smita says:

    Ha ha ha ha……reminds me of Auro from Pa!!! 😀

  4. She is my kind of a girl I tell you 😆 :mrgreen:

  5. Smitha says:

    Well, that is a valid concern:) and I have to admit, I used to wonder too:)

  6. Ashwathy says:

    She just proved that she is your daughter!! COMPLETELY!!! 😀 😀 😆 Only you can have such crazy thoughts, and your daughter is beautifully falling into that pattern. The apple does not grow far from the tree eh??!! 😛 HAHAHAH :mrgreen:

  7. Pratiksha says:

    rofl…. the main part is how did u react… 😛

  8. Swaram says:

    Genuine concerns RM 😛 Hugs R 🙂

  9. LOL 🙂 what did you answer her??

  10. Pepper says:

    Lol! She does ask the right questions, doesn’t she? 😀

  11. Varsh says:

    Valid question…I’d be very interested to know your answer 🙂 🙂 😛

  12. anisnest says:

    ROTFL… this girl is so cute.. give her a big bear hug from this massi okie?

  13. Sumana says:

    very basic very practical…

  14. Scribby says:

    me likes me likes me likes R kutty!!!!! How logical these girls are, nai? btw what did you tell her, I want to know 😉

  15. Vidya says:

    What an observation! It is all about priorities methinks;) R definitely has her mommy’s genes!

  16. kash says:

    hahaha..ROFL ! but thats one valid question.. wish i were there to witness both of yours expressions 😀

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