Dear Rains of Bombay

Yes are back with a bang arent you!

Much needed, much looked forward for, much in demand and you are the toast of the town and the apple of the eye. You know you are a much awaited celebrity and you sure have announced your arrival with a flourish that few can match.

I know the world cannot function without rains and as a student of science and a woman who uses water on daily basis I know even I cant function without you. For the past seven monsoons I have tried to develop a love-like relationship with you, but we both have our own hang ups eh? We both dont seem to like each other very much.

I promise you, dear rains, that I have tried hard, very very very hard to like you, love you, look forward to you, listening to people call you romantic, etc etc..but I admit with despair that I am a worthless cause. However hard people try to convert me, I seem to disappoint them. I confess, dear rains, I dont like you one bit.

I have tried to associate you with the long rides of bikes with a loved one,
I have tried to associate you with hot chai and yummy spicy hot bhajiyas,
I have tried to associate you with watching from a window listening to your pitter patter,
I have tried to associate you with sitting on a rocking chair, under a blanket with a loved one

and etc etc…but sorry! I still dont think I like you too so sorry about it.

For the next three months, the world will see an irritated RM, bugged RM, an RM’s whose mood will be plummeting like the price of crude oil during the economic downturn!

I wish……

I so wish, that the city of Mumbai would a bit more prepared to welcome you!

I wish the roads didnt get flooded even before you came once

I wish the public transport was strong enough to resist your downpour

I wish the trains didnt run late and the ricks didnt stop working

I wish the clothes dried by themselves without issues

I wish I could blink my eyes and reach my office without wetting my entire dress and sitting in office with wet clothes

I wish I had the insight to carry an extra pair of clothes with me

I wish I had the brains to buy a raincoat instead of suffering under an umbrella which is actually of NO USE!

but most of all, I so so wish, I learnt to fall in love with you.

Your completely wet



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38 Responses to Dear Rains of Bombay

  1. pixie says:

    oh oh!! Hugs RM!!
    I hope y ou get thru this Rainy season with drier clothes and working autos!! πŸ™‚

  2. Santulan says:

    err. as a kid I enjoyed Rains in Bombay because of the chhutis we would get πŸ™‚

    But for the working adults, it was like you/

  3. I hate Bombay rains. Always associated with something negative. The first rains were good and that was about it. Until something is done about the infrastructure, I doubt I’ll ever appreciate the rains.

  4. DI says:

    I love rains πŸ˜€ Thankfully unless I am in a traffic jam in the middle of the city, I usually don’t complain against rains and completely romanticize it!
    Some day you will too RM, you will too. Till then let me go make my monsoon playlist and start working! πŸ˜€

  5. Sweet letter. RM! πŸ™‚

    I love the rains. Make that LOVE. In spite of all the negativity associated with them. And, Bangalore being Bangalore, it rains most part of the year.

  6. PNA says:

    Oh my dear Rm… and I sit her in the dryness of my room… looking out of the window, the romantic you mentioned, listening to the pitter patter, just gazing outside… hee hee…
    But I do wish Bby was in a better position to receive the rains.. and this time it just came unannouced and so suddenly… poor us, poor bby…

  7. Deeps says:

    Ayyyooo I so wish too, RM, that you fall in love with rains! Its a wonderful feeling, really! πŸ˜€

  8. Filter Kaapi says:

    I love rains *biig pause* when I’m besides the window πŸ˜‰ Keep a spare clothing at work, okie? Erm.. and also some polythene bags to take the wet clothes back!

  9. Pachi says:

    You just described me during the monsoon. πŸ™‚
    Oh btw, I use a raincoat and wish I would have bought an umbrella πŸ™‚

  10. Smita says:

    ha ha ha ha you when it started pouring I remembered you & had even thought of messaging you but couldn’t what with Arnav’s first day in school & all. Rains are really too much this time. Last year it didn’t rain much but this time they have arrived with a bang!!!

    And you know what, aaj hi when we were on our way to office I was so bloody irritated with the govt ki I cannot tell you. Just 2 months before the rains start they have dug up the highway! I mean everyone knows how badly it rains here and if they want they can plan things properly and start either just after rains of in Dec-Jan but no they thrive by harrassing junta!!! Buggers!!! Today there was so much traffic on Thane Belapur Highway that the 1/2 hr journey took 2-2.5 hrs. Can u beat that?

    I feel rains are always good but it is the lack of basic infrastructure that really creates the problem. They don’t just let you enjoy the rain!

    • R's Mom says:

      I hope Arnav had a great day at school though :):)

      Jeez! 2.5 hours..crazy crazy crazy..yes the Thane Belapur highway is not in a very good shape!

  11. Hugs RM ….I hope u start having a better relation with the rains…… But rains in India are a nuisance…….or should I say it is the infrastructure which makes the rains such a burden on regular people….

  12. Varsh says:

    I agree with you…but luckily I can enjoy all the romantic and nice things associated with rains as of now…hot cuppa tea with pakoras and all….:-)
    No matter what they say our city’s never prepared. Today A reached office by 12 and was irritated coz he missed some important deadlines. 😦
    Hope you don’t get too angry or irritated. We love this RM you know. All the best! πŸ˜€

  13. Smitha says:

    Hugs,RM!!! I hate Mumbai rains too. I have had horrible experiences in the Mumbai rains. I actually like rains only if I have to be home, nice and dry:) I hate the constant wet, and the dirt that gets dragged indoors… I sound so horrible:) Here’s to you getting through the rains quickly.

  14. Ashwathy says:

    It’s less about the rains and more about Mumbai’s inability to handle the rains that make it difficult, don’t you think?

  15. Hugs dear RM, I hope this season goes quickly for you.

  16. Amit says:

    I fear rains in cities in India. Not only they bring huge traffic jams but numerous diseases too. It is a pity that we have distorted nature to such an extent.

  17. Scribby says:

    I think city in real sense is prepared for rains, ever! 😦

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