The Kilometre Long Conversation on Mythology

Disclaimer – Read at your own risk..its LOOONNNGGG!

Amma, asked the brat, as I make her bournvita, is it raining today?

No, but its pretty cloudy. I hope it rains (Dont faint with shock, I havent started loving the rains, I have matured enough to realise its a necessity!) we need the water

R: But Amma, why God not givofying rains to sab ko

RM: Well God has just started giving the rains takes come from clouds ke upar se and then come down

R: hmmm

Sitting on chair looking out of the French window, she sips her milk and says


RM: yes

R: Amma, which God is giving rain

RM: All Gods give rains beta

R: oh okay

after 2 seconds


RM: yes

R: Why God can dekhofy us and we can not dekhofy God

RM: thats because God is God and God is everywhere. You cant see God but you can feel God na…lets say in your heartbeat

R: Acha…mere heart mein kaunse God hai

RM: sab God

R: but mereko aaj kal Hanuman God aache lagte hain

RM: Toh you have Hanuman in your heart

R: okay

Again after 2 seconds


RM: bolo

R: yeh Hanuman (u)maachi ke wife ka naam kya hai

RM: errr…well, I dont think he is married

R: Kyun

RM: He didnt find a girl to marry?

R: shaking her head knowingly..acha

R: Aammmaaa-aa

RM: bolo

R: Suraj umachi ke wife ka naam kya hai

*Darn, who told her about wives and husbands ufff!*

RM: I dont know beta, I dont think he is married

R: Kyun

RM: Errr…

Acha abhi you sit on the potty chalo chalo

R: Then we can gossip on potty seat

*Rolls eyes* yes yes chalo

On the potty seat


RM: yes yes

R: Mere heart mein hanuman hai, aapke heart mein kaun hai

RM: Sab bhagwan

R: But aapka favorite kaun hai?

RM: No one

R: no no no you have to tell..kaun hai bolo bolo

RM: Ah well. lets say, Saraswati bhagwan

R: girl hai aapki favorite, toh meri favorite parvati hai

RM: great, abhi potty karo

R: Hanuman ke Amma kaun hai

RM: Anjani

R: Mere daycare mein bhi hai Anjani..main usko Anju bulati chu

RM: Great

R: Aur Hanuman ke appa ka naam

RM: errr…errrr..errr

MIL: Vayu bhagwan, wind God

R: Aur Parvati ke Appa ka naam

RM: Himalaya

R: Mummy ka naam

RM looks at MIL for help. She smiles and shrugs

RM: Google karke shyaam ko batati hoon

R: Google ko pata hai

RM: Hopefully

R: Google aapka friend hai

RM bursts out laughing..yes yes mera friend hai

R: toh usko ask karo ke Shiva ke amma ka name kya hai?

RM: okay, but I dont think Shiva had parents, woh aise hi aa gaye the

R looks at me in wonderment

aise hi? wow..ekdum smart hai na

yes darling..abhi potty karo and lets go..

R: you asking google and telling me in shyam na

RM: yes yes

And thus ended the conversation yesterday. I swear keeping up with R’s questions is going to drive me crazy soon…this sudden interest in mythology, ammas and appas and wives and husbands is going to drive me crazier..

Just for the information – Parvati’s mom’s name is apparently Mena, the daughter of Mount Meru as per my friend Google 🙂



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55 Responses to The Kilometre Long Conversation on Mythology

  1. Santulan says:

    Hahahaha.. This reminds me of the Bournvita Lil Champs TV ad which has Kajol and the inquisitive kid in it… Aapne dekha hai kya?

  2. deepM says:

    “Mere ko aaj kal hanuman God ache lagte hai”

    Shooo cute.. I used to like Hanuman god too when i was small girl like R. 🙂

    Google is surely our friend RM.. R is absolutely right!

  3. chaitali says:

    LOL!!! It brought laughter with that innocent Q&A session

  4. DI says:

    She said ‘Gossip’! Abbah!
    I am WAITING for such questions RM 🙂 Zo restricts herself to ‘What eez thish?” every 10 second currently 😉
    Adorable doubts, hehe, family matters of the Gods!

    • R's Mom says:

      her school teacher used that word once to describe to me that ‘all these children are too busy gossiping to eat their tiffins 🙂 she heard it and has used it often

      Errr…R was in this ‘hey kaai e, te kaai ee’ phase when she was of Zo’s age eh 🙂

    • Swaram says:

      Awww I so want to meet Zo soon 🙂

  5. Filter Kaapi says:

    This one was a laugh riot!
    Aah as luck would have it, you got all the tough questions :P! Rama and Krishna would have been easier…
    Never knew about Parvati’s parents!

  6. chattywren says:

    Hilarious convo! My kids now tell me to look on google for stuff I don’t know!

  7. garima says:

    Hahaha Rofling holding my stomach,what a way to start the day..
    RM aapne bataya nahi Google aapka friend hai..when I come to Mumbai please mujhe bhi apne friend se meet karana ok 🙂

  8. Smitha says:

    Lol! R is such a sweetheart! She is such a curious child! And yes, our friend Google is very, very helpful in such scenarios:)

    Btw, I love it that I can read you first thing in the morning, again:) I missed that when we were in India:)

  9. Sreetama says:

    ROFL at givofy! 😀 Bows down to R’s questions! Mythology seriously baffles me! Well apparently in Hinduism, Rain God is Varun. Hanuman is the epitome of bachelorhood. Research is going on or (may be proved) to know whether he is/was(?) a homosexual. Many of the mothers abstain their sons to worship Hanuman when they reach the marriageable age as they might also remain a bachelor forever. Sun probably didn’t marry but he had affair with Kunti and Karna is their son. I am unaware of Shiva Parvati’s lineage but Parvati had a family who disowned her after she got married to Shiva for the anger of which he took the avatar of Nataraja & danced to destruction. That’s why Shiva is the famous & most desired husband ever, giving rise to the concept of worshipping Shiva on Shivaratri so that girls can get husbands like him. I wish he wasn’t stoned! :/

    This is what my little knowledge says, I may be wrong but blame it to my mom, grand parents & the books I’ve read so far!

  10. Deeps says:

    HAHAHAHA!! Loved loved loved this conversation!

    R is such a bundle of joy, really! If I can laugh so much all the while just reading her conversation with you, can only imagine what a treat it will be when I actually get to hear her talk. Make it happen soon, RM! I so want to meet your darling kutty! 🙂

  11. LoL!!
    Aammmaaaa-aa…. hhahahaha 🙂

  12. SG says:

    What a sweetheart she is!!Here is what ‘my friend’ wikipedia had to say about Surya’s wives- ..he had three apparently (or four- if Chaya is considered to be an entity by herself)

  13. Deepika says:

    R is a budding star RM…
    God bless we have google 🙂
    Nice post…
    Lots of love to R ….

  14. Reema Sahay says:

    Such cute conversation 🙂 Enjoyed it thoroughly. Of course, the one who goes through does not enjoy so much at that time, but it would make you smile so many times later, hai na?

  15. Ashwathy says:

    What a conversation to have potty with!! 😛 🙄 Sigh!

    BTW wasn’t Karna in Mahabharata the son of Suraj? I think so. You could tell her Kunti is his wife. OK so that isn’t technically correct since it was more like one-night stand. 😛 Never mind!

  16. LOL. So cute!

    Thank God we have Google! 🙂 (Pun intended)

  17. Swaram says:

    LOL I love her 🙂 Am making a trip to Mumbai soon atleast to listen to her qs if not anything else 😉

  18. Preeti says:

    That is super cute 🙂

  19. Varsh says:

    There’s something mystifying about Gods I think. Every God has a different form, different reason, different relation, different appearance. Kids find that both baffling and amazing. No wonder they’ll ask us more and more about them. 😛
    I can so relate to this! My son is one question bank, I tell you. He has a question on everything. Why are both Shiva and Krishna blue? If Krishna’s blue then why is he not Shiva’s son? If God can give us rain then why is it so hot in summer? Phew!! 😦
    One day he asked me if Ganesha was his friend. I said yes. He said he’ll go to Ganesha’s house to play with him like to goes to his friend’s place. Guess what? He made me take him to a nearby temple. 🙂

  20. 😆 😆 I can’t ever have enough of R. I so hope she doesn’t outgrow this KBC wala avataar of her’s 😛

  21. LOL R is super smart, looks like she knows more about mythology than me .

  22. telugumom says:

    Loved her questions 🙂 🙂 I am going to bookmark this post so that when Sarath asks me questions about mythology, I can come here to find some answers 🙂

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