That Road Trip We Took…

….RD,…was sure fun.

I repeat I am not a fun travel person, and I dislike sitting in the confines of the car..but the trip to took to Goa to pick up R..


I guess, I have never enjoyed a road trip with you so much as I did that day.

When I am 60 and fighting with you on which set of dentures is mine, I hope to read this post and give you the dentures which you want πŸ™‚
I had fun…

1. Singing alongside with you in our besura voices whether it was the Kishore Lata romantic songs, or the new age Radha teri chunneri πŸ™‚ Whether it was ‘tumhi din dhale tumhi din chadhi’ or ‘dooriyan’ whether it was ‘o mere sona rey’ or ‘country roads take me home’..whether it was ‘words’ or it was ‘aaja rey aaja rey, sun le pukar dagariya’ We both are equally besura but we sure are great partners in singing alongwith the singer eh?

2. Eating the banana chips you got for me from work so that I dont feel too hungry

3. Teaching you about photosynthesis and how a mule is a cross between a horse and a donkey. (you dont remember class 5 stuff gah! *sticks tongue out*)

4. With you commenting on the numerous horses we saw at Nippani, saying ‘aisa lag raha hai ke apan Spain mein hai’ and me saying ‘Spain nahi to Nippani sahi ;)’

5. Trying to get a hotel room at Kolhapur at 11 in the night

6. Teasing you about getting a non AC room

7. Getting bugged at you about the time I spent getting Devi’s darshan at Kolhapur

8. Remembering our fight from the last trip but unfortunately neither of us remembered WHY we fought gah!*Growing older arent we?*

9. Worrying about the return trip when we anticipated loads of traffic while entering Mumbai

10. Having that iced tea at McDs for the first time in my life and not liking it so much πŸ™‚

11. Running behind you to get a signature for the petrol on your card and you signing it and THEN telling me ‘tu bhi sign kar sakti thi’ gah!

12. Cribbing about the entry tax into Goa

13. Looking at the green ghats and brown fields, high mountains and deep valleys, small huts and large trucks…

14. Getting bugged at you for vetoing the name Naisargi…baap rey, yeh kaisa naam hai, you said and I said ‘yeh bahut acha naam hai’ gah!

15. Learning more about how to be professional from you

16. Discussing the Indian politics, the social situation, the family gossip and Harry Potter πŸ™‚

17. Pulling your leg about being cheap and filling a lot of petrol as soon as you entered Goa πŸ™‚

18. Most of all, congratulating each other for NOT HAVING FOUGHT with each other for 3 days in a row..THIS is a record isnt it?

It was fun RD. I dont promise that I will be so good in a trip ever again, but we can surely try one more if you want πŸ™‚ as long as you promise to drive all the way again.

Published again for the Indiblogger Ambipur – The Perfect Road Trip Contest. Check out Ambipur’s facebook page here


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28 Responses to That Road Trip We Took…

  1. Santulan says:

    Ahh.. this is such a mushy waala post.. Little bits that sprout love in the lives of RM and RD πŸ™‚

    Wait, no beer in Goa?

  2. chaitali says:

    Its awesome to visit the ghats during raining season.. gr8 that u guys enjoyed ur trip…
    Goa is the only state in india with petrol price less than deisel.. and regarding entry tax its too bit high.. though the decision has been taken to generate revenue due to closure of mining industry..

  3. LOL. You guys sure are cute! πŸ™‚

    All you needed was a romantic trip alone – just the two of you – to bring back the bubbly you! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  4. Swaram says:

    Oh how I wish we both could have met up in Goa – would have been awesome πŸ™‚
    Nonetheless, glad u had a great road trip πŸ™‚

  5. Smita says:

    lol!! U guys surely had fun πŸ˜€

    U know I love Mc D’s Iced tea!!!

    So u also crossed Navi Mumbai and still didn’t think of calling me? huh!!!

  6. Awww RM… You both are so cute. Here is for many more road trips with RD with lots of fight that you will forget immediately πŸ™‚

  7. Chaitra says:

    Fun times πŸ™‚ here’s wishing u many more :D..
    Btw I so love ur style of writing.. keep rocking RM..!!

  8. Ashwathy says:

    Road trip to Goa!! Wow! πŸ™‚ Nice!

    Thanks – you gave me one more thing to finish in my to-do list! πŸ˜€

  9. Roads trips are fun I am telling you, just came back from one. You and RD are so so cute couple πŸ™‚

  10. pixie says:

    awww! Such a mushy and sweet post!! Made me smile!
    So glad to know you enjoyed your road trip!! πŸ™‚

  11. anisnest says:

    woww.. that sounds like an awesome trip..

  12. Nidaa says:

    Its Awww all the way

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