Buoyancy and Marriage Vows

RD asks me to jump into the pool from the side and just let my body be. In the past I struggle to come up breathless, spluttering water, opening my mouth and struggling to get out of water.

No said RD, just relax…jump and let the buoyancy do its work.

Easy for him to say that, I think, he has gills inside his nose.

But when you are married to a guy for 7 years, you learn to trust him a teeny weeny bit.

Next time just let go, trust me he says.

heheheheh! reminded me of some romantic movie when the guy tells the girl to let go or something like that.

Anyways, so I jump in. and remember RD’s instructions..and just let go.

and I come out. All by myself. I dont splutter, I dont struggle and I am breathing normally.

NOW I know how Archimedes felt eh?

How was it, the gilled man asks me.

Awesome I reply grinning like the cat who swallowed the canary.

I am going to do it again..and I go again, and again and again.

Everytime I come up, its feels like a miracle. Its awesome.

Try it without the float says RD.

Errr…I know I should trust the guy, but hey, my trust has its limits.

Trust me, he says looking into my spectacled eyes.

Darn! I should stop watching these romantic movies.

I trust him, remove the float, take a deep breath, and JUMP.

AND I COME UP AGAIN..Awesome I say again.

there is an old gentleman, watching RD and I celebrate my discovery of buoyancy and he smiles at both of us with the all knowing look 🙂

I think marriage vows should be re-written.

In Sickness, In Health and In Buoyancy!

Have a buoyant week ahead 🙂


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45 Responses to Buoyancy and Marriage Vows

  1. Sreetama says:

    Wow! Super awesome! RD is sure the gill man! 😀 (Damn, can’t think of any famous swimmer at the moment & too lazy to google! 😦 :P) But you get my point na! And kudos to you for trusting him and going ahead and emerging successful! Awesome similes (Archimedes and cat who swallowed the canary!) Wishing you a super buoyant week too! 🙂

  2. pixie says:

    haha!! 😀
    I want to do that too!! To float without worrying!! 😀

  3. chattywren says:

    Super RM, the earlier you can let go of the float, the quicker you will get confident. I’ve been one clinger to it, so it took me a long time. And if you are enjoying it, that is half-done. Good Luck!

  4. LOL. You’re too funny, RM!
    BTW, those instances ARE romantic! 😉

  5. hahaha…such a cute post 🙂

  6. What a super cute post, RM, and how lucky of you to have a personal swimming instructor in RD! LOL at him looking into your bespectacled eyes and telling you to let go–hehehe!!

  7. Congratulations ! Now again together with R !

  8. sandhya says:

    🙂 Only you could come up with this. Pun intended! 😀

  9. anonymous says:

    Just love the way you play with words 🙂 its pleasure reading your posts !!!!

  10. Archana says:

    Hahahaha!! Congratulations – I could only float and could barely swim! You inspire me to try more 😀

  11. Filter Kaapi says:

    Someone is super smitten, I say 😉

  12. Richa says:

    (In R’s style)

    Mereko bhi swimming seekhne ko hai RM!! 😉

  13. Zephyr says:

    Perfect marriage vows, RM. Trust is the keyword in any marriage, but of course, the spouse one trusts needs to be trustworthy. Good for you, RD is just that 🙂

  14. Smita says:

    This is what is known as putting faith!!

    Vaise jab shaadi ke 7 fere lete pe trust kar liya this is to small thing 😉

  15. My Era says:

    Wow! another step towards success and see that swimsuit is coming to good use 🙂
    Trust, trust and you’ll be a Mermaid soon 😉

  16. anisnest says:

    eggjactly how I felt when I learned to float minus the husband’s help… 🙂

  17. Maddie says:

    Funny and romantic never felt this good huh? 🙂

  18. Scribby says:

    all I can say is marriage vows should be re-written 😀

  19. Smitha says:

    You are the cutest!! I want to learn swimming properly. I did some years ago, but haven’t done much since. Maybe this summer, fingers crossed.

  20. Santulan says:

    Well whoever said that love is all about drowning, you can now tell them it is also about floating 😛

  21. Deeps says:

    Hahaha! That was the cutest post! Yes, in sickness, in health, in buoyancy indeed 😀

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