Just Like That

– I can flap my arms around to save myself from drowning..despite of all the knowledge RD gives me about buoyancy and our body will remain afloat, yaada yaada…I dont seem to trust the guy too much..I mean, just because he swims like a fish, I cant grow gills over night can I?

– Its fun to jump in the water…no wonder R did it 20 times…I did it 10 times and then realised people were wondering who is whose mom *rolls eyes*

– RD says ‘close your mouth and swim’ Gah! easy for him to say that…he doesnt have a nose as big as mine…mine are shaped like an hippo on top of a rhino…water just walks in easily eh?

– Punctuality – its a virtue I think, every mumbaikar seems to lack..then how can we complain our 6.22 local comes in at 6.30! we went for a 14 year old’s birthday party…we were called between 12.30 and 1..RD was sure no one would be there, but I insisted and we reached at 12.55..(I was bugged at RD for being late) only to realise it was only the birthday boy and his mother 😦 no one landed up before 2..honestly, what are we teaching our kids..being late is okay????

– I managed to do Chakrasana that day at the Yoga class..I think I looked like the cat who swallowed a canary! albeit upside down!

– I have discovered the new word in comfort..there is this skirt like thing which is actually a pant (R says it looks like a dhoti!) which I got for 299 Rs at Spencers…I think they are a million times more comfortable than jeans…
Amma says she has seen a lot of foreigners wear it in Goa! I love love love them…I got so enthused buying them, that I have four of them now!

– I have been painting..a LOT of T shirts! Will request RD to accommodate some photography in his tight schedule *rolls eyes* and put them up on the blog!

– On Friday, RD got some exotic breads like masala bread, garlic bread, olive bread…The guy sure knows the way to my heart is through bakery products…We have some really yummmmmm sandwiches!

– R got her results on Friday..she did well…the teacher said it was a pleasure to have her in the class and she didnt make a single mistake in her rhymes, in her numbers, english writing, story telling yaada yaada..in short, she is turning out to be RD’s daughter!

– Someone told me the other day while I was sitting with R ‘She looks exactly like your husband’ I replied ‘Thank God for that eh?’


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43 Responses to Just Like That

  1. LOL @ hippo on top of a rhino. Same story here. 🙂

    I have seen those comfy pants you are talking about, too, but somehow I didn’t like the look of them. 😦 The OH didn’t, too. I am sure they must be quite comfy, but they didn’t look too appealing to us. Don’t hit us – but we call them ‘duck pants’. 😀

    Wow @ exotic bakery breads. I love experimenting with different types of bread, too. 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      Errr..Amma called them lungis..so no hitting…they are super comfy..and with a big bum like mine, they look pretty decent too 😉 I pair them off with T shirts 🙂

      Its the first time RD and I ate such lovely breads at home..they do cost a bomb though!

  2. Prachi says:

    ROFL on growing gillls…:-)
    Would love to see your painted t-shirts.
    Congrats and love to R for her brilliant result..!!

    My swimming update: I was able to complete one full length of pool yesterday, not completely comfirtable but managed somehow. now is the most difficult part – practice, practice and more practice…!!!

  3. Oh, and yes, people being late everywhere bugs me to no end, too. I mean, it is ok under certain circumstances, but not all the time. 😦 Sadly, no one in India – except a few losers like me – seem to take time seriously.

  4. Ashwathy says:

    RD says ‘close your mouth and swim’ Gah! easy for him to say that…he doesnt have a nose as big as mine…mine are shaped like an hippo on top of a rhino…water just walks in easily eh?
    Chill. Anyone learning new stuff will take time. It doesn’t matter what the size of your nose is 😛

    – I have discovered the new word in comfort..there is this skirt like thing which is actually a pant (R says it looks like a dhoti!) which I got for 299 Rs at Spencers…
    Now what IS this stuff? I am intrigued!

    U managed the chakrasana?? Wow!! Glad to know you are persisting and haven’t quit.

    Haha so you are a bakery person eh? 😀 Me too!! *same pinch*!

    Someone told me the other day while I was sitting with R ‘She looks exactly like your husband’ I replied ‘Thank God for that eh?’
    Hahah! 😀 And this is why I love you! Muah!

    • R's Mom says:

      I agree it takes time..but the size of the nose definitely matters gah!

      Arey, I will click a picture and show it!


      Total Bakery person 🙂

      Muah to you too

  5. The Bride says:

    Geez, arriving at 2. I would have been royally pissed if I was the host and struck those people off my list forever. Poor birthday boy! Or didn’t they mind?

    That dhoti thing, there is a cool word for it, but can’t remember now. Somebody help!

    And hello, you were quite the academic genius also no?

    • R's Mom says:

      I know..the poor bday boy..he didnt say anything…the worst was that it was in a thali place and the owner of the hotel was so bugged because he had to keep asking customers to go away because this was pre booked :(:(

      I am going to click a picture and show..then perhaps you can get me the word 🙂

      Errr…I was, but she definitely has got RD’s genes 😉

  6. Smita says:

    hehehehe…swimming away to glory eh? U wait n watch in a year am joining you!!! 😀

    And those pants? When u r getting those T shirst clicked get the pants also clicked and mail them to me….I need something lose to wear, it is so damn hot!!!!! Are we in Mumbai or Delhi is my question!

    Punctuality according to majority of Indians is a highly over rated virtue Madam!!!

    Pat on R’s back for the wonderful result!!!

    And yoga woga going good? waah waah!!! A thump on ur back 😛

    • R's Mom says:

      no I am not swimming away to glory rey…I just did two days..its only weekends I guess..

      Yes yes…I will ask RD to click a pic!

      Pat will be passed..

      yes Yoga is going on well 🙂

  7. Santulan says:

    OOOhhhhh.. Tee shirts… 😛

    I am yet to learn how to swim.. I have been delaying it un necessarily.. I am afraid tht kabhi flood aa gaya I will drown

  8. chipmunk says:

    he he!! you are learning swimming!! I must give yu biggg hug and squeeze you 🙂 its gr8 to learn eh!!! you will get gills once you learn them completely!!
    the dress u mentioning is Divided skirts I think, just check it 🙂

  9. Sumana says:

    RM, do you have to be so humble. R is like you and RD atleast that is what i feeling reading your blogs.What is that hippo on a rhino had a hearty laugh… These days I have decided for myself that i should go late especially for bday parties. No matter what time you reach cake cutting starts an hour after that.

  10. ashreyamom says:

    lol on the last statement.. so both u guys are back to swimming.. good.. are those pants called as jodhpuri pants.. seeing it everywhere in malls now a days.. still thinking if i have to try them.. :).. so R is moving to next class.. great na..

  11. I am with you on those pants – Harem pants, are they?

    Oh about punctuality – don’t get me started RM. There was one place we went to for a get-together dinner at 6:55. The dinner was supposed to be at 7. The couple that hosted were so surprised and said – “arey! Aap log aagaye? Already? We thought people will come at 8 and so said 7.”
    We were like “Dude! You say 7, we come at 7. If you want us to come at 8, say 8” 😛 We were not in any hurry whatsoever but still….

    I haven’t had olive bread. But I tried a simple baguette with olive oil as the dip – amazing I tell ya! (I you are crazy about olive oil and the various grades). I love masala bread and garlic bread 🙂

  12. Tharani says:

    You inspire me to hit the swimming pool again..
    And and and you can do Chakrasana, wow RM, you are super. My hands don’t get past my ears when I bend backward 😦 😦

  13. Ah swimming…gotta love it!

    PIcs of the t-shirts soon please! And one of the pants too…I can’t seem to visualise it!

    Yay for being able to do Chakrasana…I used to love that!

    Good on R for doing well. Though I still can’t get over the fact that she has exams!

    Oh and the punctuality thing, don’t even get me started on it. I’ve always been punctual even in Bombay and it would shit me that I was always the first to arrive at things!!!

    • R's Mom says:

      yes yes…I will click the pics and put them up!

      She has ahem *assessments * heheehhehe 🙂

      Mumbaikars and punctuality are two parallel lines never intersecting eh?

  14. Scribby says:

    Such a lovely post RM, such a funny, happy and honest one this 🙂 Feels at home after a long time reading your blog 🙂 🙂

    P.S. Hippos on top of Rhino? *rolls on the floor*

    P.P.S. Yoga? Swimming? Are you kind of aiming to disappear?

    Muwah Soul sister, hugs!

  15. Swimming seems to be the priority these days, I am glad you and R ate doing it together. I am waiting for it to get warm here to visit pool..

    R is a sweetheart just like her mom and dad, very proud moment it is 🙂

  16. anisnest says:

    cool.. it took a while for me to let go too RM but believe me the joy of floating is amazing.. trust me, let go and enjoy the floating moment… kudos for the yoga.. keep up with that okie? and yeahhh to R’s marks.. hugs and muah to her..

  17. techie2mom says:

    Hey RM, i too have a veeeeeeeerryyyyyyy biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig nose ( and i mean it physically 🙂 )
    Glad to know you continued to learn swim and both you and R are enjoying now!!
    Wow!! Chakrasan!! i could get in that pose only with some support from the instructor!! If he decided to let me go then i’ll be hung into that position till i collapsed breaking a bone or 2 😦
    Yaay to R!! After all the pain (and worries) you took about her exam, she managed great!!!
    Hugs to both of you…

  18. kash says:

    haha..lol at the swimmimg lessons .can totally relate to them .
    And those pants are called pallazos, roomy , comfortable and look like skirts..quiet a rage these days.

    • R's Mom says:

      Oh thanks for telling me the name of those pants…RD always calls them Dhoti Pants 🙂

      • kash says:

        Ah well i should have checked the pics before commenting*sorry sorry*.Well RD is right , those are indeed dhoti pants and i dont think there is an english word for them coz even the fashion bloggers refer to them as dhoti pants.Since u mentioned that they look like a skirt , i said palazzos(they look exactly like a skirt but actually are pants ) , which you MUST try since you like wearing skirts.I’m sure you’ll rock them 🙂

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