What do you want to be when you grow up asked Grandpa

I want to be nobody said the little girl

What will you do when you grow up asked Grandma

I will be nobody and will do nothing answered the little girl

Dont you want to conquer the world asked uncle

No, I dont want to conquer the world, I want to be nobody when I grow up

Will you not earn a lot of money and become a rich person asked aunty

No, I will be nobody

Dont you want to become famous asked akka

No, I want to be no body

Why do you want to be no body asked everyone in the family

Because I am happy to be no body and nobody has expectations from nobody.


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40 Responses to NoBody

  1. Santulan says:

    As the saying goes, Nobody’s perfect

  2. Aww! Don’t know what to say…maybe the child has had to face one question too many about what she’s going to do when she grows up and this was her way of protesting.

    You know RM, I have actually ended up being a nobody and it is true enough that nobody has any expectations from a nobody–but I cannot honestly say that I am happy being a nobody. I so want to be a somebody…

    • R's Mom says:

      Its fiction darling πŸ™‚

      you are not a are one of my favorite bloggers, a smart feminist, a lovely person and a wife to a great guy, a mother to two adorable daughters..and a friend who just moved to Bombay..need I say more?

  3. Anshul says:

    Joining the gang of Nobody…count me in….

  4. Tharani says:

    Now who is that little girl????

  5. Smita T says:


  6. Deeps says:

    Honestly, RM, cant decide whether to feel sad or positive about this girl 😦

  7. Smita says:

    So simple and yet so very satisfying! Childhood is so very simple and honest!

  8. Sreetama says:

    Hain? What happened? Btw, if you become nobody, you’ll be perfect coz nobody is perfect! Eventually you’ll become Rajnikanth coz Rajnikanth is perfect! πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

  9. Did you really make that up all by yourself? 😯 RM you are in the wrong office I tell ya….you were meant to share the dinner table with the likes of J K Rowling πŸ™‚

  10. metherebel says:

    Ah…the pleasure of being a nobody. Lovely lines RM πŸ™‚

    A fellow nobody.

  11. Ramya says:

    Conversation with R? She has already learnt not to expect anything from anybody πŸ™‚ Great πŸ™‚

  12. So beautiful this is RM πŸ™‚ Profound actually.

  13. Filter Kaapi says:

    πŸ™‚ Clever little girl πŸ˜‰

  14. anisnest says:

    nobody is great na… it would be an ideal world if nobody has expectations on nobody.. good thinking RM πŸ™‚

  15. ashreyamom says:

    nice.. reminds of the new caryons/paints advt. not getting the name of it.. they say u r next Picasso.. then correct saying ur next verendra..

  16. Comfy says:

    I want to be nobody too. Then I can sleep all day and do nothing! Alas they made me somebody and gave to all the work that nobody wants to do πŸ˜₯

  17. Loved every bit if it..

  18. Amit says:

    I remember a saying – You are unique like everyone else. πŸ™‚

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