What Do You Do…

…when you drop off the daughter to the summer camp and are stuck with thousands of boring bank job 😦 Finish the boring jobs and go with your husband to Mainland China for the first time and have a super duper wonderful lunch…it was awesome…and they even gave us complimentary dessert of honey noodles and vanilla icecream (Dear R of 18 when you read this post, I apologise in advance..I promise to give you thousands of honeyed noodles and vanilla ice creams in the days to come 🙂 )


…when you remember you had to meet up with a friend…message her, she says yes immediately and you arrange to meet for dinner of pani puri, sev puri, dosas and sambhar!

…when the husband manages to forget to put in SIX packets of milk inside the fridge in the night…make paneer and rasagullas out of it…but they come out so misshapen that the brat refuses to eat them, and the husband says they remind of rasagullas for the diabetics, lesser sugar…and of course, you forget to offer it to the friends because you are busy chatting…gah!

….when you think there is excess of sambhar in the house..do a classic RM, bring out the hot sambhar with oil hands, drop them straight down on the floor, paint the walls with a new colour coat, ensure there is enough sambhar in RD’s clothes and on his hair, and also ensure the new sofa set get a kala (brown?) tikka, AND your friend’s jeans are splattered as well…He needs to remember you FOREVER doesnt he..gah! I Sambharofied the Entire House + RD + Sofa + Self + Some parts of a friend + the floor…
………when you get upset on Sunday morning about a relative not visiting you despite promising? you go to another relative’s house and spend the day there enjoying like crazy!

….with left over pani puris..have them for dinner the next day 😉

Hope everyone had a good weekend 🙂


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44 Responses to What Do You Do…

  1. Deeps says:

    Lol!! Very smart you are, huh, RM!! You assumed that R would be reading this post only by the timeshe is 18? What if she reads it when she is 10 and demands to be treated to a thousand honey noodles and vanilla ice creams?? Bolo bolo! 😀 😀
    And I loved the term you coined- ‘sambharofied’! Rofl!!

  2. Sumana says:

    Lovely. Did you real do that? I mean with oily hands and the sambar bowl???

  3. LOL @ sambharofied. I have done that quite a few times, with everything from ketchup bottles to hair oil. 🙂

    Mainland China is awesome, no? I love the food there. Yummylicious!

    I would love to have a dinner of chaat + dosas + sambar. 😀

  4. Smita says:

    So u had a good nd messy weekend? Mine was spent travelling and recovering from travelling 😉

  5. Filter Kaapi says:

    You surely had a rocking weekend..!! Im jealous…

    R, when you read this post, pleaaase make your Amma feel guilty, okie?? In return. I will give you honeyed noodles and vanilla ice cream, it is a deal okie ;)?

  6. Smita T says:

    Mainland China… I am jealous… I love that place… honey noodles and ice-cream isnt it divine….

    U have made me drool over ur blog… pani puri… havent had one in over a month… missing mumbai 😦

    And how could you… all that awesome sambhar… and that lovely sofa…. uff you na…

  7. Santulan says:

    Mainland China offers such awesome food 🙂 Their dimsums are to die for.. and Crispy potatoes with honey… haaaye.. Wahaan AUr kya khaya Tha? What is that wonderful looking drink in your glass?

    How long will R be away? SUmmer camp kahaan hai? I hope she has loads of fun..

    Umm. hot sambhar bath? If I visit your house, I will get up when you bring the sambhar 😛

    • R's Mom says:

      Err..koi toh bhi mocktail rey…I dont remember the name 🙂

      R’s summer camp is at the daycare only between 9 and 12 hehehe 🙂 She is too young to send her away eh?

  8. rajk says:

    Loved this!! THe more I read your blog…the more I feel like meeting you in person! BTW, I totally identify with “you forget to offer it to the friends because you are busy chatting…”!! Been there, done that!

  9. Ashwathy says:

    Hahahah…..!! You sambharofied the entire house + RD + R + your friend + the sofa + the floor + the walls???? 😆 That’s so typical of you. straight out of a tom and jerry cartoon show! 😛
    Thank you so much… I needed that laugh. Was having such a bad day, I tell you!

    On a more serious note, good luck cleaning it up! I m sure it must have been a helluva task.

    You had food from Mainland China for the FIRST time? 😯 Omg!! It used to be hubby and my favourite destination for Chinese when we used to live at Bandra. It’s totally yum!! And the service is good too. 🙂 But these days we have generally cut down on outside food so its a bit reduced.

  10. Reema Sahay says:

    Looks like you had a fun weekend 🙂 barring the sambhar-incident!

  11. metherebel says:

    I so wish you had posted a sambharofied picture 😀

  12. techie2mom says:

    Wow!!! Great Weekend!! and your weekend food trails are rocking…never mind the Sambharofying 😉 BTW it could have happened to me as well.. I too am expert at dropping things hence my family calls my hands Tootela haath (broken hands) 🙄
    When you get broken Rasgullas, make Rasgulla kheer by making Basudi and then dropping Gullas into it (Says Auntie Manjula from Manjula’s Kitchen)….
    I can have Pani puris for lunch, dinner, breakfast, basically anytime 🙂

  13. I live mainland china too. lol on the sambar incident 🙂 happens baby …

  14. anisnest says:

    I envy your weekends RM.. esp. after sitting inside four walls for more than 2 months now I so want to get out and see the world.. hopefully soon I will pulambify about not being able to laze arounnd at home.. such is life na?

  15. Sreetama says:

    I laughed on Monday morning at your sambhar’s expense! 😛 The picture made me drool and don’t feel guilty! R had her own share of fun in the summer camp! So what was the reaction of RD, R and your friend?

  16. ashreyamom says:

    hmmm eventful weekend.. so it was happy cleaning also.. 🙂

  17. And I don’t think there is anything wrong in spending some me or us or husband and wife time, infact I found it so romantic :). I m fond of mainand china too :). Being such a good mom even when not necessary i m very sure or will make this up for R.

    LOL at the sambhar story, happened something similar with me while I was churning palak in my mixer and the cover just blew off making most of the kitchen green. But got to know another side of the better half that day, I never thought he will take up the cleaning task with me with equal enthusiasm leaving his match midway.

  18. Pepper says:

    Now how did you manage to get sambhar all over the place? How can you sambharofy the entire house eh?

    Sounds like a delicious weekend RM. Just like most other weekends of yours.

    • R's Mom says:

      Gah! its a gift you see..when certain friends come and you want to feed them piping hot sambhar and hot hot dosas, AND you dont want them to get up to get the sambhar and decide to be the perfect host, the darn sambhar falls from your hand..gah!

      Thankfully the white shirt wearing friend was sitting far away ehhehehe 🙂

  19. Amit says:

    I can’t believe you did the Sambhar thing!!!!

  20. dipali55 says:

    You do live:) Pity about the sambhar:(

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