lady in  a blue shirt, oversized goggles and a big big boat bag…please decide if you want to stand in the left line in the train or right cant occupy one and then make your enormous bag occupy the other side…by the time you get off at Andheri, I am sure your bag will crumble into a million pieces..and no, I havent been pushing you…there are 100s of people, in the train in the morning..dont stare at me as if I am a bad smell under your nose!

college girl who got into a crowded train yesterday evening with her 10-11 year old brother…please note that you had no right to call that aunty ‘ridiculous lady‘ when she was trying to push into the is a crowded train and you are travelling at peak time..what did you expect?? and no your brother was not THAT young that you had to scream that you had a child with you…puhleaze! even your brother was embarrassed by your behaviour..and honestly, that lady was old enough to be your could you call her ridiculous..and she was just trying to help you get off at the next stop by moving in…I wish she had just stood there and not let you get off!

rickshaw drivers of Andheri East..honestly…I have given up hope on you 😦

ladies working in airline companies as air hostesses...I salute you and really respect you from the bottom of my heart…I cant imagine EVER to be so impeccably dressed in that crowded train and getting off at Andheri without even moving a hair from your head..HOW do you do it? I get off the train and look as if I have just come up from playing a rugby match with a team of baboons…I am really at awe at you people!

girl wearing the polka dot sleeveless shirt, red nailpaints and pink looked really pretty today 🙂

aunty in a chic cotton black and white saree with peppery grey hair and white pearls…looking at  you made my day today :):)

R…I know Appa is a bit disappointed..but its okay if you dont want to go into the water and learn swimming..may be after a couple of years??? you and I will learn it together okay? Just pray to God that Amma fits into that expensive swimsuit after 2 years okie?

blog…I have realised whenever I put up something on that blog..I never take it from now onwards, I am going to censor my thoughts and will write about it only AFTER I am successful..not before that 🙂


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51 Responses to Dear…

  1. techie2mom says:

    “rugby match with a team of baboons” that was hilarious!!!
    People on train can at times become obnoxious…Effect of less infrastructure and more people…
    But then you get to see a lot of interesting things and people by travelling on trains…
    Hmmm…if R doesn’t want to swim now, there is not point pushing, she won’t enjoy. I think it’s a wise decision on your part. But why did you stop? You can take R along with you to pool, she can watch you learn and hence get motivated to learn herself…
    Hope you are less busy now and we will see more posts from you. I love reading your posts everyday. you know that, right?

    • R's Mom says:

      Yaa, but that girl seemed really rude 😦

      I am not going to push R, RD is a bit disappointed, but theek hai, lets see..may be you are right, I should go along and then see if she seems interested 🙂

      Thanks for the last para…love you 🙂

  2. chipmunk says:

    though it was a post that comes after a big gap, it was nice to read and certain points got me laughter, I loved the Airhostess point, he he baboons is something too funny 🙂 🙂 people at times speak hell out of them in irritation but they never feel for that, certain people inspite of being a stone thrown at them, still remains calm and do only good. I hope at least that rock hard girl feel the act of guilt towards her behaviour towards the good hearted lady.

    Having that huge bag and she wants to stand there with out disturbing!!! woaaah bestest comedy ever in Bombay trains 🙂 🙂 you would have recommended to sit on top of the train den 😀 😀 😀

  3. ashreyamom says:

    air-hostess.. seriously are super humans na.. trying to look good, being patient, fluent with few languages etc etc.. dont worry R will start liking water again.. :). cotton saree, n getting out of local train in good condition is dream for me.. :).

  4. Ashwathy says:

    Rugby match with baboons! Hehehe 😀 And I can imagine you winning that one as well coz you won’t let the other side win!!

    Why would air hostesses be on the train, that too in uniform (assuming that’s how you recognized them)? Thought they would be prefer to travel by more upgraded means of transport. Anyway kudos to them if they actually managed it with their hair intact!

    • R's Mom says:

      Of course I will win the match, otherwise how will I look like that eh?

      Err…RD told me the same thing..he said they must be ground staff and not air hostesses..whatever? They dress PERFECT!

  5. Prachi says:

    Gud Read RM…I like your “Dear…” series.
    Hey, but what is this..?? Please try to continue swimming na…
    Don’t pressurize R, she is so young, but you can try…no..???

    You know, I completed one lap today from deep end towards shallow end….!! It was awesome..!!
    (while trying for second one, I messed up and came out with the support of a long bamboo from my coach…)

  6. Smita T says:

    Hey dont give up on swimming yet… its fun… once u overcome the fear of letting go…. thats the hardest part… I learnt swimming in a group of 6 ladies from the age group pf 27-37… one of them used to stand with her hands in front of her for atleast an hour everyday, but finally at the end of 15 days, she could muster the courage to leave the floor and float, this is from a girl who was so scared of water that she did not even take showers… dont leave it…

    I love ur these train observations… makes me nostalgic 🙂

  7. arey R is not going to swimming anymore.. kya yaar..
    you should really put a kala tikka on each & every post of yours but don’t censor your thoughts please 🙂

  8. chaitali says:

    why do u need to censor ur thoughts?? i ddint gt what ur trying to say..
    anyways its a nice post:)

  9. Scribby says:

    the last point, huh! That happens to me a lot !! Whenever I say something about my future plans or decide upon something that I’m going to do in future I never get to do it 😦

  10. Santulan says:

    Arre RM, you must have looked pretty as well.. Thoda bahut baal yahaan waahaan ho gaye honge.. You can call it the out of the bed train look.

    You didn’t write about what you had worn..

    And hopefully the swimsuit won’t be your size, you will have to buy a smaller one 😀

  11. Sweet letters. 🙂

    Loved the one about the lady in the chic black-and-white saree and the girl in the polka-dotted sleeveless top.

    I have wondered the very same thing about air hostesses, too. They look so unruffled even after they put up with some really BS behaviour from some passengers, too! A lot of people think they have the best jobs in the world, but it cannot be easy every day, dealing with such baboons!

    LOL @ your letter to R. Why didn’t you continue with the swimming re? 😦

  12. sudhagee says:

    Dear RM, Do keep writing. An notification about your new blog posts always brightens my day. I may not always comment, but I always read. I love your posts. 🙂

  13. metherebel says:

    I trust only you to come up with a post like this! You seem very observant of the people you travel with 🙂

  14. R’s mom… reading ur blog brought a smile on my face!

  15. crunch says:

    Swimming is like going to the gym R’s mom 🙂 It’s so hard to continue the first few weeks. But if you break the first 2 or 3 weeks threshold, you’ll be in love with it if you love being in the water, that is. Especially when you feel like you just got out of a rugby match with baboons 🙂 Good luck! I loved the post.

  16. Gayatri says:

    If R doesn’t want to go swimming, then no point in forcing her..But, if you take her regularly to the pool infact with a friend or a “didi/bhaiya” who can swim, it might be an incentive. Laziness and a few other things made us delay taking our child to the pool (here you can see even months-old babies in the pool enjoying themselves!). When he saw one his “heroes” swim in deep end, he just wanted to follow him.
    On an aside, Rs750 for swimsuit is not expensive. You are overdoing the kanjoos act!:). You should look at the amounts spent here with respect to what you get in the name of the swimsuit or any other clothes for that matter. What you described sounds like a burkha in comparison:).
    If you have started learning please don’t stop altogether(unless you don’t have time to spare). Take it slow but continue. I’m sure you will enjoy the exercise and it also doesnt make you sweaty!
    Good luck

    • R's Mom says:

      Well there was a guy who became friends with her and even encouraged her..but he didnt come the next day :(:(

      LOL on the kanjoos hehehehe :):) and burkha :):)

      I will start tomorrow least on Saturdays and Sundays I definitely plan to go 🙂

  17. Gayatri says:

    PS: If you can please blog daily. It brings cheer to my day to see a new post specially the “Dear..” series ones.

  18. anisnest says:

    I felt like reading a typical RM’s style post after a long time 🙂 🙂 Swimming takes time for few kids so ask appa to take it easy.. after all she will definitely learn someday is she wants to.. It took a while for Adi too..

  19. raji says:

    Dear R’s mom,
    I am not a big commenter, but I go at least 3-4 times a day to check on your post. Let me tell you something that you already should know, your posts bring on smile and cheer to many many people. It is like walking out of the door and feeling a beautiful breeze on one’s face. Keep writing R’s mom, as often as you can.

  20. kirti says:

    heey RM! Kids keep changing their mind and keep having interest and motivation level fluctuating .My kid2(now 8 years) used to go to pool everyday 2 summers back but would not as much as let his smallest toe get wet and last year he did not miss a single day of 3 months camp. This year he intends to compete at district/state level swimming competition.
    So, may be after some more days R may have her interest back. She may decide to fight her fear.
    But,I must say she is in right age to learn and it’s an advantage to be an early learner.So, take her with you everyday ,let her see others having fun in water. she may get inspired.

  21. Totally RM style post , loved it 🙂

  22. Comfy says:

    Hairspray RM, hairspray and a zillion other hair products is how their hair does not move even an inch. It is like a block of cement. I know because I tried touching it once as a teen 😀
    On R, let her see someone she admires having fun in the water and she will want to go in herself. That is how Buzz started. We did not push her at all, but she saw her friends (a few years older to her) having so much fun in the water that she wanted to go as well. Hope it works out for you and our dear little R 🙂

  23. Vibha says:

    My daughter would scream nonstop when we first put her in swimming classes (she was 3). The coach would ask us to leave her and go hide somewhere because she would scream a lot more when we were around (maybe ‘cos she thought we would pull her out of the pool if she screamed real hard)! We would hide behind a tree and watch! The screaming did go down somewhat when we were out of sight. Anyway, we stopped her lessons after a few months. At age 5, when she re-joined, there was no fuss at all. She was happy in the pool. I’m sure your daughter will do fine too in a short while. Best of luck for ‘your’ swim lessons. Enjoyed your descriptions of the train journey.

  24. Amit says:

    R’s Mom, it is great that you are observing people while travelling. I am always lost in my book and have no idea about the people I travel with. 😦

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