Rant! Rant! Rant!

YEAR 2013

I dont like you ONE BIT! not even a teeny weeny bit..okie? Thats why I didnt even put a salutation to you unlike what the English teacher taught me the other day..hmpf!

I would rather just have you go away as fast as you can..even if it makes me an year older faster…I really dont want you around

First, you came in with me trying to recuperate from the miscarriage..and then you took away a wonderful human being in form of RD’s chitappa

and then you got R into this cycle of illness which is yo-yoing like a yo-yo ball..and then you even got chotu baby Rahul sick…that poor kiddo is still recuperating…

then then…then you come up with FIL being unwell..and finally you attack me with aΒ vengeance

My right eye looks as if its spent the whole night drinking cheap country liquor while the left one looks as if its just finished a session of yoga in the bright early morning sunlight..While the doc wonders if itsΒ conjunctivitis, RD who is a Joy Bangla expert thanks to his childhood in Calcutta is wondering why its only affecting one eye and not both the eyes, and why its not getting better in 5 days..go figure!

My body aches as if a 1000 elephants are trying to play football on me..while the headache feels like a big fat gong hitting at about 100 kms/hour dong dong dong dong

My blood pressure refuses to rise to 70 and my mouth tastes worse than a 100 bitter medicines mixed together and eaten just like that!

Honestly, I had enough of you…I am not even supposed to be on the comp (Complete rest you have take says the eye doc, hmpf!) but I just had to get this out of my system..

Professionally, my life is not too great with the kind of increments given, I dont even need the fingers of ONE hand to count it!

Life cant get worse..and no, no matter what my Amma says about how its not so bad and so many other people are suffering even worse, I am not listening to her this time (well I did eat that orange she asked me to shove down my throat right now!)

So when are you going away..please do let me know!

Totally frustrated


PS – Thanks guys for the mails, messages, comments..R is much better now…all her tests were negative..the only positive thing was that she kept the bandaid of the blood test (they had to take out blood from both her hands because it wasnt enough) for 3 days and showed it to all and sundry saying ‘Mera blood test liya, dekho dekho, mera blood test liya’

I am back to 200 unread posts on the reader and I am not even trying to get to read them…Darn! darn! darn!




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67 Responses to Rant! Rant! Rant!

  1. Smita says:

    1st? Lemme read the post now!

  2. meenamenon says:

    Am I the first to comment :-D. Hey RM, See look at it this way – not even 1-4th of year is done rt… so once u finish ur quota of bad things may be the next 3-4th will be filled with things tht give u loads of happiness!

    So jus hang in there n take care!

  3. 😦

    Hugs, RM! Take care!

  4. techie2mom says:

    Hey RM!!! Take care…Zuni too has been yo-yoing through illness…hope these little kids get better soon.
    You too take care..and take a much deserved break while your mom pampers you…
    Loved the way R has been telling about her blood test…but hope she.doesn’t need one in near and far future πŸ™‚

  5. Bhagyashree says:

    My best wishes and take care

  6. garima says:

    Hugs ,hugs and more hugs RM.I hope you all get well very soon.

    .You know your mum is right people are suffering like anyting..same thing the doc told me last week.She said there are people suffering from cancer and have no money to get it traeted 😦

    I will to pray to God for your good health ,ok as I am selfish I want chirpy RM back πŸ™‚

    And career hike and all dont bother its same everywhere.This time I will not get any hike for which I have worked last year ,as I plan to take leave 😦

    Take Care.

  7. Jay says:

    Take care, R’s mom!

  8. Hugs RM! Hope things start to look up soon. Totally understand your frustration with the year…a bit reminiscent of 2012 for me. Really, really hope there is a change of fortune!

  9. ashreyamom says:

    hugs dear.. yup, i also dont like this year.. want it to get over soon.. dont worry dear, things would get better soon.. hugs again..

  10. Ashwathy says:

    Only you can make a rant sound so funny and adorable πŸ™‚ *ducks R’s Mom trying to hit on the head*
    You are the best, you know that? But of course you do, you are my sis na πŸ˜‰

    About your health…take care and take rest. Live to rant another day πŸ˜›

  11. Rainmusings says:

    get well soon. i hated 2012 .. it happens some years are there just to frustrate us i guess.

  12. Sumana says:

    Hope you and R get well soon RM. Dono hands se blood test poor thing.. Things will be ok. Take care. What happened with the blood pressure???

  13. metherebel says:

    Oh RM….please get well soon…hope R is better now. Maybe 2013 will be better in the coming months πŸ™‚

  14. Swaram says:

    Hugss RM. I was away from the reader for a while, so missed wishing u on the other posts 😦
    Hope all of u feel better soon!

  15. Paramita says:

    Hi RM
    I’ve been a silent reader of your blog for some time now…..I’m always amazed at your positive nature ……glad R is better …..u take care ……..I’m sure 2013 has some good surprises in store for you….just hang in there ……

  16. chattywren says:

    Oh RM, good you ranted, hopefully you are feeling a teeny-weeny bit better now. Don’t worry, soon you’ll be looking over your shoulder at such times. For now, just put your head down and do what you have too. Enough advice, I got to go and follow my own preachings:)

  17. Tharani says:

    Ayo. Hugs RM. But 2013 has just started. Don’t let go of the hopes. It will get better.

  18. anisnest says:

    hugs RM.. big big big hugs.. 2013 will soon treat you good.. cheer up

  19. Comfy says:

    Speechless! I don’t even know what to say. Hugs RM! And yes rant away.

  20. Even I am sick and Chucky was sick last week. I niece was sick with high temperature. Mom is sick with eye infection. I feel we both are on same boat. And I too have similar unread posts..Just not able to read these days..

  21. The Bride says:

    Oh dear! It’s the Year of the Snake, I tell ya. My year is marginally better than last year, but I can only say that because I now have my hearing back after the nightmare ear infection. Also one of my eyes is permanently red but I don’t have the strength to do anything about it. Poor you!

  22. bloglover says:

    Take a break from work.May be 2-3 weeks & enjoy at home.

  23. Gayatri says:

    In a similar situation and I wish could turn back the clock by 6months (not more πŸ™‚ ). To quote the english adage “this too shall pass”..Here’s wishing you, the R family good health and happiness rest of the year. Good luck and have fun.

  24. hitchy says:

    You take care and like always this time too shall pass πŸ™‚

  25. Amit says:

    2013 will be soon over. It is April already and it was just yesterday when we entered the year. πŸ™‚
    Hope the rest of the year is great for you.

  26. dipali says:

    Get well soon. Life has been really busy and chaotic, and I’m lazy about commenting, but I just wanted you to know that I know you’ve been through so much recently, and I hope you recover from it all really soon. Big hugs and lots of love.

  27. pixie says:

    hugs and more hugs RM!!
    Hope R is doing better now!

  28. Anon says:

    If your eye problem not gone by now, please consult optho immediately! There is a new strain which is scarring the cornea. Especially if you have become sensitive to light! Google adenevo virus!

  29. Nidaa says:

    Dear RM, You’re the only person I know who cn make others smile even wen u r goin thru crap. (hope tht doesnt make me evil, smiling wen n ur discomf :P) After 2-3 paragraph, I was like, “whats she doing in front of her PC, being this ill?” and then bang “I am not even supposed to be on the comp (Complete rest you have take says the eye doc, hmpf!) but I just had to get this out of my system..”!
    Hope you’re feeling better now and R too… R is a rockstar. 2 injections? I feel envious of her bcz im needle-phobic and hav kicked out at quite a few nurses wen small. I still need my friends to distract me.

  30. Filter Kaapi says:

    Hope rest of the year turns out better for you! Hugs, RM!
    Take care.!

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