My Life Right Now in 10 Points

1. Thanks everyone for writing in and calling (Smita!) and asking if things were fine…yes kind of fine

2. Was on an official trip to Delhi which began on Monday morning 5 and ended Wednesday night 10! Darn! I am so exhausted

3. Came back to an ecstatic R and relived RD – R has been running fever of above 100 every night which disappears as soon as she hears the word school in the morning!

4. I have trained RD well eh? He managed R’s dabba, washing the vessels in the night, getting R ready to school and taking her to the doctor. Whats pending now is teaching him how to tie two chotis to R for school along with ribbons 😉 Should start the training next week hopefully 😉

5. R and RD had a wonderful time together when I was not there. R has declared she likes her father more because he lets her sleep till 6.30 in the morning instead of 6.15..Jeez! these kids I tell you!

6. I had a good time in Delhi myself..took a foreigner to Delhi Haat and he loved it. I didnt buy anything at all..I thought it was very expensive!

7. I think the Delhi trip gave me good exposure to a lot of things professionally. I hope I learn from it and make the best of it

8. R is not going to the picnic tomorrow. I havent told her that yet, but the doctor has asked me to take blood tests and X rays for her which meant me taking a leave today. I will get the reports later…She seems chirpy enough but the daily high night fever is a bit scary…Fingers crossed

9. I have my English language training tomorrow. Hopefully my posts will see better English soon 🙂

10. My reader says 160 unread posts…baap rey, I dont think I will get the time to read them, so apologies to everyone if I dont comment…will try and get back to regular blogging next week

11. ( I know I said 10 points, but whats an RM post with out food)

I bought the following from the Haldirams in Delhi

– Pudina Masala Peanuts (Yummm)

– Kaju Mixture (Gave it to my neighbour aunty as a token of thanks for doing R’s hair everyday)

– Nimbu Masala sev (Slurp!!!!!!)

– Two kinderjoy for R which she hasnt touched thanks to the fever

and oh oh! one Ruskin Bond book for R which I plan to read aloud from next week in the bus 🙂


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52 Responses to My Life Right Now in 10 Points

  1. chaitali says:

    I have been missing you, good to see you back. Hope R health gets better i will surely pray!!
    Take care 🙂

  2. Welcome back! Was wondering why you weren’t posting! 🙂

    Hope R gets better soon!

    That nimbu masala sev sounds wonderful! I want some NOW!! What brand is it?

    LOL @ training RD. How cute!

    Your daughter’s fever disappears at the mention of the word ‘school’? How sweet! Most children get fever at the mention of the word ‘school’. 😀

    • R's Mom says:

      R is better now

      Thats Haldirams..if you go to the T3 of Delhi airport..they have a great haldirams outlet there…

      Yaa..R likes going to school *touchwood*

  3. uma says:

    Hey, I hope the reports are normal for R..the fever is a little worrying…take care..
    high-five to the other points 🙂

  4. Smita says:

    Evening high fever? Malaria? Doesn’t get captured in blood tests!!

    I also feel delhi haat is expensive though have never been there but realised this much after a fren went there!!!

    Once RD is fully trained please ask him to start conducting classes for other Hubby’s 😀

    Sad about R missing the picnic but it makes sense for her to skip it.

    Me going to Delhi next month…can’t wait for 20 days to pass! Sigh!!!

    Good luck for the class!!!

    And gimme an update on R’s health!!

    • R's Mom says:

      nope the doc did a separate test for malaria…its negative phew! fever has gone now…guess she just needed house rest :):)

      LOL on conducting classes heheheeh 🙂

      You going to Delhi..super 🙂

  5. garima says:

    Hope R gets well soon..take care.

  6. You seem to be super busy. RD is an amazing father to have managed all by himself.

    You know R(mine) mastered how to pony Chucky’s hair. He tried nearly for an year, now he can make it nearly perfect. I am so proud of him, how he never gives up anything on his daughter.

    RD let her sleep 15 extra mins, so sweet ..

    My niece is also having similar issue, high temperature,she is active and blood test came negative, we are worried too..

    Please teach us English too!!

    My reader shows a similar no, today I have started clearing with your posts..

    See you soon at regular blogging..

  7. Comfy says:

    R has been sick!! See that is why I need to not get scared of the numbers in my reader and read blogs when I get the time (which I never really get, but whatever). Hope R is much better now RM. Loads of hugs to her.
    pst..teach me about training the husband please. PLEASE!!!!

  8. summerscript says:

    Everything will be ok. Don’t worry. Loads of love!

  9. Is R okay now? what did the doc say?

  10. Ashwathy says:

    Oh, that’s why you were so quiet for the last few days!!

    So how was the trip? Enjoyed? 🙂 Delhi must be right now having very pleasant weather…

    R’s health is a little worrying, considering it has been continuing for quite some time now. Atleast be grateful her fever is disappearing at the mention of school and not appearing!! 😛

  11. chandnindni says:

    Why didn’t you meet me? Or at least call? I demand an answer :/

    • R's Mom says:

      Sorry yaar…it was super duper busy…even Journomuse asked me to meet her..but just couldnt…I was with firangs and took them around *Rolls eyes – it was the case of andho mein kanna raja hehehe * will get your number and call you next time pakka 🙂

  12. K says:

    I so love you. You know what, my laptop keys were not working for the past 3 days i.e. I can view any site but I can’t type anything. I so wished to see the reason for your absence 🙂 Hope you will get the best out of the trip.

    Err.. are chotis must for the school?

    Drooling for the pudina masala peanuts 🙂

  13. rainmusingsr says:

    Is she alright now ? get well soon R

  14. Sangitha says:

    Sending R good vibes. Hope she gets better soon. Yeah, you said a lot of other stuff but kinda got stuck at R’s fever.

  15. Trish says:

    Ohh no..sorry I missed your post about R being is she now?
    Other than the sickness,I liked the 10 point post.. I was just thinking of doing the same myself:)

  16. sandhya says:

    Oh, R is unwell? What does the pediatrician say? Take care.

    You certainly seem to have been busy.

  17. Good to hear from one of the comments that R’s tests are normal. Hope she gets better soon! 🙂 and yes you’ve trained RD well. That’s great that the trip was good professionally! And I still find the whole English language training thing so bizarre!!!

  18. sjscribbles says:

    Hey RM,

    Hoping R gets well soon and your busy schedule turns into a relaxed one soon !


  19. Filter Kaapi says:

    Hope R is better now!
    RM, can I be your neighbor? I can manage ponies and munch all the mixture 😉 !

    • R's Mom says:

      oh you can be..and I will even give you filter kaapi every morning if you do her ponies (I bet in three days, you will get back to your place!)

  20. Amit says:

    Areeee you came to Delhi!?!?! We should have met! BUt I know if you are here for just 2 days, it would have been super crazy.
    I hope R is all right now?

  21. ashreyamom says:

    welcome back.. take care of R.. hope her fever is just because u were nt there next to her..

  22. Jo says:

    Hey RM.. Hows R? What did the reports say? She is fine na?

  23. My Era says:

    Glad to know that R’s tests have come normal & her fever has disappeared too.
    Giving Firangs a trip around Delhi sounds cool 😉
    Good Luck for your English course 😉 😉

  24. ramya says:

    hope all is well RM, Missing your post

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