Jeez! we did it eh?

Completed seven  years of marriage…I am going Phew!

how about  you? Are you going oh  my God! we managed it or are you going Wow, I dont believe it
I think its great we did seven years..knowing you and  your temperament and me and my temperament,  it sure is an achievement, whoever says what okie?

I just hope and pray we continue this journey to reach seventy seven okie?

Its not been like the smoothest of sailings, but its not be hurricane-y as well na?

I mean, I am sure just like me, you must have wondered at times, why exactly we have been married, but we just pulled across those phases of turbulences na?

We have won some, we have lost some, but we have been in it together.

I have bugged you, and you have bugged me, but guess, we did manage to stay together.

Anyways, for the future, just for records,in seven pointers (We did seven years na thats why, looks smug)

1. You continue to do whatever you have been doing for the house…you know, like manage the finances, look at the investments, hang the clothes, fold them inside out and try and explain to me why its not a bad thing *rolls eyes*

2. Additionally, you may want to take up keeping the patrams in the shelf at night and sitting with R to do her homework

3. In the meantime, I will continue to do what I am doing, running the household and doing the cooking and stuff in the morning

4. Additionally, I want to take up the task of handling the TV remote and sitting for 3 hours straight on the bean bag with a book/kindle in hand

5. We can divide the work of keeping the ironed clothes into the cupboard…you keep yours and I will keep mine okie?

6. We can of course look into more frequent trips now that the brat is almost 5 and I have learnt (finally!) that driving is your passion

7. But whatever it is, let just continue to do what we are doing..and perhaps..just perhaps spend some more time talking to each other even if it via emails and sms okie?

Wishing you a happy 7th ! hope you had as much fun in this journey as I had.

and oh oh! thanks for reminding me

1. That the anniversary is on the 10th and not on the 9th (I wonder why I keep getting confused with the date)

2. Thanks for telling me in the car about NOT keeping any other engagements on the 10th (I was planning to meet up ST 🙂 ) I had so completely forgotten 🙂

3. Thank you NOT for spilling that entire glass of beer on me on Friday night at the restaurant and not only that encouraging me to stay on in beer smelling jeans and T shirt saying I smell wonderful and I will double enjoy the Triple Schewan gah!

And now, could you please go ahead and keep those patrams right back on the shelf..the spoons go into the top shelf 🙂


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73 Responses to Seven!

  1. LOL!!
    Congratulations RM & RD for completing 7 years of marriage 🙂

  2. RM RM ! 🙂

    Wish you a very blessed married life ahead as well 🙂 Congies and best wishes for having done the super 7! 🙂 And RD, to you too ! 🙂

  3. Tharani says:

    Happy anniversary to you both.

  4. R’s Mom,

    I am so glad you’ve decided to take up the task of handling the TV remote and sitting for 3 hours straight on the bean bag with a book/kindle in hand.

    Here’s me sitting on a virtual beanbag, with a virtual remote, kindle et al, raising a toast with some excellent virtual payasam, wishing you and RD a real wonderful seventh anniversary !

  5. Lifesong says:

    LOL RM 😀 That is a very sweet and practical letter to the spouse 😀
    Wishing you guys a very happy seventh 🙂

  6. God ! Love makes people sit through dinners in beer soaked clothes !!!!!! Congratulations on the 7 years ! 😀 😀 😀 I just completed 14 years of us being together not wedded but together 😉

    so successfully we averted two itches and you have averted the one 7 year itch ! 😉 😈 :mrgreen:

  7. Happy happy anniversary! Here’s wishing you many many more of these! 🙂

  8. Rainmusings says:

    Belated anniversary wishes to RM and RD

  9. Smitha says:

    Congratulations 🙂 And Happy Anniversary to both of you 🙂 You guys make such a cute couple 🙂 Stay blessed and happy.

  10. sandhya says:

    LOL! My smile was widening as I read the post, and burst out laughing as I finished it. Lovely, lovely, very R’s Mom-ish post.
    Congratulations. May you have the happy seventy-seven years and more! Hugs!

  11. ROFL. What a sweet letter! 🙂
    Congratulations, you both! 🙂

  12. Smita says:

    lol!! You mix you your anniversry date?? ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!

    Happy Belated Anniversary!!!

    Cheers to a wonderful couple (ya I know I have never met you guys but you come out all nice-2 on this blog aa& from whatever I have read of you the guy who keeps up with you has to be wonderful) *runnnnnnnnnns away*

    Psst How did u guys celebrate?

  13. Ashwathy says:

    You are the one getting confused with the date and he had to remind you eh? Were you always like this or did this just start now 😛

  14. Sumana says:

    A very Happy anniversary to you both RM and many more years of togetherness.

  15. Deepika says:

    Congratulations RM 🙂

  16. meenamenon says:

    Cogragulationsssssssss! N this is the most romantic anniv write up I hv seen :-P… Yea esp tht paatram bit

  17. K says:

    Congrats to both of you!! BTW, what happened to the cook?? you are still struggling in mornings??

  18. garima says:

    Many congratulations dear…u definitley would cross 77 years o togethernes with RD.Touchwood.

  19. deepM says:

    Wish a very happy anniversary RM!

  20. Sreetama says:

    Congratulations & happy anniversary RM & RD! You guys are one helluva couple & wish you many more wonderful years together! Lots of love & hugs! 🙂

  21. Happy Anniversary! So which one of you deserves the medal for putting up with the other? 😉 By the way, why 77? Why not 75 or 80? {I like round numbers…}

    Jokes aside, wish you both many many more happy years ahead!

  22. Smita T says:

    Hey… congrats…. I am little sad we could not meet…. but lets try next weekend…. I had sprained my leg on fri… so could not even try to get out of the house on sat to meet up with you…

  23. metherebel says:

    Congratulations RM….May the two of you have many more years of togetherness 🙂

  24. Zephyr says:

    Wish you both many more such anniversaries and posts too 🙂 I am worse than you, RM, I don’t even remember the date, leave alone, mix it uup 😦 And the L&M is fabled for his poor memory. So till one of the Brats or my dear DIL calls, we are clueless 😀

    I do hope RD begins putting away the patrams. He could take a lesson or two from the L&M, who does it excellently 😀

  25. Amit says:

    Congratulations of completing 7 years!!!! 🙂 And here’s to 77 more wonderful years coming ahead. 😀

  26. chaitali says:

    Wishing you 2 a belated Happy Anniversary 🙂
    All the best for your future 🙂

  27. Swaram says:

    Congrats RM and RD 🙂 Wish u loads of fun and love in the years to come too 😀

  28. Many Many Congratulations 😀

  29. Aditya says:

    Congratulations re!! 😀

  30. Nidaa says:

    Happy Anniversary RM… 🙂
    (Do you use as minimal no. of pathrams as possible?)

  31. summerscript says:

    Happy Anniversary to one of the sweetest couple I know !! 🙂 🙂

  32. Congratulation Babe, I remember reading your 5years anniversary and now 7. Time is flying huh?

  33. techie2mom says:

    Congratulations on completing 7 years of togetherness…..May you get to sit uninterrupted on the bean bag for 3 hours 🙂
    LOL at “Thank you NOT…”

  34. I think our respective POOR guys must have walked into one of those thousands of heart shaped balloons dangerously floating around this time of the year….banged their head badly, lost all common, safety…whatever senses and agreed to marry us in the month of Februray in the hope of getting some lovu lovu 😛 👿 😈

    Congrats for completing 7 beautiful years of togetherness and more for producing such an awesome R 😉

    Please do pray that on 21st, when we complete 11 years of marriage, I should be still able to hold my smile for at least 2 mins when the poor man remembers the day (after like 101 hints from me) and then I may proceed to Karate-fy him 🙄

    • R's Mom says:

      hahahah! In my case, RD didnt have a choice..this was the month selected by the pandits gah!

      thanks thanks :):)

      Oh he will remember darling dont you worry

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