Krishna and Kalia with A Twist – Blogging Marathon Post 30

Yipeeeee we reached 30 without a break…and how could I not include a weird RM story in this marathon…

This one is on characters familiar to all of us..Lord Krishna and Snake be entirely honest, the only thing I remember about this story is the lord fought with Kalia and then finally won and danced on his hood…I dont remember anything yesterday morning, the brat asked me to tell her a story..

RM: Kiska story

She thinks for 10 seconds and says Krishna ka story

RM: Krishna ka?

R: yes amma, woh jisko peacock hai head mein

RM: Arey peacock nahi, peacock ka feather

R: Giggling heheheΒ  yes yes

Now another confession. I am not a big fan of our mythological stories..for one, I think there is too much of violence, greed, fighting, etc etc in it…Its nice to read them when you are older, but I dont think they are very small age appropriate..but again, may be I havent read the right kind of stories…

I mean look at Krishna..he has been depicted to be this naughty boy who stole butter from others and then ran away with the Gopis ka clothes…If I tell that to R, knowing my brat, she will tell me the next time, agar bhagwan Krishna ne kiya, toh main kyun nahi kar sakti *rolls eyes* its pretty possible..which is why IΒ  have refrained from telling her too many of these mythological stories..

Anyways, so here is what I told her..its my version of the Krishna Kalia story and can be totally incorrect

RM: So R, one day Krishna was playing with his friends near the river and their ball went into the water

R: Toh pani ke paas nahi play karne ka na? jayega hi na?

RM: yes are right…anyways, so when Krishna went near the water,people came running to him saying ‘dont go dont go’

R: Kyun Amma?

RM: because inside the water was Kaliya the big big snake whose was a big as a dinosaur

R: Like trayenasaur rex jaise? (Errr..that T-Rex for the clarification πŸ™‚ )

RM: yes yes bigger than T-Rex…

R: Cloud se bhi upar

RM: Errr…not that big, but very big..anyways, Krishna said arey who is this Kaliya

People told him, he is a big snake who is poisoning our waters..

Krishna said ‘but how can he do that, God has made the water for everyone to use,Β  he cant poison it na?

People: But he has been doing it…so dont go inside

Krishna:WAit, let me talk to him and Krishna jumps into the water

R: Usko swimming ata hai?

RM: yes yes, he knew then he went inside and he heard a hissing sound

R: eyes wide open: Kaun tha..kaliya?

RM: yes, so kaliya came to him and said who is this who dared to enter my water

Krishna: Hello Mr. Kaliya, my name is Krishna..

Kaliya: What do you want?

Krishna: I actually wanted my ball which fell down, but now that I am here, I was wondering if you could stop poisoning this river..we all use the water you know

Kaliya: What? I am the king of snakes, why should I do it?

Krishna: you see Mr. Kaliya, if you could just go to that end of the river and stay there, you would not have to poison the whole river and we all need water you know to drink, to cook, to make food

R: To brush, to clean potty

RM: yes yes for that also…anyways, Kaliya didnt agree

Krishna : Arey Mr. Kaliya, you could just then come to us if you needed something special like milk or sweets or some bhajiyas or something..and do you want people to say that you are a wonderful person and always sharing or do you want people to remember you as one selfish person

Kaliya : Errrr

Krishna: Exactly Mr. Kaliya..look at the advantages..people will call you nice and you can stay with your family in that corner.that ways everyone is happy

R: Amma, sharing karne ka na..kitna nice hai sharing karna

RM: yaa exactly..

R: Phir kaliya ne sharing kiya?

RM: Well, Kaliya thought for a long time and finally thought it made sense to do what Krishna did…he said ‘Krishna, you have taught me an important lesson today, that I can share and yet live happily..I have been so selfish earlier..thank you so much

Krishna: oh thats no problem Mr. Kaliya…

Kaliya said can I do something for you then

Krishna looked up and said ‘well Mr. Kaliya..actually nothing’

Kaliya said ‘no no tell me what’

Krishna was a bit embrassased and said again ‘you know Mr. Kaliya, I would love to dance on your hood for a while, it looks so lovely from here

Kaliya was very happy and said of course why not and so Krishna danced on Kaliya’s hood

R: Mashalnak pe dance kiya?

RM: !!!!!


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45 Responses to Krishna and Kalia with A Twist – Blogging Marathon Post 30

  1. anisnest says:

    me first? me first?

  2. anisnest says:

    love you RM.. that’s a cute story.. as I have told you many many times before you are my inspiration for the stories I spin to Adi during our Sunday “keeping-oil-on-head” times… have a good day

  3. 30 already,waw that went pretty fast huh?

  4. vethal says:

    awesome. I got Amma, Tell me about ” series and I must admit it is very violent. I mean how can you tell someone kidnaps Sita and hence the fight etc. My 3 yr old doesnt understand much

    Ur story is super sweet. U should start publishing books I am serious

    this is a bug profession now and u do quite well

    • R's Mom says:

      Exactly…its only when now I have a child, I am realising the issues with mythological stories πŸ™‚

      LOL on the publishing books…you are too sweet rey πŸ™‚

  5. //β€˜you know Mr. Kaliya, I would love to dance on your hood for a while// Hehehe!! And how gracious of kalia to agree so readily– “of course why not!” LOL! That was a delightful twist to the Krishna Kalia story RM:-)

  6. sandhya says:

    LOL! Only in RM’s home! LOL at the embarrassment of Krishna! πŸ™‚ Even I change stories to suit what I think the kid should be hearing or not. So when she was younger, it was ‘Bakasur ran away, terrified of Bhim’, rather than ‘Bhim killed Bakasur’.

    And yes, I, too, feel our mythological tales are yuk! Proof, of course, that humans created god in their mould, rather than the other way around. Some of the things these gods do…..

    • R's Mom says:

      Yaa…agree agree and definitely agree…

      I twist endings as well Sandhya..because somehow whats the point of telling a kid that one human killed another..however horrid eh

  7. Filter Kaapi says:

    Err.. what does Mashalnak mean? Anyway super story and I liked your version πŸ˜‰
    >> R: To brush, to clean potty
    ROTFL, she has her priority right!

  8. meenamenon says:

    thts the nicest kido-frndly translation I hv heard πŸ™‚

  9. LOL @ R’s cute questions. The story is lovely, RM. Loved this non-violent mythological piece. πŸ™‚
    I agree with you on this front… I am not a big fan of mythological stories, too, although I don’t know much of it in the first place. πŸ™‚ That said, I am not sure if a lot of the stories we used to read as kids are really suitable for children to read. They are so full of violence, fights and cunning.

  10. Seema says:

    Oye as far as I remember, it was Kalinga naag na? Don’t hit me if I’m wrong coz my knowledge of mythology is also close to nil. Only because of RS and SnS, I read Palace of Illusions.

  11. Sreetama says:

    Wow! Nice improvisation of the story with a moral as well! πŸ™‚

  12. R’s commentary was the best in this one. Jeez i had such a good laugh at “R: yes amma, woh jisko peacock hai head mein” πŸ˜› and R: To brush, to clean potty…. :mrgreen: You have a gem of a girl with a funny bone I tell ya…love to her!!

    Ps: Honestly your version is way better okie? I will try to memorize all these stories to tell the twins πŸ™„

  13. Seema says:

    Forgot to mention, I told Mantam your bacteria waala story. They have publicized it in their day care as well. They told me “Mamma, ye G ko bacteria maalum nahi hai. Khali baker baker bolta hai.”

  14. Mermaid says:

    hahaha.. thats a lovely story… especially where R says: To brush, to clean potty…

  15. Ashwathy says:

    Cloude se bhi upar??? LOL I love her curiosity for detailed explanations. She totally visualises it, doesn’t she? πŸ˜€

    Hahahah I love it how she adds dimensions and details to your story. She is actually making logical sense out of it.

    LOL, you have completely turned mythology on its head!! :mrgreen:

  16. techie2mom says:

    Mashalnak!!!! LOL….
    But i loved your take on the story….Zini listens to this story in a song called “Jalkamal” everyday before going to sleep….But you are right, the original version has some violence in it….

  17. ashreyamom says:

    wow thats a cute story.. as usual with a message in it.. loved it.. πŸ™‚

  18. Awesome nonviolent clean krishna story πŸ™‚ maybe you should start writing a book for kids with such modified stories. Would be great to have it all in one place.

  19. Amit says:

    That was a super cute story. Don’t tell it to many people or you will be banished from India for defaming the gods. πŸ˜›

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