Nuts about Coconut!

No No No she said in an indignant voice, trying to squirm out of her mother’s arms.

Listen, I am doing it only once a week, its good for your skin and you will feel nice afterwards, Amma told her.

But Amma, no one puts coconut oil on the skin. Its only for the hair don’t you know, she asked her mother.

Why don’t you try it once? If you don’t like it, then you can always stop using it, replied Amma while simultaneously taking out the coconut oil from the blue bottle which had been such a constant feature in the kitchen since she could remember.

Hmmm, she said ‘this smells so good, as if you are putting some yummy banana chips fried in coconut oil on me..or like how Patty makes AVAIL and adds coconut oil in the end to it just for the smell..yummm’

Now, don’t lick it okie, said Amma laughingly.

Hmmm she said again ‘letting her tongue touch the top of her lips where amma had put a lot of oil.

Amma let her stand for a while for the oil to get soaked in and then gave her a bath with hot water.

She smelt her hands after the bath, and they smelt divine as if she had a constant packet of coconut oil fried banana chips with her. There was a slight fragrance of some pepper which amma had added to the oil.

And her skin felt delightfully soft, for a whole week. She didn’t have to itch her legs due to dryness or scratch her arms which would earlier lead to white lines on the skin.

The next Sunday, she ran to her Amma saying ‘Amma I want coconut oil bath’ and Amma smiled.

Today, she is trying to cajole her daughter into using coconut oil. The daughter is not as obstinate as she was. The four year old agrees to get rubbed with coconut oil saying it smells great and her skin feels soft soft. And she remembers how she started off with coconut oil on her daughter when she was just born instead of using baby oils.

The blue bottle with the familiar green coconut tree has been etched in her memory synonymous with coconut oil. Whether its dry skin, dry hair, chapped lips, cut ankles or even mouth sores, coconut oil is the solution to everything.

While she writes about this, she remembers how Amma used to get bugged at Appa and her for eating the coconut which she had kept aside for the curries. Everytime, Appa broke a coconut, Appa and she would have a piece each. Don’t Amma would say and Appa would tell, oh coconuts are the best for the health, with high protein content, vitamins, minerals, have healing properties and they even help reduce wrinkles and fine lines by lubricating the body..and you know what…and amma would just give up and let them eat in peace.

That she is me, by the way.

Thanks womensweb for helping me recall such lovely memories

This is a part of the Goodness Of Coconut For Skin contest by Womensweb and Parachute Advansed Goodness Of Coconut


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16 Responses to Nuts about Coconut!

  1. pixie says:

    yep! I love coconut oil.. the smell, using it on my hair, body.. gives the softest feeling ever!!
    Cooking with coconut is a delight as well!! 😀
    Best of luck for the contest RM

  2. Bhagyashree says:

    Hey I took part too and guess what the titles match too.
    BTW there is something wron with the video, I think the code is not right

  3. meenamenon says:

    Ha ha ha only u can make a post like this! LOVED it

  4. What a sweet post, RM! Brought back many fond memories of coconut oil baths for me too. 🙂
    All the very best for the contest! 🙂

  5. Wonderful post. For me too, coconut oil is the ultimate remedy for nearly everything esp relating to the skin. Loved the way you described it with the Amma and Appa angle. Keep writing.

  6. me too scrubbing and cleaning up the babies with coconut oil and I sniff them while they are sleeping 😛

  7. anisnest says:

    I do this for Adi once a week.. not on the body but on her hair and that’s when the girl pesters for story and I recollect all your story telling ideas.. 🙂

  8. psybabbler says:

    Very cute post. I must admit I’ve never been a fan of coconut oil though…especially for the hair. I had my hair cut short throughout school because it was mandatory to oil it and tie it if it was long. Couldn’t handle the smell and feel of the hair with oil. Can’t remember bathing with it though…

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