On Teaching Thathi To Live Here – Blogging Marathon 21

So Amma needed to get accustomed to the R household

Overheard between the Grandmother and Granddaughter

1. Arey Thathi, this door needs to be opened like this..not ulta..

Thathi – But I am opening correctly only

R: Thathi you have to open it inside, not outside

Thathi – Oh!

2. RM : Amma, R has black uniform on monday, pink of tuesday, black on wednesday and on thursday she has to be dressed in tri colour

Amma: Errr..what say again

So I say it again and ask her to repeat

Amma: Uff.wait, i will just write it down, its so confusing!

RM: !!!

3. Thathi: R, you will tell me where to get off in the bus right?

R: Yes yes…baas ekdum straight we have to go, then we have to get down apne aap se

Thathi: !!!!

4. Amma can you manage

Thathi very confidently: Of course, I can…I brought you and RMB up didnt I?

RM: Yes ma, great 🙂

After 5 minutes

Thathi: Errr…so what did you say her schedule was?

RM: !!!!

Please pray that Amma manages :):)



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42 Responses to On Teaching Thathi To Live Here – Blogging Marathon 21

  1. hitchy says:

    Lol she will… they will soon have a ball ! 😀

    btw Thathi is daadi in some language or does she pronounce daadi as thathi ! 😛

  2. 🙂 How cute!
    As much as I find the different coloured uniforms on different week days a lovely concept, I find it confusing. 🙂 Have been having the same experience here with the OH’s nephews. 🙂

  3. techie2mom says:

    The uniform schedule is really confusing, I too would have written it down.
    They will manage alright, and I think they will have some fun together.

  4. Seema says:

    Yes yes its so confusing really!

    And don’t worry. RMM will be able to manage. I’m sure… Hugs to you RM. Hoping and praying that these hard times pass away quickly from your life and pave way to lots and lots of happiness.

  5. hahaha.. She will surely be able to manage RM, after all she is RMM 🙂
    btw.. really R’s school have different color uniforms for each day of the week ??

  6. meenamenon says:

    ha ha ha!!! Amsure its gona be more foder for posts in future 😛

  7. anisnest says:

    amma will manage very well.. no worries RM.. will keep her and all of you in my prayers.. think of this as a great time for the grand kid and grandma to catch up.. take care and hugs..

  8. chattywren says:

    lol! I can imagine it can be tough for grandparents. They’ve done this but years ago:) Writing it down – your mom is too sweet!

  9. Smita says:

    Of course she will manage 🙂

    We underestimate our Parents but when it comes to their grandchildrens they are highly attentive, soemtimes more than us 🙂

  10. Amit says:

    I think you need to go with her for a few days to make her feel comfortable. 😛

  11. Ashwathy says:

    I want to say something funny but I am still feeling like too much of a jerk. 😦 Never mind, will come back later.

  12. garima says:

    i love the 3 generations in R household starting from RMM to RM to R 🙂

  13. Sreetama says:

    Oh don’t worry dear. They would be fine! 🙂 Have a safe n successful trip.

  14. Swaram says:

    Awww Amma’s know and can do everything 😀 My Amma is coming here on Thursday too, yayyy!

  15. Kiran Manral says:

    Hey there, you’ve won the contest on my blog. Do mail me your details. Cheers, K

  16. R and Thathi is going to rock, trust me..Relax!!

  17. Deeps says:

    Awww, what a cute and adorable family yours is, RM! Your amma, especially super-cute! I’m sure she will manage it all well..she is YOUR amma after all! 😉 😀

  18. metherebel says:

    Your mom surely will manage…do not worry RM 🙂

  19. pixie says:

    Hugs!! I hope your mom is managing well!! 🙂

  20. Hrishi says:

    Why does R have different colors for diff days?

  21. garima says:

    oye mera comment kyun nahi approve kar rahe..katti *giving you angry looks,with tears in eyes* 🙂

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