Darn! – Blogging Marathon Post 20

I am feeling horrible 😦

Depressed and wish I never had that miscarriage :(:(

Today is the Mumbai Marathon and I wont be able to run the Dream run which I registered for because of the miscarriage 😦

RD cant run because of the death in the family!

Darn! I dont want to write anything more today 😦 I am just too upset!

I will schedule posts for the next four days though!


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40 Responses to Darn! – Blogging Marathon Post 20

  1. Aditya says:

    Hope things get fine at your end, soon 🙂

  2. RM you cant let yourself get depressed..please. HUGS HUGS

  3. sjscribbles says:

    Hey RM –
    Hugs and more hugs !

  4. techie2mom says:

    Hey RM, Hugs….Take care.

    • R's Mom says:

      Thanks rey…I got your mail..sorry havent replied..just was caught up with last min preps…I wont be able to meet you when I come there..but will definitely try next time

  5. garima says:

    Tight hugs….

  6. Swaram says:

    Am so glad u are gearing up and scheduling these 4 posts. Hugsss RM!:)

  7. anisnest says:

    hugs RM.. big big hugs.. hope things will get better very soon dear..

  8. Arch says:

    Hello you hang on okie, everything will be good! So many have hugged you already..I dont want to crunch you too 😀 laugh and have some icecream. it will all be okay!

  9. Smita says:

    Look at it this way…had u not had the miscarriage you wouldn’t have run as is, hai na? So you were not fated to run this time…so chill!


  10. Amit says:

    Oye! Take care. 🙂

  11. meeta says:

    a big bear hug to you!

  12. Zephyr says:

    Chin up, RM. Here is a hug from me too!

  13. sruti says:

    Dear RM,

    Take each day at a time. Loss is difficult– be it of a baby not yet born, or of a person you knew for so many years.
    I know it’s so easy to write these words–and that grief is a personal journey–you need to take your time–grieve–for you loss.
    Hope you feel better—hugs to you.

  14. pixie says:

    Hugs RM!! Tight hugs! Take care of yourself okie?
    and eat properly!! Dont skip meals… *gives RM her stern-est look*

  15. Hrishi says:

    Nice to know you’re feeling better 😀

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