How to Make a Calender With A Brat or How To Be a Patient Mother – Blogging Marathon Post 9

Its not easy honestly..I underestimated the time and effort. and we could have done much better.

But for someone who is artistically challenged, I think its a good first attempt.

So what you need.

1. Tons of patience
2. Loads of line drawing ability
3. A good amount of calculating mind
4. A white sheet of chart paper
5. Pencil
6. Scale/ Ruler
7. Decorating materials
8. Sketch pens
9. crayons
10. Tons of patience

How to do it

1. Dont lose patience
2. Divide the chart paper into two and then into twelve parts. What I did was fold it into half horizontally then I measured the vertical side and divided it into six kind of equal parts.
3. then again divide each of that equal 12 equal parts in such a way that you can accomodate the number days 30/31/28
4. Write the name of the months
5. Write the our case, R wrote some, she got bored repeating so I wrote the rest
5. Let the kid decorate the empty boxes…In my case, this is where the patience was tested to the core…she created a mess, but I was in zen state and just let her do what she wanted
6. Near the name of the month, you can do some drawing of the significance like we did here for Diwali and R’s birthday 🙂
Thats it…calender for 2013 all ready 🙂


Half done..check out the numbers in Jan and Feb..April May I wrote, June R wrote..actually both our writings are equally dirty *rolls eyes*


The complete calender..all the sticking has been done by R


That is R’s drawing of Ganesh bhagwan! since Ganesh Chaturthi falls in Sept this year!


See how we have made a special thing for every month, April is the Tamizh new year, May is R’s birthday month, June is start of rainy season 🙂


That’s R’s snowman! *Shudder*


Diwali Crackers and Diya


Kites for January 🙂 Check out our hand writings!



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51 Responses to How to Make a Calender With A Brat or How To Be a Patient Mother – Blogging Marathon Post 9

  1. Prachi says:

    Great job…Both of you created a complete calender…!!!
    I fully agree with points no.1 & 10 of requirements… 🙂
    Was this for a school project or something…???

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  3. Amit says:

    Hahaha! I loved the small images next to the dates.

  4. Wah wah wah! How creative! 🙂

  5. Batul says:

    Lovely it is…

  6. Sumana says:

    Lovely one RM. R has done a better job i should say 😉 Now tell me how much more patience you would need with 2 restless kids. Then probably i will take this challenge.

  7. Mathangi Vijay says:

    Hey thats actually cool! I’d say you have enough patience cuz you have completed the Calendar. If myself and my son start something, I’d walk of in between in anger and Pranav will be begging me to come and complete it. He does not have the patience to do anything for more than 10 minutes and I do not have the patience to handle his tantrums for more than 10 minutes. So a deadly combo!! You guys are super cool I should say.

  8. meenamenon says:

    Thts so soopa creatove na!

  9. garima says:

    wow lovely calender…you guys sure have lot of patience 🙂

  10. Deepika says:

    Dats so sweet… detailing for each month haan!!
    Looks nice 🙂

  11. chaitali says:

    To be honest i had a laugh looking at it :-p, but its the way kiddos think rite..
    So when i looked at it from their pt of view its really cute, its creative to draw those images next to all important days.. and make it very colorful.

  12. Maddie says:

    Great idea!!! Lovely calendar! 🙂

  13. Santulan says:

    I loved the way you put kites.. Does R like to celebrate uttarayan?

  14. nachu says:

    I loved the diyas.
    Err… Why kites for Jan? BTW, where have you put up the R-special calendar?

    • R's Mom says:

      Kites in January for Uttrayan..which is celebrated the same day as Pongal..its a big festival in Gujarat where people fly kites on the 14th and 15th 🙂

      Its put on the board of her desk at home

  15. Swaram says:

    I luvvv the Diwali drawings the most. And I like R’s Ganesha too 😛
    Gud job R and RM : D Tight hugs to both of u 🙂

  16. Smita says:

    wow!!! Great idea….

    Just an observation, Jan is the neatest month in the calendar apparently because u started with it 😀 ha ha ha ha ha…

    But hats off to your patience!!

  17. summerscript says:

    It looks very cute. Can I get one ? 🙂

  18. Lovely.. And a good idea for keeping the kids busy.. May be, I’ll do a calender for every month once in a while. ‘Cos I sure know I don’t have the patience you have! 🙂

  19. chattywren says:

    Wow, RM, this is really project in patience. V. cute calendar. Agree on the handwriting bit too:)

  20. anisnest says:

    cool… now can we place order for few calendars maam? After story telling and script writing now you are getting crafty eh?
    calendar looks lovely…

  21. You girls are awesome, I never get these kind of ideas, now at least I should copy these ideas for Chucky 🙂 I love that personal Calender.

  22. This is such a cute post. Am stealing this idea. Good way to keep the brat away for some time atleast from all the gadgets he is getting addicted to .Sigh…..

  23. Sreetama says:

    Awwww such a cute calendar! I loved the paintings, especially the Diwali crackers & the snowman! 🙂

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