The Weekend That was – Blogging Marathon Post 7

It was a pretty hectic weekend.


Dropped amma to the airport after her 20 day stay here

Took R to the Maharashtra Nature Park at Mahim. Its amazing serene and we were the only vistors…

RD clicked a few pictures, so I am letting them speak 🙂

My Dad and I, walking through the unknown, but I have no fear because he is with me :)

My Dad and I, walking through the unknown, but I have no fear because he is with me 🙂

Butterfly dekha?

Butterfly dekha?

A dead fallen tree and yet home to so many creatures

A dead fallen tree and yet home to so many creatures

Check out the ants in the flowers if you can

Check out the ants in the flowers if you can

Bamboo plants

Bamboo plants

Reminds me of red cotton

Reminds me of red cotton

Amma was in search for some pure almond oil..and RD took her to the Godrej Nature Basket store. I didnt go because we were enroute to airport and in a rush. On the way back from the park, RD asked me if I wanted to go and check out that place

so what we did was go there…and we also went to cafe coffee day after a long long time..infact I think after I met Journomuse, we havent been there at all

We had

1. Chocolate milkshake (RM)
2. CHocolate milkshake with icecream (R)
3. Coffee (RD)
4. something like a sandwich (All Rs)

Then we looked across and saw stalls of street food

and we had

1. Pani puris (one plate each)
2. boiled corn masala (1)

Then we saw a second hand book stall on the street and we managed to get all of the naughtiest girl series by Enid Blyton for 90 Rs. (we got three books, I already had one at home)

Then we finally went to Nature’s basket and browsed…WOW! It felt as if I was in a department store in London honestly!

We got

1. Peanut butter (I LOVE IT!)
2. Rasberry jam
3. Strawberry jam
4. Oats biscuit
5. Strawberry cream biscuits for R (Aap ne aur appa ne apne liye liya..aur mereko kya?) *Rolls eyes*

Then we came back home and we were so full that we skipped dinner 🙂



I made

1. Amla achar
2. Tomato Achar
3. Mamra vaghar
4. Undhiyu for dinner
5. Idli maav
I feel like a super woman eh?

RD took R to the park in the evening, while I read something in my hour of bliss 🙂

So how was your weekend?


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57 Responses to The Weekend That was – Blogging Marathon Post 7

  1. summerscript says:

    You made so many things ??? You are a super woman!!! I thought my weekend was busy.Reading this I wonder what did I do!!

  2. Zephyr says:

    Saturday house hunting. Sunday down with migraine :(( Waiting for your reply to my mail 🙂

  3. chipmunk says:

    peanut butter is my favourite too 🙂 🙂 Weekend was filled with exam 🙂 🙂 pics are nice 🙂 R fountain in head is growing fast :p

  4. Mathangi Vijay says:

    Hey took R to Nature Park is it.. Nice.. I can see that Kids are still really fond of nature. Given a chance my son keeps wanting to visit the Botanical Garden here. Its such a treat being amidst nature.
    And you made so many things in one Day! Baap Re RM! You seem to be back in form 😉

  5. Pepper says:

    What a lovely weekend. And I am still unable to get over the fact that you went to the CCD *right below my house*. You bought books from the place I pass 5 times in a day. You were so close RM 😦 I wish I had been home at that time. All of you come have dropped in. At that time when you called, I was at Westside, making use of their sale. Sounds so boring in comparison to meeting all of you.

    Lekin koi baat nahi. Now you know exactly where I live. Just come over sometime 🙂

    What is this Maharashtra Nature Park? Dammit, I grew up around Mahim, and I sitll don’t know. Must read up.

  6. hitchy says:

    Such nature walks can be so so good for the child… my son is seriously curious about nature… he never reads story books.. but always gets the amazing facts, encyclopedia about the planet or animals and has so many facts in him.. maybe I should get him to write a post on some of the facts he knows… I had recently thought so when on a train to Pune he told me so so many facts about animals I didnt know ! and I am a big animal lover !!!!! 😀

  7. Smitha says:

    Feel like a super woman? You are a superwoman! How, how how do you manage so much?

  8. nachu says:

    3 books for 90? That is a loot!!! I came across nature basket here in blr, but never checked it out! Sounds so tempting from your description!
    Amazing pics!

  9. Lifesong says:

    The nature park looks interesting… I had never heard of it before. Must plan a trip soon there 🙂

  10. haan haan butterfly dekha… awesome pictures RM 🙂
    You again had panipuri??? you too love chaats na??
    reading about mamra vaghar reminds me of your colleague who eats your peanuts from mamra.. how is that going?? you taking separate dabba for him??? LOL

  11. Sounds like a packed but fun weekend! 🙂
    I love Godrej Nature’s Basket, too,but everything is too expensive there, no?

    • R's Mom says:

      yes yes…I agree its expensive…I would go there like twice an year thats all 🙂 that too when I know I have extra money in the bank hehehehehe

  12. meenamenon says:

    U make achar n then u calim u not good cook.. wat re!

  13. Aditya says:

    Mahim Nature Park is dying a slow death pretty much like all the other eco spots in Mumbai… it saddens me. The last time I visited MNP was in class 7th for a science exhibition… I still remember that day 🙂

    Do you know if the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary still exists?

    • R's Mom says:

      but Aditya…I did feel that it wasnt bad at all..of course, there was hardly anyone there..but they are holding a farmer’s market there every sunday between December to March (I am buttering up RD to take me there) so I guess they are trying their best

      not sure of that rey…is that in Sewri?

  14. rohini26 says:

    Wow! You are managing to blog everyday! That is impressive.

  15. Is that the famous Rajma Chef in the first pic? I say he has a cool haircut 🙂

    Wow 3 books for 90? yup that indeed is a Pirate’s booty I tell ya. You know it is so hard to find Enid Blyton books here in the library. I order from Amazon as I want the Brat to read and feel the magic like I did. Btw RM I hope you have read The Faraway Tree series? 🙂

    I hate peanut butter 😡

    You like Jams? I make variety of them and love to can them in beautiful glass jars, decorate and giveaway to anyone who is willing to pass by my door, but I don’t fancy jams much 🙄 You make Amla and Tomato Achaar for me and I will make jams for you okie?

    For a change my weekend was good. The twins have been following their routine for the past one week, we went on long drives and err I did get some precious time alone with the husband 😳

    • R's Mom says:

      yaa yaa..he cut of his hair really short eh? but yaa..looks cute 🙂

      Total Pirate’s booty…EB not available in USA..thats surprising!

      No I havent read the Faraway series..thats next in my wishlist

      you make jams gasp *Falls at feet and asks for blessings..big blessings* can you send me an easy recipe…may be I can try it..dont ask me to add preservatives etc etc..woh sab nahi milega…any easy recipe..arey if you come to Bombay, I will make hazaar (thats R’s fav number now a days) aachar for you

      touch wood Saks touch wood..hope they get into routine forever

      • Preservatives?? ahem if you know me and my obsession with homemade food, you will see that I am not fond of using anything that is not necessary for the brain or the body. As it is, we are hogging in loads of preservatives from outside food, so I try to keep the home stuff as simple and natural as possible. 😛 Besides, Jams taste awesome when it is free of preservatives and full of fresh fruit goodness. I preserve the jam by Canning it (I think I love the process of canning more than making the jams 🙄 ).

        I have this super duper recipe for Blueberry Jam called the East Coast Blueberry Jam. Will send you that along with strawberry, apple preserve etc okie? love and muahh….

        • R's Mom says:

          Glad to hear that darling 🙂 you are always a rockstar to me..


          Errr…blueberry..oye main India mein raheti hoon..woh bhi suburb of Mumbai..idhar blueberry nahi milta…I dont mind the strawberry and apple wala send when the twins and S give you some time to breath okie?

  16. The Bride says:

    There is a nature park at Mahim? Where? How to get there?

  17. Swaram says:

    That sounds like such a perfectly relaxing weekend. For me, there is not much difference between weekdays and weekends, so was held up the whole of Sunday. Had some nice time on Saturday though, mostly reading books and blogs 🙂

  18. My Era says:

    OK maine butterfly dekha 🙂
    I was beaming having baked two cakes, cookies & made loads of gajar halwa for the guests arriving soon and your post made me realise I wasn’t the only one indulged in foods all weekend 😉
    I too want to eat a chocolate milkshake with ice cream….but wait, just realised it’s 4 degrees at my end so I can just drool at your post 😦 😦

  19. anisnest says:

    the first pic is lovely.. if only RD would have wore a green t-shirt I would have demanded you to frame it.. 🙂
    a weekend post from RM completes my Monday 🙂

  20. Pretty butterfly! I love how you always write about the food you ate. 😛

  21. You are super woman all right! Can’t believe all the stuff you made. And the pics are nice. Never been to that place.

  22. Amit says:

    This weekend, I too got a chance of reading a book sitting on my bed. I hardly do that and it was heaven. 🙂
    And I saw ‘The Hobbit’ which was another visit to heaven.
    p.s. The pics are nice.

  23. garima says:

    Beautiful pics….those milkshaes and chat ,my mouth is watering 🙂
    How is that guy still looking for groundnuts in your mamara? 🙂

  24. Greta to see a picture post from you RM, I loved all the pics. I am glad you liked, I myself would have enjoyed this park.

    You made all that, please post the recipe, not that I will try. I can ask R to try 🙂

  25. MaybornGemini says:

    where is your pic???
    Post us the undhiyoo recipe RM.. you made me drool writing about it. See I am giving you an idea for another post….

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