How Gems Were Made – The Story Teller in Me (Blogging Marathon Post 6)

So R loves Gems ( and she loves M&Ms (’s) ..we discovered M&Ms when RD’s friend from Australia was kind enough to get *hold your breath* a ONE KG PACKET of M&Ms for R sometime last year!

Anyways, so the other day she was refusing to let me comb her hair, when I told her that I will tell her the story of how Gems got made…

Here it is 🙂

One day, there was a little girl who loved chocolates..and she also loved colours..all colours, red, blue, green, yellow, purple, all of them…but in those days, only dark brown colour chocolate was the little girl told her Appa, who was a scientist..that ‘Appa, I want colour colour chocolates, can we have it?’

Appa who had a nice laboratory went immediately there and start experimenting..

He would take the red colour from tomato and add it to the brown chocolate..and mix well..but then..

R: Amma, red and brown mix karenge toh red thodi hoyega

RM: Exactly, it was still brown…he then tried the orange colour of the orange and the purple colour of the brinjal and the green colour from palak..but everything was only brown brown nad brown

R: Toh woh bahut sad ho gaya na?

RM: yes, he got really sad..and then he went back to his little girl and said, no beta, I dont think it will happen..

The little girl’s mother and the little girl thought hard and they said ‘Appa come with us to your lab’

R: Uski mummy bhi scientist thi kya?

RM: yes even Amma was a they went to the lab..and Appa showed them what happened.. again little girl and amma thought for a while and they had a wonderful idea

they took a little bit of the colour, added a little bit of sugar to it

R: Amma, colour mein white sugar add kiya toh colour light ho gaya na?

RM: yes, they added the sugar for taste..then they took one small piece of chocolate and dipped it into the colour and let it dry…they took a hair dryer and dried the chocoloate bit and then they got nice coloured covering

R: Wow…

RM: Exactly, so they did the same thing for many colours and many chocolates…

R: Hazzaaaar chocolates?

RM: yes exactly..and thats how people started making gems..

R: Wow, Amma..

I smile and then her hair is done…

Errrr…is there a real process of making gems which anyone knows about?


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33 Responses to How Gems Were Made – The Story Teller in Me (Blogging Marathon Post 6)

  1. Smita T says:

    Hi… here is a link to the video on you tube… not a great explanation, but kinda similar to the one you have given to R….

  2. I am not as clever as that so have no idea how to make gems..

    But I love eating them my favorite. . All my friends who come to UK make sure they pick a bag of gems from the duty free..

  3. 😆 drying with hair dryer eh? 🙄 Can I teleport you here so that you can tell stories to the twins? they want someone to talk to them 24/7 and I am running out of topics 😥

    Ohh btw I love Gems too (and dislike M&Ms), in fact I love almost everything that Cadbury has to offer.

  4. nachu says:

    >>Amma, colour mein white sugar add kiya toh colour light ho gaya na?
    LOL, She surely seems to love bright colors

  5. nachu says:

    >>Amma, colour mein white sugar add kiya toh colour light ho gaya na?
    LOL, She surely seems to love bright colors. Super smart she is.

    R is going to sue you when she grows up for tricking her with stories 😉 Just kidding.

  6. Santulan says:

    🙂 That’s a nice way to hold her attention…

  7. Santulan says:

    oh and for the process, Gems/M&M’s are chocolate discs/balls that are put in rolling cylinder which has liquid colored candy. They are rolled a couple of times till the candy coats the entirety of the chocolate piece.. and voila.. you have the kid’s favorite.

  8. chattywren says:

    Nice story! Sorry no clue how gems are made, now you’ve got me thinking! Have to research on many qns on how this or that is made, will add this too.

  9. Bhagyashree says:

    I don’t know the real process but I like this process a lot 🙂

  10. Swaram says:

    Hehehe! U come up with such cute stories RM 🙂

  11. anisnest says:

    woww RM.. muah to the story teller in you.. every week when I apply oil on Adi’s hair (before head bath) she demands for a story and you are the one I always think of before spinning the story.. awesome..
    now patent this idea okie?

  12. Mathangi Vijay says:

    Hee hee that was a cute story of Gems! I think I can tell it to my son as well. He’s also really fond of M & M’s.

  13. chipmunk says:

    he he definitely not 🙂 🙂 I am thinking now how are those colors made 🙂 🙂 🙂 Mm are yummmmmm 🙂

  14. Such a super sweet story that one was! 🙂

  15. Jayashree says:

    Aww….that’s such a sweet story (pun intended), R’s mom….

  16. Amit says:

    I was thinking what I should have told her. How about little balls of chocolates dropped between fighting chameleons? But then R won’t probably eat them ever. 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      She reads a book called colour colour kamini from Tulika books and asked me if the gems were given colour from the guess she is gross enough eh?

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