The Pleasant Rakshasa – Book Review

Since I am currently facing what you can call ‘writer’s/blogger’s block’ I am not going to posting for a while.

However, this is one book review I wanted to do and boy glad we bought the book 🙂 This post has been cross posted on Monday *Rolls eyes* on the IMC website. (


Before I review this book, let me confess, this is one book, I was looking forward to, but didnt really make an effort to buy. RD got this book for R via flipkart when he was ordering it.

and this is a book which I am definitely going to keep for my grandchildren. This is a book I would advice every parent to buy because here is a book who makes the Rakshasa into a pleasant person. Here is a book which teaches you that beauty is not about being thin, being pale or being hairless.

Here is a book which teaches you that big bellies are awesome, that big yellow teeth is what is needed for the perfect smile and hairy legs and dark skin define beauty.

This is a book, which teaches you that sharing gives you more happiness than anything else in the world. And here is a book which makes you feel that you should never be sad in the company of friends.

Written by Sowmya Rajendran and wonderfully illustrated by Niveditha Subramanium (yes both of them are authors of the famous ‘Mayil will not be Quiet’ ) the book is a wonderful addition to your child’s book collection.

R and I have read it like 100 times since RD got it for us. Yes, I must admit, after I read about it on Sowmya’s blog where she mentioned about it being realeased at Bookaroo, I wanted it. But I have been buying so many books for R, that I didnt order it thinking I will save it for a special occasion.

I am so glad RD went ahead and bought it for no reason. Because this IS a book which should be bought for no reason, no special occasion. It should be bought because it definitely deserves a special place in your book collection.

and oh! I loved that name ‘Karimuga’ :)


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22 Responses to The Pleasant Rakshasa – Book Review

  1. Amit says:

    Sounds interesting. Bookmarking for future. 😉

  2. Smita says:

    Bookmarking it for future..

    What is writers block di!!!

  3. The book sounds so very interesting! We need such a book in India today, at a time when all girls want to be Barbie and want a hunk in their lives. 🙂 All the toys available today, too, are white and pretty – nothing like the real Indian girls and boys. I always wonder about this…

    I am surely going to pick up this book for myself. I will allow my kid to read it sometime. 😀

  4. sjscribbles says:

    Will get it for M Pakka…After reading your review I cannot be without getting it to read out to M, RM ! Thanks for sharing the review 🙂

  5. ashreyamom says:

    started reading mYail book, half way through… i am in love with it.. so this book too goes in to the list.. :)..

  6. Sounds like interesting book.. Flipcart does not delivers books here 😦 have to look for it on other websites.. Do you know any RM.. I was looking for Just married, pls excuse book as well but could not find any website that delivers here 😦 pls help if you know any 🙂

  7. sudhagee says:

    What a lovely review of a lovely book. This has now gone on my list of books to be gifted to a friend’s kids, who absolutely love books. Thanks, RM. Have you read Oscar Wilde’s “The Selfish Giant? It’s a story that never fails to move me even today?

  8. anisnest says:

    this is one of my return to India list.. I mean introducing Adi to Indian authors.. can’t wait to do it.. 🙂

  9. Sounds wonderful! I will ask papa to buy this for me 🙂 The concept is much needed and your write up is lovely RM 🙂
    I caught up with all your posts just now. what a bonus!

    You can’t have a writers block, surely! You have so much to say 🙂

  10. Scribby says:

    Noted Madam 🙂 Aur yeh kya hum aaye aur aap chale? 😦

  11. vethal says:

    Somehow i liked thr other tulika ones than this one. the baby bahadur series, my son is only 3. too young to understand this book

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