….biker driving on the wrong side with full speed on our road…even if your headlights are on and may blind the person coming on the right side, do you realise how dangerous it is!

…lady sitting behind this biker…I know its a thrill when you are young to sit behind a guy and let the air flow through your hair..but honestly..can you just not encourage him by screaming and laughing

….bikers who are young and definitely happening and going at the speed of 200 kms/hour at 10 in the night on our road..please note that 2 kids have already been seriously injured..dont try such stunts guys…there are your mother and father waiting at home for you to reach back safely 😦 and will you stop blowing that horrendously loud horn so loudly…I have a kid sleeping in the house who needs to get up at 6 in the morning!

….uncle from the building..please let us know in advance about your grand child’s birthday..honestly calling me on the intercom at 7 to come by 7.30 bringing R along is very tough..espeically on a weekday when I am busy cooking and I dont even have a gift for the child…and its even more tough when I dont know WHO the child is, a girl or a boy, and what age 😦 Yesterday we got saved by a new soft toy, I had lying in the house..everytime, we may not be so lucky eh?

…lady in the building, please dont judge me, my work, my less time spent with the brat or look with pity at my daughter..she is not needy okie?

…R, please understand darling, that participation is much much more important than winning anything in life…unfortunately despite of both Appa and Appa telling you a million times, you say you will be sad if you dont get a prize in today’s race..honestly, I dont care…I  just want you to enjoy the run..and do what you can…I am hoping by our constant harping of participation being more important than winning, you will learn a valuable lesson in life eh?

…RD, good that you have taken the day off today…now can you do all the pending stuff at home after you drop R to the daycare please..thanks in advance!


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38 Responses to Dear…

  1. chipmunk says:

    ha ha ha:) the last one was a nice check to RD 🙂 R will never feel 🙂 she s bubbly little one 🙂 🙂 And R is so generous to gift the doll to another kid, if i were the one would have made a loud cry 🙂 I agree with the first two point, I wish there is a no high beam option at all, or else the driver must learn when to use them and the need of high beam, I already half deaf for the horn sound 😦 honking first worst think I hate in bike and cars 😦 bike is to travel but they will do circus, at least if they do it in a circus they will get some meager amount.

  2. Sumana says:

    So loved the last line Rm. Wish each of us had a personal assistant. Poor RD, he might just not take the leave next time…

  3. LOL on Dear RD… hahaha.. poor guy.. text him if he has not yet read your post yet, he will start doing your pending stuff 😉

  4. ashreyamom says:

    bikers.. i know.. but in vizag the prob is with autowala.. coming in wrong side.. their front mouth is smaller than their back. so they think they can get between vehicles in traffic.. take right turn from extreme left side.. the music they play inside is louder than the horn.. 😦

  5. Smita says:

    lol @ the last part!!!
    Just this Saturday my MIL remembered late night that at around 5 a small girl had come to say “if you have a baby who is less than one year old then please come to A 302 as there is abirthday party”. No prize for guessing that no one turned up for the party! I mean is that the way to invite people? Idiots!

    And those bikers? the less said the better! Seriously!

  6. My Era says:

    I agree the speeding bikers seldom understand that the thrill is putting their as well as many innocent lives at stake.
    Am glad you had a new sof toy handy to help you with the party gift 🙂
    Sending loads of good wishes for R’s race today 🙂

  7. Ashwathy says:

    Do post updates on how the day went by for R and RD, ok? 🙂

    As for biker riders….esp the dangerous category… the less said, the better. 😐

  8. LOL @ the last point.

    Kudos to you and RD for teaching R that participation and enjoying what she is doing is much much more important than winning. Not many parents in today’s world teach their kids that, which I feel is very important, too.

    Your neighbour called you at 7 for a party at 7.30?! I mean, come on! How can one call someone at the last minute like that? I would have just hated it. 😦

    I hate it when bikers abuse their bikes like that too, driving at full blast, with horns blaring. 😦

    • R's Mom says:

      I didnt know how to react to that uncle 😦 I just took R with me..we were there for the cake cutting (The kid was crying like crazy 😦 ) and we took the plate of food and came back 😦

  9. Mathangi Vijay says:

    Such a cute post RM! I know even I am scared of these Racy Bikers!! There is a place in Chennai called ECR which like a freeway and people race in their bikes at such high speeds there! There have been several incidents of accidents in that road but it doesn’t dither the spirits of these bikers!
    And yes, even I am scared of these surprise invites! Please give us time to prepare.
    And R, she is still a kid na, soon enough she will learn that she need not win in every circumstance. I read in a quote somewhere that sometimes to win is to let yourself lose! I liked it so much! Anyway all the best to R for her race!!

  10. Nidaa says:

    Let me confess tht im one of those craazy youngiws who enjoy a 150km/hr bikeride especially post midnight (dnt bash me). Though we do it n highways only… Its risky n residential areas. My mumm will get a heart attack if she gets to know
    Oh and R is a super-sweetheart… Usually kids r quite possessive of their new toys no?

    • R's Mom says:

      Please be very very careful okie? I just get worried when people do very careful 🙂

      Well, she is possessive about her stuff, but I guess, when I told her there was another one inside, she was okie with it 🙂

  11. Jayashree says:

    Bikers, autowallahs, cars…….everybody’s motto while driving seems to be to get from point A to point B in the least amount of time without applying brakes come what may and honking to the max while doing this.

  12. Swaram says:

    Sigh the bikers! I so wish God grants them some goodwill soon.

  13. Amit says:

    It’s just bikers kya in Mumbai? Have you seen a bus, a truck or a jeep coming towards your car in full speed from the wrong side? Send these bikers to Uttar Pradesh, we will tell them how daring we are!

  14. Nachu says:

    Have you come across bikers on the wrong side of the road and riding on the pavement and then honking at the pedestrians?? Yes, that happens!

  15. oooops .. hmm so now lets see what all work RD does 🙂 he he he he he

    and that biker is silly , , and called at 7 for a 7:30 party hmmm NOt good I would not bother either ..

  16. Rohini says:

    You are too nice. I would have refused the last minute birthday party invite.

  17. anisnest says:

    you are living your life in this blog lady esp. with the last two points.. when I blog to save memories for future you blog for today.. we should talk about this someday.. I don’t know today suddenly this thought crossed my mind as “why do I blog?” and “why do you blog?”.. looks like we will have totally different reason..

    I sound like a nut cracker case talking some rubbish do I? okie at least if I am not blogging for today and not being honest to the blog by writing about my true feelings at least in this comment I am honest RM.. I write only what I think.. ok now enough of this rubishness…

    I loved this post and it triggered a lot of questions in my mind though most of them were not relevant to this particular post…

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