Updates in my Hectic Life

Have you ever been dog tired…so tired that your brains just dont work..well, I am in that state now..the past week has been horribly busy work wise..and for what? just to get some horrible emails from a guy I am working for…I get affected very easily…but fortunately, I havent cried yet…which is a big big step towards my professionalism eh?

I have been staying back till 7 PM EVERYDAY at work for the past 3 days, reaching home not before 8.30 half dead!..and on top of that, the stupid stupid traffic in Bombay..I am slowly giving up on this city 😦

Anyways, thanks all of you who mailed, smsed, and called up to enquire if I was okie since I havent blogged for a while 🙂 Life seems so much more positive when people do that eh?

I have been reading blogs, but not been able to comment, because of lack of time..then how come I am reading you would wonder? well, thats because I need breaks between work!

RD called up today morning, to ask me why I am not blogging..the guy seems to have some spare time in hand eh?

speaking of RD, some women in my office are elevating him to the ideal husband status (tum kitni lucky ho *rolls eyes*)

Apparently he is a guy who not only keeps dal rice when his wife is late, but also a guy who cleans his daughter’s bum (OMG! one of them squealed!), packs his own luggage (saachmein, tum help nahi karti!) and is ready to buy his daughter’s Diwali shoes all by himself..(Awww..how sweet!) ..gasp away okie? I wonder what will be their reaction if they realise the man can make a mean rajma chawal and bake a super cake! (only chocolate ones if I help him with the proportion)

Well, in my eyes, he is just a nice guy eh? and they dont know of a 100 qualities of his which bug me? waise let it be, I dont mind being the non-ideal wife to an ideal husband 😉
In other news, I read a very interesting article today morning which had come in yesterday’s Mumbai Mirror…dont snigger, I get time to read yesterday’s paper only today..kya karein, life is terribly hectic! anyways, so this article was about the slow degradation of Bombay…and I loved it and honestly could relate to it so much..in the past 6.5 years I have been here, the city has definitely changed…I remember not being one bit scared travelling home one day at 11 in the night from work…but now, well, I am not sure I can do that travel again!
And, why are people making such a big issue about Shashi Tharoor and Sunanda Pushkar..honestly if the guy loves his lady and wants to show his love, why stop him…he has never been indecent even by Indian standards…I think its cute…well,  I may be wrong!

and of course, how can I conclude without reporting these incidents..

Today morning when I am dropping R to the daycare in the bike

RM: R I love you
R: But I dont love you
RM: oh kyun?
R: Kyun ki aap bahut gussa karte ho.hamesha gussa karte ho

I am speechless.and still wondering how to improve my behaviour 😦
and then yesterday night, when I am dead tired from work and take R to su-su in the bathroom

RM: What did you do at daycare, kuch writing practice kiya kya ke achi tarah enjoy kiya?

R: Enjoy kiya

RM: oh, no writing practice (yes, I am getting into one of those tiger moms?)

R: Nahi, mereko toh depression aata hai

I am shocked…

RM: DEPRESSION?? what depression beta?

R: Arey bahut sara depression ata hai..

I am so upset about this and wonder how much I have been pushing her…I think back and realise I havent asked her to write even once..since her vacation started..and she is already getting depression 😦

RM: Woh kya hota hai baby?

R: Arey writing karte hai na, usko depression bolte hain, daycare mein teacher A bhaiya ko words bolti hai, aur bhaiya depression karte hain


RM: oh you mean dictation?

R: yes yes..wohi

RM: Phew!

honestly, Depression for Dictation! THis girl is giving me ALL MY GREY HAIRS FOR SURE!!!


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62 Responses to Updates in my Hectic Life

  1. The Bride says:

    Looks like we are all busy and not very healthy! LOL at R’s depression-dictation confusion. But clearly she hears depression a lot too. Link to the Mirror article na?

    • R's Mom says:

      so busy that 24 hours seem less 😦

      arey woh mil nahi raha..I read the hard copy but am not able to find the soft copy

      and no I think she heard me tell RD that I think I am going under depression 🙂 But on second thoughts, I should avoid using such words in front of her na?

  2. R’s Mom, R is an absolute gem ! Depressionwise, I can’t wait till she starts learning history in school. 27 years ago my son converted “forming of the constitution” to “farming of the contrbutions”, he used to think “speaking from the floor of the house” was like a bad punishment because great speeches were always given from someplace up, and he had alarming discussions about Raja Ram Mohan Roy and Sati , with his then recently widowed grandma. For some reason he thought all cricketers had 3 initials in their name a la M. A K Pataudi . Never a dull moment.

    R is so talented in this regard, I cant wait to read your blog a couple of years down the line, when her teachers may simply learn new history and geography , not to mention English !

  3. ashreyamom says:

    now u made my day with cute R antics.. :).. ok so work is keeping u busy.. lets all mail ur boss and ask him to stop putting so much of load on u.. :).. he doesnt know abt ur blog, or else he would also wait to read ur post as first thing in morning after reaching office.. 🙂

  4. Aditya says:

    This little girl, talks just like the daughter in the daughter-mom I mentioned on the last blog! Are you the same people!?

    And yes, degradation of Bombay… Having lived there for more than 10 years during its ‘prime days’… I cannot agree more 🙂 Finally I found someone also having same views! But people in general are too protective about Bombay!

    • R's Mom says:

      LOL I dont know any Aditya :):)

      I am so upset..honestly I have been brought up in a small town, but loved Bombay when I got married and came here, but now 😦

  5. My Era says:

    😆 😆 @ the depression bit, but honestly I was nervous when I first read the line where R talks about depression. Thank God it is about dictation 🙂

    Next time you are in the middle of ladies saying you are a non-ideal wife to an ideal hubby tell them, you actually give RD the opportunities to shine and be ideal by being non-ideal 😉 😛

    Tight Hugs RM….Please eat well and take as mush rest you can in the hectic schedule.

    • R's Mom says:

      Guess she overheard me tell RD that I thought I was under depression with the work load and all the stuff I was getting from epople 🙂

      Thanks ME 🙂

  6. metherebel says:

    Take care RM. Do not stress yourself. Have been missing your posts.

    Depression for Dictation…. LOL

  7. Sapna says:

    haha “Depression for Dictation” nice!

    I used to love depressions during my school days 😀

  8. LOL @ Depression. Thank God!!

    I totally understand what you mean by being non-professional. I am exactly like that. I cry when I receive mean e-mails even after slogging my ass off at work. The OH tells me it is very difficult to survive in the corporate world if I am so touchy-feely, but then I have a bit of growing up to do yet, I assume. I can’t help it.

    RD is so sweet to call you up and ask you why you haven’t been blogging!! Awwww

    I was wondering about you not blogging too. I thought you’d be busy with work later.

    It sure feels wonderful when blog friends check up on you. As if the world is a much better place. Especially when you are bone tired.

    What’s with women elevating men to a super-husband status if they do their work on their own? Why is it assumed that a man needs a wife to pick up his things after him and do all the dirty work for them? Why is it assumed that a man shouldn’t need to even get a glass of water for himself?! :O The OH does all the things you have mentioned in your post, too, and I get the ‘You are so lucky yaar!’ so often. Yes, he is a good person, I don’t deny that, but I hate it when these exclamations are just because he does his own work! Come on!!

    • R's Mom says:

      I am so trying to be professional TGND! but somehow, the depression seeks in..finally I cried yesterday night..and felt so much better today! Sounds weird na 🙂

  9. anisnest says:

    big big hugs RM.. will talk to you soon lady.. take care
    LOL on the dictation to depressions.. R is a cutie pie…

  10. Nachu says:

    I just cant stop laughing at ‘Depression’… Kudos to you 4 decrypting it 😛 😉 Hope things get better at work.. Take it easy..
    The reactions at your work are quite hilarious…

  11. he he he he OH NO.. bichari bachi ko abhi se depression aa rahi hai.. tauba tauba .. come on MOMMY… he he he he 🙂

  12. Shweta says:

    Welcome Back.. 😀 Its Great you are Back to Blogging.. 🙂
    Regarding RD being the Ideal Husband and u being not so Ideal… I won’t agree.. There is nothing called Ideal… and for people.. Grass is always greener at the other side.. Doosre ke thali ka laddu humesha barha dikhta hai.. I mean I wud agree he is a very nice guy and all that but so are you.. (I mean Nice Girl) he puts in some efforts and so do you.. thats how a marriage works !

    R did scare you.. and even me.. I was like.. she must have been missing you so much coz of hectic work past few days.. 😀

  13. BB says:

    Depression for Dictation! Hilarious and scary for a second. I too sometimes grapple with if I’m pushing my son too hard (he can be lazy and try to get out doing his work). He once told me you are too harsh and I don’t like it. So, I’ve backed off and we have negotiated that if he finishes his stuff I won’t be harsh! These kids sometimes drive you to the point where you have to rethink your strategy on a daily basis. Missed reading your updates R’s mom!

  14. meenamenon says:

    ha ha Depression n dication in same tone…she is a sweetheart!

    N heyy time u take a break.. maybe a nice year end hols!

  15. Ah Finally a post from you,yeah work is getting hectic for me too. RD is adorable and a sweetheart. LOL R is super cute 🙂 Depression for Dictation..Ha ha ha 🙂

  16. Maxims says:

    Ha ha ha! Depression? Simply hilarious. My daughters do that sometimes, (but nothing depressing 😀 ) I realize the folly and correct them, but they are so busy sharing their story that they reply “Ah, whatever” and continue recounting their tale.

  17. Jazz says:

    Thank goodness that was not depression. 😀 And good to see you back here.

  18. Lol at depression for dictation. Although I am very impressed that a 4 year old knows the word ‘depression’. I don’t think I knew of it till high school possibly. Shame that you have been so busy…I was going to email you but saw your comment on my blog so figured you were ok and perhaps just busy.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…move Down Under. You will have a better work-life balance.

    And that’s nice that RD is helping out… 🙂

    • R's Mom says:

      Guess she overheard me tell RD about me being under depression or something 🙂

      I wish I got a job in Australia..seriously! Today I am totally fed up!

  19. Lol.. Depression for Dictation!!! hahahha
    I missed you RM.. everyday I checked my reader, no updates from you!! Then I used to google your blog and check… I thought may be your updates are only not showing in my reader????
    Chalo ab weekend pe araam karna bahot saara, okie 🙂

  20. Zephyr says:

    But RM, how did she know the word depression? Did she by any chance hear y….err someone say that? *evil grin*

    Take care of yourself and do have a good cry if it will be of help. No harm in crying at all.

  21. Amit says:

    I hope your busy times will be over soon. Take care and don’t over exert yourself. 🙂
    And that depression one was a shocker. I thought someone taught R that word. Good that it was just the good old dictation. 🙂

  22. chipmunk says:

    ha ha 🙂 even I had been fooled when she says like that 🙂 🙂 small kid eh but speaking big words 😛

  23. Ashwathy says:

    Diwali rush getting to you eh?? Don’t worry… I can understand. Guess in a way its good our meet-up got postponed eh? We can do it aaram se…..

    Depression!! 😯 Where did she get that word from??!!! (Even if she didn’t understand the meaning)

    Hmm take care you are not releasing your frustration on R. You maybe stressed out due to a variety of reasons like work, lack of time, too much to do etc. But you may be taking it out on her instead….

    • R's Mom says:

      dont ask Ashwathy…I am so tired that I cant even think straight

      hey we are meeting up na..after Diwali 🙂

      Errr..I dont think she understands the meaning..must have overheard me telling RD about it 🙂

      Yes, I learnt that yesterday night in a very bad way 🙂

  24. Sreetama says:

    Hey good to read you again RM! Missed you. Hope things will get better! These are just those days & will pass away soon. R’s depression stunt was superb! I was so worried thinking what is happening to the little one! Happy Diwali! 🙂

  25. deepM says:

    R is shooo cute and smart! “Aap kitna gussa karte ho!” I just loved that statement..

    I was missing you RM. Welcome back and Happy Diwali in advance.
    Muze succhi mein depression aa rahi hai. I hope my leave gets approved by evening or i will be depressed like R in this Diwali. 🙂

  26. chattywren says:

    When I don’t see your post in my reader, I do think hope all’s well with RM. Yes, we take our work seriously, nothing wrong but nothing too right about it either. We ought to learn to compartmentalize, easier said than done:)) R is cutie. Children pick up vibes from parents, one has to be careful. Wish you all a Very Happy Diwali and more happy times too.

  27. pixie says:

    Take care RM!! And I hope your schedule has eased up a bit!
    Happy Diwali to you and your lovely family!!

  28. Mathangi Vijay says:

    Hey RM, you can put a ditto of your life to mine right now and add to it that I am not feeling well too. Been reaching office everyday at 9 and the leaving time has been extending throughout the week to top it off left at 8 on Friday to reach home at 9. I feel so guilty that I am not even able to feed one meal for my son. Work is also not too encouraging. Spending long hours but not getting the desired output. I did not even check any blogs the entire last week. Just thought will peep in today before starting work and this is what I find here too.
    Anyway hold on RM, this too shall pass! And R she is a darling. Dont worry both of you will be fine. And Depression for Dictation! My God! Gave me a scare for a moment too.
    Anyway its festival time so cheer up and wishing the R household a very Happy Diwali!!

  29. Vidya says:

    Arrey, how I miss seeing that priceless expression on your face!!

    To R: With that tiny kudumi and large beautiful eyes, you manage to make your amma skip a beat! Repeat performance ok?

  30. sandhya says:

    Smiling at R’s antics.:)

  31. Aryan-Arjun says:

    So….so..cute about depression and dictation!!!

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